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great til now12/29/2012 6:07:59 PM

Pros: works really great. far exceeded my expectations of the sound quality of this item. bass is really nice and LOUD. for me anyways. great for music and games. would have gotten a 5 Star but.....

Cons: had it not even a full year(8 Months) and the control box is defected. at first i thought my right speaker was blown, but i don't turn the system loud at all and certainly not even to half it's potential. so i swapped out the left speaker cable with the right and the right speaker worked and the left did not. the right speaker connection on the control box doesn't work. it's a great system just wish they spent more quality time/parts for the receiver/control box... without that it's basically useless.

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Great12/23/2011 1:13:26 PM

Pros: worked great out of the box... a lot of DOA reviews got me a little leery but went with it anyways. i build on my anti-static mat so idk maybe people should invest in one. built a computer for my brother and used this board. it's more then enough and it's fairly cheap.... like him lol. anyways it worked out of the box it has a lot of new features that's he'll probably never use but is there for when he wants to.

Cons: not sure if it was the board or the case but not all screws lined up right. and the board bows.... loosened some screws to fix that but it still doesn't line up so.... be careful with that. i've checked reviews here and for the case but found nothing so.... i'm not sure.

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Great12/23/2011 1:08:02 PM

Pros: it's a drive... what more to say.

Cons: it is a little slow to open but it's great otherwise.

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Great12/23/2011 1:03:53 PM

Pros: it's ram it worked great out of the box. this is the 4th time i've used G-Skill and i'm pretty impressed with the results and no RMA's thus far. very reasonably priced as well

Cons: none at all

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Great12/23/2011 1:02:39 PM

Pros: built a computer for my brother. this was the case he wanted. its a pretty bad looking case (in a good way). i took out the blue LED fan and added 3 green LED fans. looks evil. i really like the tool-less drive bays and DVD-Rom slots

Cons: .... shipped with one of the front bezel snaps broke. no big deal. except when i went to install the new green LED fan another one broke off. its still solid so i'm not going to bother RMA'ing it. my PSU power cable barely stretched to the power connector on the motherboard. there's no slack at all. get what you paid for... my brothers cheap he'll admit it.... i'm not. i went with the NZXT case and it's far superior but it's a good case just those snaps are poorly designed

Overall Review: all said and done my brothers happy, i'm happy. its a great looking case with good air flow and features but poorly designed in some areas.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Please contact the Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at so that we can assist you with a replacement front panel. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Great12/23/2011 12:51:11 PM

Pros: built my brother a computer after his died. and bought this. it's really nice. not much to say other then what's already been said. no problems what soever.

Cons: the heat sink and fan feels and looks cheap. i thought i was going to snap the lever off locking it in place.

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taking my 5 star review back9/15/2011 11:01:55 AM

Pros: *worked wonderful for about 5-6 months. *supported everything i needed from 6GBps to USB 3.0 to RAID, to lots of RAM as I'm a 3d artist, dual video cards, lots of hard drives *when it worked i was a happy camper

Cons: *started with not seeing my hard drives * bought new hard drives month later same thing * was told to update BiOS.... so i did * only recognized 2 slots of RAM. tested all RAM and they work * tech said it's not on there supported memory. *grinded teeth *bought new memory that was supported (oh my old was supported) *same thing *Now MOBO doesn't post *tech said my CPU. *tested the CPU... it worked fine *called back.... it's my memory *uhhh no i just replaced that thank you * then it's your PSU tech support said * tested PSU at work... worked great. *called back.... they need my serial number (i was at work) *called back next day at work.... read the first 3 letters and get cut off that's not your serial number.... ours start with M**** etc etc * took mobo out. wrote it down called next day at work. *wasn't the serial number *took folloing day off work called support again reading the serial number right off the box & MOBO. was told our SN started with M***** *told th

Overall Review: CONT.... as it on the original box that i kept since January and on the MOBO * oh imagine that it worked * waited 2 days for an RMA email. * submitted RMA... "will be notified with 24HRS * been almost 2 weeks and haven't heard anything about my RMA... *called back was put on hold for 30 min * ....... i just bought a new MOBO yesterday I'm a LVL-2 PC tech at my work, been there for 8 years. i know what was wrong the whole time. but played there game of trouble shoot for nothing to please them and in case me being a man i didn't want to admit i could be wrong. i've been with out a computer for nearly 2 months jumping through loops and dealing with idiotic tech support who laugh and giggle on the phone and don't listen WHEN I READ THE SERIAL NUMBER!!! cuz SN don't start with a number they start with M. worst company i have ever dealt with. how are they ranked high in Customer service please tell me never will i buy anything ASUS

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Sorry to hear about the issues. Please contact us at stating all parts, a description of the problem and the BIOS version used together with any RMA case numbers, and we will look into this for you. Regards ASUS Customer Support
Great8/29/2011 9:10:27 AM

Pros: it's RAM and i've ordered 12 GB from this company. all sticks have worked flawlessly and are still working.

Cons: none

Overall Review: i only buy Corsair, PNY, or Patriot memory. haven't had any problems with either of these products.

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agree with the nice when it worked comment8/29/2011 8:59:12 AM

Pros: *also had 2 setup to RAID0 running on SATA3. *WOW load times were nothing. when switched back to my other Hard drives setup to RAID0 it seemed like an eternity compared to these drives. *Simply put... VERY FAST

Cons: *one drive died without warning or system slowness *put in a ticket for an RMA over a week ago and have yet to hear anything!! it said somebody will contact me within 24 HOURS!!! it's been a WEEK! *Phone service gets me nowhere!

Overall Review: cons outweigh the pro's.... and i'm getting nowhere with my service ticket RMA.

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Manufacturer Response:
We aplogize for the difficulties. Spam filters or other email issues can cause communication problems. Please call our support manager at (408) 733-8400, ext 206. We will be happy to assist you. Thank you
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great pull out tray8/29/2011 8:49:33 AM

Pros: *very well constructed. heavy duty *2 wrist supports for keyboard and mouse *fully adjustable. raise up and down plus tilt forward backwards turn side to side *mouse slides over keyboard for smaller desks like mine. *Doesn't cost 200 dollars like most of the tray's at office depot or other stores

Cons: *a little wobbly but not really bothersome * mouse pad seems to slide a lot. might just glue it to keep it there

Overall Review: really LOVE it. was having shoulder pains really bad from slouching over. I'm at my computer for 8 hours at my job as a PC tech and then i do Freelance work for 3d ART and animation, plus I'm an avid gamer. so i spend most of the hours of day in my man cave. and this helped me A LOT with the pain and I'm not hunched over at all so it's MUCH more comfortable.

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