Great sound6/11/2012 2:18:47 PM

Pros: I am unable to make these subwoofers sound bad. Granted I'm using a standard Honda head unit, but previously I had two tens that cost less and was able to make them sound bad. I'm using an 1100 watt amp and the speakers are 1100 watt as well. Excellent sound quality at all volumes. I listen to all kinds of music and it sounds great with all of them. Money well spent, I am a happier driver! The first day I pulled into work some guy started playing air guitar as I drove past him in the parking lot. Oh, and I love newegg!

Cons: I didn't buy it sooner.

Overall Review: It does not come with an amp or any wires. Not a problem as I already had a set up installed in my car, but may be for others.

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Best investment I've ever made.2/20/2009 2:48:11 PM

Pros: For $6.99 plus shipping I have never gotten more bang for my buck. It worked when I plugged it in. Keys are nice and quiet. This keyboard may be the start of many great things to come. Newegg rocks!

Cons: I don't have any more computers for which I could buy this keyboard.

Overall Review: I spilled maple syrup on my old one. Don't eat pancakes at your computer.

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Great Monitor2/20/2009 2:42:11 PM

Pros: It worked when I plugged it in. Great upgrade. No dead pixels.

Cons: It doesn't show the future.

Overall Review: UPS damaged the box but thanks to good packaging the monitor was not damaged. I took my chances and brought it home and it works great.

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It works!2/20/2009 2:37:28 PM

Pros: Very simple to install and it works. I recently bought a new dvd burner and didn't realize the difference between SATA and IDE and bought the wrong one. This device provided a simple (albeit expensive seeing that it cost as much as the burner) fix. Newegg rocks as always.

Cons: I'm the kind of person that would rather pay $20 than return something.

Overall Review: I like packaging peanuts.

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