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EVERCOOL sidewinder6/9/2018 8:18:05 PM

Pros: convenient tubes. I used my mulitmeter and checked using both resistance and diode functions and verified that the EVERCOOL sidewinder compound I used is NOT electrically conductive. I just spent 15 minutes searching for the answer to that before realizing the only way to know would be to test it myself.

Cons: didn't state anywhere on the packaging or online if it was electrically conductive

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Great price for what you get10/29/2015 2:22:40 PM

Pros: Just swapped it for a notebook HDD and that was simple enough (used acronis for the cloning part). No issues with the imaging and install. Boots fast. Moved my windows performance index rating for the HDD from 5.8 to 7.9.

Cons: I took off one egg for the reason that it only has 221gb available for a 240gb drive. Still a super value though.

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Netgear Gigabit switch9/15/2015 9:47:04 AM

Pros: I ordered a cheap switch that was on sale. It didn't work with some devices. This has worked with all devices and no noticeable loss of speed. Definitely worth the extra $5 to get a good one.

Cons: None yet

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Lan/eithernet line coupler8/10/2015 6:52:31 AM

Pros: well built. solid, Cat 6! Often I need to run a temporary cable and come-up short and so I have to splice 2 together. These are must haves for me.

Cons: Not against this but now thinking I should have bought shielded since I'm planning to switch to all shielded cable soon to improve performance.

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Gigabyte GTX 7508/7/2015 11:27:47 AM

Pros: good price, easy install, no problems, games run at a respectable speed and video is great.

Cons: None yet.

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the best budget computer5/31/2015 8:12:44 AM

Pros: I needed a low-budget computer and this one fit my price quite nicely. I give it 4 eggs 'cause I consider value for the money and for what I spent it's definitely worth 4 eggs.

Cons: It' can use several upgrades but I hate calling those cons because I knew what I was buying and what I was paying I wouldn't have expected those upgrades to be included. In time I'll add an SSD and upgrade to 2g ram sticks

Overall Review: put in an MSI 5450 HD pcie2.0 video card and works pretty well. Low-end gaming and high end video. be sure to use pcie 2.0 as 2.1 requires higher watt which would be too much for this power supply.

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Great for low power and low profile5/10/2015 10:36:26 AM

Pros: Super low power requirement so didn't need to change power supply. Low profile for form factor PC. Excellent performance for the price and low pc requirements.

Cons: The case needs adequate ventilation but that's obvious.

Overall Review: Put this into a refurbed SFF Core2-duo I bought on new egg for $60 and works really well. Great HD video and able to low-end game -- I could resell for a tidy profit but it's a gift for someone.

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JBL headphones4/24/2015 12:59:32 PM

Pros: I guess I when I saw the listing these were for phones and iPods and not computers so I'm not suffering such disappointment as some other from what I read. Great studio quality headphones for the price of junk headphones.

Cons: Haven't found any yet.

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Convenient wireless connection2/7/2015 12:54:35 PM

Pros: Nice price and super easy to use. A solution to save data use on cellular bill or when data networking isn't available for portable devices. Just plugged into Ethernet and now connecting multiple data devices simultaneously without going through cellular. And, when it's not in use just unplug to reduce wifi levels or wifi security -- I prefer to use LAN/Ethernet lines first and wifi when it's the only option.

Cons: The preset password was a little hard to find.

Overall Review: Wanted this more than a year ago but had to wait 'til wife started complaining about her cellular data bill and subsequent outages or snail slow connections before she could see the necessity of it.

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a super deals3/18/2014 5:00:23 PM

Pros: Couldn't get better for the little price I paid. I have seen used pieces of junk on crgslst that cost more than this gem. I'm glad I found Newegg so I the only thing I do crgslst is see how much better of a deal I got.

Cons: works great and I can't find anything to complain about for the low price i paid.

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Heavy Duty KB3/18/2014 4:49:40 PM

Pros: Rock solid. Best KB I ever bought and a great price for it.

Cons: a little wider than any average kb. and if you want a light one this aint it.

Overall Review: great value

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Good bargain12/3/2013 8:44:17 PM

Pros: A good PC that seems to have some quality parts and with enough processing power to do some gaming on the cheap.

Cons: Windows 8 takes some getting used to. I have been OK with W8 after spending a day learning how to make it work like a Windows 7 machine but Mincecraft will occasionally glitch-out due to Windows 8 incompatibility (I can't run 1.7.2 'cause it glitches so much but the older versions will run fine with just an occasional rendering glitch)

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