Definately worth your consideration...1/19/2013 12:19:16 PM

Pros: -Great picture -Clean edges and a fresh look -The 2D to 3D conversion works very well -No motion blur -Multiple HDMI slots -PIP home menu navigation -Built in apps, can run NetFlix with just the TV rather than having another device on as well -6 pairs of glasses

Cons: -The magic remote takes some getting used to -Magic remote will activate at the slightest touch and the cursor will stay on picture until the timer runs out, bit annoying with little ones about -Built in stand seems kind of awkward but no issue as of yet -As another user said I am very used to using Pandora on all of my devices but there is no Pandora app available

Overall Review: This is both my first 3D TV and the first TV I have ordered online rather than purchase from a store. I was originally looking for a regular LED TV but saw the price on this product and decided I might as well put in a little extra for the 3D functionality. When the TV arrived via UPS I was hoping they would put the TV box inside some sort of shipping box to avoid any damage but it came in just the TV's standard box. The first TV that arrived came damaged with the screen cracked near the top and bottom but NewEgg helped me with the RMA set up right away. The replacement that arrived later on, again through UPS, arrived in pristine condition after a lot of anxiety of removing it from the box! I absolutely love this TV and am very impressed with the quality of the 3D. I tried the auto conversion on both movies, tv and video games and I am extremely satisfied with all. There are times where a portion of the background gets swapped into the foreground in the 2D-3D conversion but nothing too noticeable. Even on NetFlix or standard DVD/Blue Rays the motion looks very smooth. It was a little unusual at first [in a good way] to see such detail compared to my previous 22" LCD. I have a few little ones at home, kids and animals, and the magic remote will activate at the slightest touch. There is no on/off option for the remote that I am aware of. The stand is sturdy enough that it does not freely move without a bit of a push but seems a bit unstable to me. I love that there is an auto tune up program that will let you choose the image that looks best to you, almost feels like an eye exam! When navigating to the home menu you get a PIP of what you were originally watching, whether it was a movie or a video game. I see no lag that other users have mentioned with movies or games. Little Big Planet and Black Ops are pretty impressive in 3D! Overall the TV is beautiful in presentation and quality and I am very happy with the purchase and would definitely recommend to anyone currently in the market for a new LED TV.

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