Quiet cool and fast12/9/2019 1:44:09 AM

Pros: - Fast sustained data rates for a mechanical drive - designed for 24/7 use - software is great - Respectable meantime before failure and workload rate - Doesn't run hot

Cons: not bundled with the data recovery service like the pro which could come in handy someday

Overall Review: Put this in alongside my 14tb ironwolf pro for my home nas and so far so good. 8tb is a lot of storage and it's plenty fast. Backed up my first drive and still have room This drive doesn't have the chirp sound that my pro drive has when the heads get parked. But my nas isn't in the same room so i never hear it anyway. awesome drives for a basic nas or personal cloud storage, the software comes in handy for checking drive health and because its designed to be on all the time these are some really reliable drives.

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Arguably the best ARGB fans out there2/21/2019 8:52:43 PM

Pros: -ARGB with light loop -moves a pretty decent amount of air -Quiet under around 60% max rpm and vacuum cleaner at 85%+ -comes with node pro to control the lighting including the ability to add a second hub for a total of 12 fans off of one RGB controller Unarguably the best looking ARGB fans out on the market right now

Cons: The node pro only controls lighting of the fans, there is no fan controller for operating them and at this price point for 3 fans with a lighting controller, why not just add a fan controller as well. On the subject of adding stuff, why are the controller and the hub seperate? With all these extra wires and the 2 sata power plugs required to run these, cable management is a bit of a nightmare.

Overall Review: RGB lighting looks the best on white surfaces, which simply makes these fans the best ARGB fans out there. No one comes close to the premium quality of the fans themselves + icue which controls them is incredibly easy to use especially if you have a bunch of other corsair's quality peripherals. Cable management as i've said is tricky, and i don't understand why you can't combine the boxes and also have a built in fan controller especially if it's using 2 Sata power connectors. At least it's not molex connectors. I miss the physical buttons but with addressable RGB you can't really have a button and icue is actually not an issue to use at all.

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Awesome storage for your nas10/9/2018 3:29:23 AM

Pros: Huge capacity of 14 TERABYTES though only 13 usable Designed to be always on 24/7 2 year data recovery service and 5 year warranty All the stuff you expect from a quality hard drive

Cons: Drive clicks a lot when the heads are parked, not a huge issue just a little chirp.

Overall Review: Drive is about as fast as mechanical gets with extra durability as it's designed to run 24/7. Despite being ran all the time the drive runs cool and quiet for the most part except with the chirp but my NAS isn't in the same room as me so it's not that big of a deal Initially i had a lot of trouble getting this drive to work, disk management crashed on me while initializing the drive and i had to remove it and plug it into another computer and use seagates software to initialize it, after that it was plug and play. My drive does not get hot although i only use my nas to backup movies, games and a few folders for work but it's handy to have a lot of storage on a network because using usb drives can be a pain. These drives do indeed use an alternate pattern for screwholes but that's sort of been a thing for awhile now and gaining popularity. It has to do with drive capacity and needing more space where the middle screw is. Luckily there is 2 more screws on the end to use and i have not seen a hard drive cage not have those holes as long as it's made within this decade.

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Great so far7/24/2018 3:34:15 PM

Pros: -Quiet -Big capactiy -Decent speeds -Affordable -64mb cache and 7200rpm pretty standard these days for a drive this size Supposedly has some shock absorption technology that prevents data loss if you drop the drive Does what it's supposed to do

Cons: None

Overall Review: Probably the cheapest and fastest 7200rpm drive for it's price One of the 3 realistic choices for drives at this price range and it beats them all out on performance. A quick crystal disk mark test read: 204 mb/s write 201 mb/s Overall a solid drive. Good size, extremely affordable. Hopefully reliable enough but time will tell.

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AMAZING6/5/2018 3:39:21 PM

Pros: - Touch button to cycle through all of the color settings, there is solid colors, a slow and fast RGB cycle with all the colors - Surface is hard but mice GLIDE on this thing with ease. I didn't think i would like this but it's made me more accurate without any resistance that regular cloth pads will eventually build up. - RGB colors are not bright but not dull, perfect - Texture has a very premium feel to it that feels like it will last

Cons: Only that i didn't buy it sooner

Overall Review: Been buying cloth mousepads for years, recently been in the machine washable ones and after 2 "machine washable" mousepads had the rubber fall off the bottom, i got a hard surface pad that i can just wipe down with a wash cloth AND it has RGBS! Paired with a CM storm havoc, you can breathe on the mouse and it moves on the mousepad. Absolutely no resistance it's great!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Joseph, Thanks so much for the positive feedback and I'm really glad you like your new pad. If you should ever have any questions on it be sure to let us know at cm_community@coolermaster.com GLHF! Regards, CM Myke
Great for external storage on a budget6/3/2018 10:39:58 PM

Pros: - Small enough to put it in a pocket - Very sleek looking with no obscure designs just a brand name and a HDD indicator - Glossy top cover that doesn't scratch easy, regular plastic on sides and bottom - USB cable is one of those flat ones which are more rigid than similiar usb 3.0 cables - Included software is on the hard drive and is straight forward - I've dropped it a few times (accidentally) from some pretty high heights and it's still going with no tick of death or anything like that - Silent and steady, you can hardly feel the vibrations from the drive itself.

Cons: Haven't had many hard drives ever actually fail on me, but the few that did was a toshiba drive. As others may have mentioned, no feet and it slides off any surface which can make it easy to drop

Overall Review: Software is ok. The backup software allows you to configure a time and day to backup files or folders on a regular basis. You can hit delete at any time and that's that. Basically what anything else would do. Security software requires you to have the software on your computer in order to use it. If you put a password on the drive and then delete the software, the only thing you will see on the drive is the software, so you can install it. Deleting the password is a bit backwards as i did not have to type in the password to do so, but doing so reformats the entire drive so i guess that's the security? Otherwise it's a basic security feature that is probably going to go unused. Speeds were about what you could expect from a mechanical drive, topping out at around 140 mb/s for large files and dipping rather low at 1.4 mb/s for those small files like pictures and the like, again, about what a mechanical drive on usb 3.0 should do so nothing out of the ordinary. Overall, it's a pretty nice looking drive with a good cable and with sizes going up to 2tb it's a pretty good deal.

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Good but not great3/25/2018 11:38:50 PM

Pros: Closed loop coolers are eye candy for desktops. These things look great and most can offer good performance while not covering your motherboard with a bulky tower cooler allowing you to go in and plug stuff in even after you installed them! Coolermasters ML fan is very good, pumps air through the radiator quietly and has RGB lighting, making it a good value as well The pump is quiet, and the documentation is well laid out and it has a nice mounting system that makes sense and isn't very hard to install. Tubing is that flex tubing with sleeving, very bendable to suit your needs while not risking kinking even on tight bends. Controlling the RGB lighting is a switch that has different modes for color, brightness and lightning modes and is can also sync with other RGB fans and different lighting found on motherboards, definitely awesome to have

Cons: For the price, it just doesn't perform as well as cheaper alternatives but at least it will look great in your case! The need for the molex connector! Just make it a sata power like corsair does, having to dig out an old molex to sata adapter so i didn't have to run another power cable is a little silly especially when sata should be able to power it

Overall Review: Compared to coolermasters hyper 212x which is a single tower air cooler and comes in at a cheaper price, the difference is pretty substantial Tests were done on a i5 4690k overclocked to 4.7 ghz running intel burn test for the absolute maximum loads hyper 212x min: 32c max: 74c ML120L min: 28c max: 80c Intel burn test is worst case as it maxes your cpu in a way that most games and stuff won't do, however it does give you a more accurate representation of the cooling capactity, and as you can see, a cheaper 40 dollar cooler keeps the overclock temps down more than this thing. HOWEVER all of the closed loop coolers that i have ever used have been outpreformed by coolermasters hyper 212x or the previous variants 212 and 212 evo(there is a reason why its probably the best cooler under $80 Overall i decided to leave in the ML120L for now dealing with a little higher temps but inside my case looks great and i'm ok with the loss of performance. If you value looks over a little bit of efficiency this thing is definitely for you, in my case it's a reasonable difference.

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Cheap, stable, great psu on a budget2/21/2018 2:12:26 PM

Pros: Great little plug and play psu from corsair with high quality sleeves All the connectors on any of the pins actually holds them together, so it's not a pain to get the 4+4 cpu pin in without them separating as you try and connect it The sleeved cables feel good but you can mostly see through them and all the yellow and red wires with it, but still a staple in any psu. Nice color netural-ish sticker and a quiet fan all while providing 550watts of power.

Cons: Molex connectors. Seriously who still uses these?? Not much of a con though as there are always some cables to hide.

Overall Review: Enough sata power for 7 hard drives, split between 2 cables with 3 and 1 on the molex cable Budget psu with corsair warranty and technical support can't really be matched.

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Good and cheap1/8/2018 1:12:01 PM

Pros: Decent build quality using aluminum heatsinks(instead of plastic ones often found on cheap psus) and a high lifespan silent fan makes this psu a good psu that won't break your budget. Small enough to fit in pretty much any case that accepts an atx psu and the cables are flexible enough to stash the unused ones away without much hassle. Cables are decent length as well and are all sleeved and have all the common types of cables you could possibly need.

Cons: Are molex connectors really necessary anymore? I feel the same way about cd-roms and the like. Just something that should be phased out at this point.

Overall Review: According to johnnyguru, the DC-DC is only on the 3.3V for models under 600W. So technically DC-DC just a gripe i had with it. People usually overestimate the power requirements for cpus and gpus, 500w is plenty of power for most low-mid and even some high end rigs outside of new i9s and the like, but more often than not i see people waste money on higher wattage power supplies from other brands just to keep costs down when you could just buy something like this, which is enough and a from reputable brand.

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Solid, reliable SSD from WD10/31/2017 5:57:48 AM

Pros: Fast drive limited by the Sata interface Lower power consumption(compared to older wd blue drives) 3D nand enhances drive reliability and sizes Comes with software that you can use to monitor your drive or clone and backup 3 year warranty A must have for any computer, using mechanical drives now for anything less than mass storage is something i could not go back to. Definitely a step up from older SSDs, even those who use the sata3 6gb/s interface Reasonably priced

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Tested this drive against 2 other SSDs in my system, a regular 2d nand sandisk ssd pro 128gb and a samsung 950 pro 256gb NVMe pci ssd using crystal disk mark to bench them all. 1tb WD Sandisk 950evo Read: 556.3 448.3 2251 Write: 534.4 211.0 948.6 As you can see from the results, the WD blue gets exactly as WD claims and it's interesting to see how it stacks up against an older drive and the faster drives that use different interfaces. It's worth noting that when the sandisk drive was brand new it got around the same read speeds as the WD blue but still way slower writes. I threw the 950 nvme drive in just for comparsion as nvme drives are getting more and more common and they are not limited by SATA. Test was done on windows 10 with: i5-4690k on a z97 asrock motherboard 16gb of ram and using 1gb file sizes in crystal diskmark.

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Fast ram at a decent price that isnt flashy it just works9/12/2017 11:43:43 PM

Pros: Been using corsair ram since ram was the only thing you knew corsair made. This set of ram looks good without flashy rgbs and maintains a low profile for any system you could use it in. Low profile aluminum heatspeaders keep these cool Fast clocks out of the box, fast enough to not warrant overclocking but they are capable of doing so 16gb in my mind is the new standard of memory capacity, 8gb just isn't enough XMP profiles make it simple to overclock and get a little bit more out of them Lifetime warranty is peace of mind

Cons: None about the product itself, just about memory prices in general. They are a bit high i miss the days of 40 dollars for 8gb or 80 for 16gb(give or take a few dollars and sales)

Overall Review: Most ram these days include lifetime warranty, but you also get what you pay for. These ram look and feel high end and overclocking ram doesn't give nearly the same results as overclocking say your cpu or gpu, but there is results to be had i guess. 3000mhz out of the box is fairly high and while there is room for overclocking it's not really needed unless you were absolutely strapped to get every last performance out of your system. Ryzen compatibility has been a struggle since release just make sure your bios is updated and you should be fine.

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Great drive with plenty to spare8/28/2017 12:52:23 AM

Pros: Surveillance drive designed for 24/7 use Seamless integration in most surveillance setups Big capacity and low power consumption Pretty silent thanks to 5200rpm Replaced a smaller skyhawk drive i bought for 3 cameras, could barely hold 4 days of footage now i can run all 3 cameras at 1080p for 2 weeks!

Cons: None really it does whats asked of the drive

Overall Review: With support for more than 8 bays your security storage needs are covered with reliable drives designed to take the punishment of always being on. I have 3 cameras one on my driveway the other 2 on the porch and my front door and i can record with superb quality for up to 2 weeks, which is amazing coming from 480p. The drive doesn't get very hot nor can i hear it but i assume with more drives you will start to notice them as with any mechanical drive really. Speed isnt really astounding though as it's intended use is for video footage it's throughput is more than capable of handling everything it's asked of, that being said i get around 110-115mb/s of write speed.

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Great product plug and play7/23/2017 11:15:32 PM

Pros: Cheap but quality feel Membrane keys are spaced just right nothing out of place Plug and play Mouse is not the worst thing i've ever used. Tracks fine on 4 different mouse pads and bare desk Wrist rest is nice

Cons: Letters do not seem like they will last long

Overall Review: If your strapped for a keyboard and mouse you just found it. Affordable, simple, and plug and play. Couldn't ask more

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Great case on a budget5/5/2017 12:59:50 PM

Pros: Sleek and minimalist design that will look good without needing to show off the guts inside. Lots of room to work with on both sides of the tray and included psu cover is a nice touch Tons of fan options HDD mounts and SSD mounts are hidden away in the back Easy to build in and very sturdy largest cpu cutout i've ever seen in a case all cables are black

Cons: Only 1 fan No rubber grommets for cable management cutouts, not a huge deal since the one i have is windowless side panel but it does help to hide the cables. Only a PSU dust filter. The front intake has some sort of mesh like filter but its too big and only intrudes on airflow and the top just has none(though most top fans are exhaust anyway)

Overall Review: Overall a higher quality case on a budget than any i've dealt with before. It was extremely easy to build in and with all the cable management tiedowns and how much space you have behind the mobo it was easy to make it look good too! Would have liked to see more than 1 fan, but i guess it's not THAT big of a deal. I really like how corsair has been doing the hard drive mounting in its recent cases, on the back instead of a rather large cage in the front that often blocked airflow from front fans and also that many probably don't even use. With this system, you can have them still and they are hidden away never to be seen which further enhances the sleek look of the case.

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HP Deskjet 37554/4/2017 5:45:42 PM

Pros: Pretty much does what a printer does, print stuff. Wirelessly or not you can print off your phone or your computer without the need for silly wires. Printing is done relatively fast with great detail, about as good if not better than any other inkjet printer ive seen before all in a very small package. You can even copy and scan! Inside the box is very few things needed to get this printer up and running and that is power cord instructions usb cable ink Wireless setup was a breeze which took all of 5 minutes and i was able to start printing, scanning or copying.

Cons: As others have mentioned, the ink is pretty expensive(but what isnt these days) and doesn't last very long.

Overall Review: I don't know why you'd want or expect a 5ghz wireless band on a printer that is obviously a value oriented printer. Wifi worked great and i didn't have any connection issues whatsoever. Cannot connect to this device wirelessly without being on the same wireless connection/band as the printer. It's not a big issue but just something to be aware of. The printer ink subscription included is a great value. half cost on ink if you use it a lot and i think is the real reason this printer is a really good value.

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Better than expected.2/20/2017 9:43:59 PM

Pros: I'm kinda nit picky about mouses especially with mice that have more than your standard buttons but this one feels great. -Plastic isnt glossy and cleans pretty easy -the only rubber part is on the right side and it doesnt seem to collect oils and dirt from your hands like other mice do -mouse scroll wheel is easy but not too easy and the click operation is satisfying and again, not too easy but just right -adjustable mechanical side buttons is surprisingly fantastic! You can adjust the postion to fit any size hands and they all have a statisfying clicky feel to them and also 2 of the rows of keys are textured differently so you can find your place easy without looking -RGB lightning in all the right spots make the mouse look awesome without being too bright -one of the lit up areas is a DPI light that tells you what dpi profile it's on based on the color -CUE software setup was easy and it already manages my keyboard and my headset so no issues there. -16000 dpi is kind of overkill tho if you have higher resolutions it definitely becomes helpful. I run at 3200dpi on regular 1080p monitors and its fine for me. -the usual 1ms polling and some sort of calibration software seems to be found on lots of mice and works very well. -macros can go a long way as well for any key.

Cons: Side buttons are a little close even with the different textured keys. CUE software crashes for me and it stops all my macros from working and won't save any profiles. The box is just silly. Make a box thats easy to open not to look good while its inside. It took me a minute to figure out not really a con just an annoyance that unboxing the mouse was harder than trying to use the software for it.

Overall Review: Ive always been indifferent to having 12 buttons where my thumb sits. I play mmo's and i cant think of a single time id rather have all the buttons on my mouse but i guess that's just me, so instead i made a bunch of macros for certain buttons to do things that make life easier like print screen or copy and paste (some of these are default just not in the right spot for me) Not too heavy or to small its super responsive and has great flexibility.

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Great product! Really easy to setup1/9/2017 8:24:31 AM

Pros: Outlet passthrough Dual antennas Ethernet port Great range for this little device This thing is no harder to setup than most, just plug near your router hit the WPS button and when it connects relocate to where you want to extend your range! It copies your current routers SSID settings!

Cons: Only 2.4ghz that can potentially interfere with a lot of household appliances

Overall Review: Great little device that extends your wifi coverage pretty reliably. I've had it for about a week with no cutting out and the speeds are fast enough that my mom hasn't complained. I don't know why people are complaining about the instructions, the only one you need is a fold out that shows you step by step how to set it up with some big pictures. You should already know how to setup an extender anyways as it's virtually the same as every other WiFi extender out there.

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Amazing product from corsair as usual11/29/2016 10:58:53 PM

Pros: Well packaged inside includes: 3 SP120 RGB fans 1 fan hub that can connect up to 6 of these bad boys 1 controller panel for the hub that has optional cables for external control(more on this later) Fans are quiet enough you can hear them moving but it's not loud loud by any stretch. Documentation and enough screws for all 3 fans All the wires have healthy lengths to them to ensure proper fitment in all cases and the controller panel and the hub both have double sided sticky pads to attach them anywhere you see fit.

Cons: No rubber pads on the fans to reduce vibration noise Because fans are RGB they have 2 wires coming from them, 1 of which you use to connect to the included fan hub the other plugs into a regular fan header on your motherboard for optional power gain

Overall Review: This fan hub is pretty unique. Connected to the 6 port fan hub is the controller panel, with it you can control speed, color of rgbs, and mode of the color. In addition to the controller panel, you get 3 little 2 prong wires that can attach to the controller that you can use say your power button header on your motherboard to connect it to, when you do this pressing your power button would change the mode or speed or color (whatever wire is attached) externally without having to open your case, you can also use any sort of basic wiring with a ground and power to on some sort of switch to do this as well so modders can be creative. Currently the fan modes are: Breathing, Flickering and static. Speed modes are simply high medium or low As for colors, it's RGB so any basic color there is. I enjoy this product, it was a bit extensive to plug in some fans and get them going but rgbs look good and ive mounted my controller outside my case so i can change my settings at any time.

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Simple and great10/15/2016 8:25:11 AM

Pros: Very simple to setup, press the WPS button on both your router and this device and it will connect and apply the same settings and extend your network. Great for getting those little devices within wifi range like a firetv stick or even for me extending my wifi to my driveway while i work on my car. Wired connection can be useful i suppose but think of it like just another connection, not the regular LAN that we know and love. If this extender loses packets, so will your wired connection.

Cons: Antennas! Not really a huge con i just think that extenders that aren't for performance should have internal antennas for a cleaner look.

Overall Review: Does the job even though it's only wireless n on 2.4ghz, but for the price this will do in a pinch.

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Great product and compatable with different ram10/3/2016 8:17:42 PM

Pros: 4gb stick to upgrade a laptop that had only 4gb single stick in it Plug and play, it instantly changed its timings to match the slower stick which runs at 1333mhz 1.5v! cheap upgrade to give that old laptop some snappiness to it

Cons: None

Overall Review: I thought that it was going to be a process getting mismatched ram to work together but this ran great. Best thing about ram is if you upgrade your laptop you can take it with you.

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Inexpensive and great10/3/2016 6:21:49 AM

Pros: Inexpensive USB 3.0 Fairly high capacity Capless Satisfying clicky sound Read is about 40mb/s write is about 15mb/s

Cons: The notch to retract the connector needs motivation to move

Overall Review: For a regular average joe flash drive this drive performs at pretty much what we've come to expect from just about any usb 3.0 flash drive. It's cheap enough to reccomend to anyone who needs decent prices on somewhat high capacity flash drives. Used mine to play some movies off my router via network storage. Beats having to plug in my sd card to my tablet.

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Straightforward product9/20/2016 2:36:40 PM

Pros: 8gb ddr3 1600mhz is fast enough Low voltage Ram posted at correct speed and was recognized by my HP laptop with no fuss

Cons: Packaging is that plastic stuff that's really hard to cut and almost always ends up in you getting cut and is not really a con but the only thing i didn't like about this product.

Overall Review: Many people buy ram that runs at high frequencies but really the only thing that matters is how much ram you have. Unless you are doing ramdisks or something that would lean on your ram speed, there is almost no difference in speeds for the average user. For a simple laptop upgrade to add some snappiness this will do more than fine.

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They've made it better!9/3/2016 3:01:43 PM

Pros: This updated version of the k70 actually fixes almost everything that was wrong with the old one. -Keycap puller + extra grippy keys for wasd and surrounding keys -RGB lighting is a bit better -Volume wheel is smooth as butter and super easy to move! -USB passthrough! -Updated font on the keys -CUE software is less buggy and allows you to change all the colors and do profiles or anything you can imagine -Removable wrist rest is still removable -Onboard memory takes profiles with you

Cons: The only thing that they left out to change was the wrist rest. It's just too stiff, thankfully it's still removable and i can use my gel wrist rest in place of it.

Overall Review: I'm in love with this keyboard now that they have fixed the random quirks with it. The cue software can be really simple to use to set profiles change key colors etc but also allows you to go more in depth for key macros on any key you want. Red keys are my new favorite key i miss my clicky blues but in gaming it feels more responsive . Going to recommend this keyboard to all my friends.

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Fast, reliable, awesome.7/29/2016 8:11:04 PM

Pros: New routers are coming out with all sorts of new technology which can confuse some so here are the basics -Mu-mimo (simultaneously transmits data to all devices at once instead of the traditional 1 at a time) -Dynamic QoS (prioritizes packets based on demand the end result is less noticeable lag) -Beamforming with 4 high powered antenna's + quad stream wifi (for more reliable connections) -Maximum possible throughput of 2600mb/s is insanely fast -160mhz mode (for devices that support this, it theoretically doubles bandwith and increases the range of wifi, though not many things support this as of now) -1.7ghz dual core processor is enough to handle all of the functions of the router plus the built in DDoS protection -Easy to use mobile app + web setup -2 USB 3.0 ports + esata for when you absolutely need the fastest speed while transferring files over the network -Readyshare app allows you to backup data from your computer to a connected storage device

Cons: The white lights are bright. They can be a personal nightlight and even when you turn the led lights off one still remains and it's still brighter than i would like, it doesn't help that the lights shine through the grille in the front. Web setup is a bit unresponsive at times but is laid out about as well as you can want.

Overall Review: Dynamic QoS isn't enabled by default but it's not hard to find and check the box. This feature alone is worth the price tag on this router. Being able to download games/movies/music while gaming and streaming netflix to my TV and tablets and all the mobile devices connected to the router all without lagging the network is absolutely insane. While not entirely different from my old router, i've noticed an overall distinct speed increase on my day to day use with this thing. Would absolutely reccomend to anyone/friends who want a no compromise router that will last some time. Never had a dropped connection yet, everything has been reliable and stable. Can't wait for 160mhz compatible device to be used/more common among devices. Esata and usb 3.0's for storage was another cool feature. I can hook up a big external drive and use it as a nas and the usb ports for thumb drives for sharing data across the network easily and fast. Other than the LED's, the styling is on point but one thing you should note is this thing is HUGE. Biggest router i've ever owned. Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining but it takes up the entire shelf i put my routers on. Overall i'm very pleased with this router. It's well thought out and has a list of great features at a pleasing price point.

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Great product6/28/2016 5:39:04 PM

Pros: Lots of SD cards out there which one do you choose? Well unless you have specific requirements for the speeds they are all pretty much the same. This one is among the faster ones, and comes with the adapter which you can never find when you need them. - Class 10 certified so it's fast - The handy adapter - Lifetime warranty

Cons: I always seem to lose the adapters

Overall Review: Connected via a card reader on the 3.0 interface and also on my phone, speeds were pretty spot on: Read: 79.75 mb/s write: 15.25mb/s I put tons of movies on it to extend my library of movies on my tablet and video playback was very smooth and even capturing video off my phones camera at 60fps is effortless. It's a decent price for a decently sized micro SD and i couldn't be happier with it.

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