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Ergotron 45-241-026 LX Desk Monitor Arm and Mount
Ergotron 45-241-026 LX Desk Monitor Arm and Mount

Pros: sturdy, easy and simple enough to install. cable management is nice (Please refer to my other thoughts section)

Cons: TOO SHORT, FOR ME (Please refer to my other thoughts section) the vertical swivel that's closest to the monitor can be hard to move. sometimes i got scared that i'd bend or break my monitor. but maybe i just have to find the right technique

Overall Review: Before you decide to buy this, LOOK AT THE TALLER VERSION and pay attention to the kind of posture you want and measure your desired monitor height. This model, the 45-241-026, has the pole height of 7" whereas the taller version has a pole height of 13"-14", I forget the exact remaining cm length. The arms themselves can only extend so high - vertically. I'm 5"9 and I'm using a HAG Capisco Puls chair at 21.5" high with a table that's 29.5" off the ground, and this 7" pole could not get my monitor high enough for me to maintain a healthy, upright, comfortable posture. With the 7" pole, I have to tilt my head forward, which adds forward weight to my neck, then makes me bend my back. THAT'S ALL BAD for my health! I just RMA'd it and bought the 13"-14" pole version, installed it, AND THANK GOODNESS I DID. It gives me the option to go low if I WANT TO, but I don't because I want the height of my monitor to promote good healthy overall posture. So do your research before buying this one!!! The Taller version might be better for you!!!