Great USB-C laptop docking solution enabling the fixed connectivity of my desktop with a laptop11/11/2019 6:28:17 AM

Pros: I got a new laptop to replace an older desktop that had run its course. I wanted to have the functionality and power of my desktop with fixed network, video, and USB connectivity and the ability to easily disconnect the laptop and take it with me. I also needed to support two external 27” HD monitors. Being able to also support the laptop screen for a 3rd screen was also desired. The laptop by itself only supported a single HDMI connection in addition to its screen. After research, this USB-C 11 in 1 docking solution from YXwin met my requirements with a single USB-C connection providing the fixed Video, USB, and Network connectivity that I required. The unit has an HDMI and VGA video connection which is nice for flexibility in monitor connections. Both support my monitor’s 1920 x 1280 HD resolution. I didn’t have a display, cable, or 4K TV to test the full 4K resolution. There was a limitation with my laptop when using both ports (HDMI and VGA) at the same time from this device where both displays would only operate in duplicate display mode (where the same thing is displayed on both ports). This is a minor negative as I still can support both of my external displays using the HDMI from the laptop in addition to either of these ports. I understood this limitation prior to purchasing as it was mentioned in the specifications. The ethernet port is a Realtek USB GbE connection and worked well. I don’t know how to test its performance and bandwidth but It's more than enough to cover my internet speed of 50Mbs. All USB 2.0 ports and 3.0 ports worked as expected and its nice to have the extra ports to plug in my fixed keyboard and mouse as well as an external hard drive for backups. I also tested the SD card port and it worked well. Something to be aware of before purchasing. To support video from this device, your laptop must support Alt mode for video over the USB-C port. The best way to know this is to refer to your laptop specifications. Many will state the USB-C port is data only. If the USB-C is Thunderbolt or Displayport support then video will work with this USB-C hub device. One way I found to know if it is Thunderbolt or Displayport capable, the port will have a lightning bolt symbol next to the port or a Display Port symbol (which looks like a P inside of a D) next to the port. (google display port symbol to know what this looks like) Just be aware, not all laptops with a USB-C port support video. This is not a limitation of the YXwin USB hub but a limitation of the laptop.

Cons: There are a few minor flaws: As state earlier, both video ports used simultaneously will only work in duplicate display mode. If you need both to work as individual monitors, this may not work for you. For me, this was OK as I still was able to use the laptop HDMI port to get my second external monitor connection.The second minor flaw was the LED’s on the ethernet port. These are always on and do not change if an ethernet cable is plugged in or not. They give no indication of link, activity, or ethernet speed. Again, the ethernet port works. The LEDs simply do appear to serve any purpose..

Overall Review: Overall, this USB-C docking hub met all of my expectations and is a good docking solution with only one or two connections needed to have all the connectivity of my previous desktop with the portability of a laptop.

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Perfect fit10/30/2019 11:58:33 PM

Pros: I have used several of these power supplies at work when needing to add a graphics card to some of our desktops to support multiple monitors. They are easy to change out, especially in the new towers. I had one start making a noise after about 2-3 years, just a hum that was annoying, but I swapped it out with this same brand. All of the others that I have installed have given me no issues after more years than that.

Cons: Not the prettiest cables, but gets the job done

Overall Review: ok.Great

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Great design, functionality, and value10/29/2019 5:57:48 PM

Pros: I have purchased yxwin wireless charging bays and this one is awesome because I simply set this thing up next to my computer at work and I can either charge my work phone (iPhone 8) or personal phone (Samsung S8). Good buy for the money. Favorite features: 1. Charging light on the bottom: Seems silly, but this actually really helps to know whether the unit is charging or has been fully charged and the phone might be in sleep mode 2. Slanted viewing angle: the other charging stations I have bought make the device lie flat, which isn't as useful in my opinion. Also, as an added plus, since the S8 always shows the time, it makes it easier for me to see the time/notifications

Cons: Best Price

Overall Review: Excellent Fast wireless charger

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