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Used it for my Northbridge

ARCTIC MX-2 (4g) Carbon-Based Thermal Compound, Non-Electricity Conductive, Non-Capacitive
ARCTIC MX-2 (4g) Carbon-Based Thermal Compound, Non-Electricity Conductive, Non-Capacitive

Pros: Used it for my Northbridge on a Crosshair V formula Z and northbrige temps dropped 10 degrees celsius. Non Conductive. The best there is for Thermals

Cons: it was a little messy to work with but what paste isnt?

Most Critical Review

It works as advertised mostly

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Dual-band Gaming Router
Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Dual-band Gaming Router

Pros: Its fast range is good, covers my whole house very simple to use, no really its too simple: plug in, set your passwords and forget about it Wifi connection is solid Looks cool

Cons: my network setup: 7 custom gaming pcs built by me, 4 smartphones 4 smart tvs, 2 rokus, and a kodi ~hardly any admin control ~parental controls NOPE ~no way to kick someone off the internet or put a freeze on thier access ~guest access is a huge website based security hole and should be disabled ~no way to monitor who is using what % of the internet but it does show total % Killer Prioritization is a gimmick becuase its a huge selling point with 0 details about it which is borderline false advertisement. maybee 10% of the population can take advantage of it. i have absolutely 0 devices with a killer NIC and i wont any time soon. so i wasted money not getting the router i actually wanted for this thinking that a router with a feature called "killer" would be the better choice for a family full of gamers. should have done more research becuase im not buying a dell or alienware pc just to get a networking card and finding a current one is too much hassle.. and heres my major gripe about this thing and what ultimately made me decide to make a reveiw on it. We have a 16 year old daughter who has many behavior problems. since its a dual band router that means there are 2 frequencys that throw a wifi signal. each has its own password. when she gets in trouble we shut the wifi off for her for a specified amount of time becuase its really the only way to truly punish her. with this router however, the only way to do that is you change the wifi password for 2.4 ghz and hit save. it works. do that with the 5ghz, hit save and it reverts on page refresh. EVERY SINGLE TIME. theres nothing submitted to linksys about other people having this problem in thier forums about "settings not saving" but its too late im already turned off to this thing and its about to collect dust in my closet as a back up router whenever my new Asus ROG router gets here.

Overall Review: if you want a simple gaming router that works 100% of the time, go for it it has great range and its stable if you want control. find something better that suits you

Looks Astounding

Seasonic PRIME TX-750, 750W 80+ Titanium, Full Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 12 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and High-Performance Systems, SSR-750TR.
Seasonic PRIME TX-750, 750W 80+ Titanium, Full Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 12 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and High-Performance Systems, SSR-750TR.

Pros: Looks great Great value Amazing attention to detail with the construction

Cons: standard spaghetti cabling but hey at least its not ketchup and mustard cables.....

Overall Review: Overall a very nice power supply. Very nice for the price. Looks absolutely amazing and comes in the best packaging i have ever seen with its own pouch.


The red LED this fan uses looks smoother/richer than the old SP120s

Corsair ML120 PRO LED CO-9050042-WW 120 mm Red LED 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation PWM Fan
Corsair ML120 PRO LED CO-9050042-WW 120 mm Red LED 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation PWM Fan

Pros: installation is easy. 4 screws. plenty of cable for cable management, enough to reach a fan controller. anti vibration grommets on each corner the red illuminates from the hub, instead of having 4 pointed in different directions... these look like a nice red sun; but with the RGB led strips i have in my ceiling when i change those strips only the hub is red the fan blades change to match, its awesome. in person these look cooler than the Thermaltake Ring fans i have in my sons case... and thats saying alot becuase those things are great the magnetic levitation bearings mean more fan life so its worth the extra $ youd spend over a cheap fan

Cons: not rgb :( but they work in my case becuase my setup is all Asus ROG red and black anyway. at full RPM they are quite noticable but what fan isnt?

Overall Review: they gave me a 6 degree drop in overall case temps by upgrading my AOI from an h100 to an h100iv2 and all of my existing fans to these except the 140 on the back. so for the $110 ive spent so far on these fans and the $110 i spent on the new AIO id say they are worth considering my overclock on my 4790k is now 4.7ghz stable @ 1.225v 59c max during gaming/load and can go to 5.0ghz stable @1.250v 65c max during gaming/load with my current setup...( i just dont want shorten the life of my cpu even though it seems i hit the silicone lottery with that chip last year)...... when i can afford 4 more fans im sure those temps will drop a little bit but its tolerable now these things are so good the ml 140s have been out of stock for 6 months now. if you dont want to wait for the matching 140 you might want to buy a different type of fan, but these are seriously one of the best fans on the market right meow and if i had to go back i still buy these for my sexy rig


terrible hardware but this thing is great

HomCom Race Car Style High Back PU Leather Reclining Office Chair with Footrest - Red and Black
HomCom Race Car Style High Back PU Leather Reclining Office Chair with Footrest - Red and Black

Pros: For a chair in the $100 range this thing is amazing. ~looks cool. ~smells good. new car leather smell ~it reclines ~its comfortable. the bottom reminds me of sitting on a brand new memory foam bed ~ the footrest is a new feature to me it bends down about 3/4 of an inch when i put my legs on it but it supports the weight ~theres no plastic on the reciever that supports the base under the seat so this thing wont be leaning to the right in a year like the last chair i bought from wally world ~went together easy enough but see other thoughts

Cons: ~theres no adjustment lever or adjustment to tilt the bottom of the seat ~could use a little velcro pillow for the head so it feels unnatural to lean all the way back and relax becuase of the curve of the lumbar support ~the base for the wheels could be an inch longer so it doesnt try to fall foward if you lean forward while feet are up on footrest

Overall Review: the back holes for the reciever to the base did not line up i had to drill the sides of both hole about 2mm on the reciever so both screws could go in straight.. only took a minute and came out out okay. otherwise the Hardware is where i docked my egg. the package came with one screw that was the wrong gauge and wouldnt catch the threads at all for the backrest... no big deal with that 2 screws is enough to support my weight and it doesnt wobble... accidents happen wrong screw and it really doesnt need it for meanyway..... but heres where things got a little frustrating for me... when putting on the arms the two screws for the base didnt seem to agree with the screws i was putting assuming there was left over metal barbs from the tapping process in the threads stopping it, but who knows. it went in till it hit the threads and just spun before catching the threads forcing me to take the arms back off and then do a practice run with the screws.. this happened on both sides, but the problem is second side didnt want to let go of the one screw after i got it all the way in it came back out partially and then just got stuck until it stripped from the included key and i had to use my 18v Rigid impact to impact it out the rest of the way with the trigger barely pulled and a flat head bit i had to hammer into the spot becuase i stripped it with the allen key they gave me. worlds softest hardware. beware it feels like weak aluminum or die cast. if you buy this chair, when you get this goto home depot and pick up some Galvanized 2 inch long allen bolts that match the originals, grease the ends and do a practice run before installing the arms this will save you the heart ache of having any stripped out bolts on a brand new chair

Perfect finisher for any case with a window


Pros: it looks awesome adds extra lighting in your case cools ram down and gets some air onto the motherboard as well

Cons: molex connection, do people really still use them glad my psu is modular? unadjustable leds, so bright its blinding and completely lights up my room at night distracting when gaming... that brightness... if theres a way to adjust them down to 1/4th of the brightness they are now id spend up to 4 hours to just to make it so becuase i really do want to love this product this is why i docked an egg

Overall Review: i think if i can figure out how to adjust the leds this product is one of the best out there for extra aesthetics would buy again except next time id also pick up extra fans so as not to strain my eyes when gaming

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Ordered 2 and got 1 broken one

i ordered 2 of these last week i didnt know they werent going to ship from newegg and i checked my tracking number "they" had arrived at the post office yesterday. i look in my mailbox and theres a small yellow envolope with bubblewrap insulation. i open it up and the plastic is broken around top of the left analog stick(approximate clock position would be from 10-12 so you get an idea of what i mean) and when you move the sticks around on the right analog stick you can feel what feels like the seam in two different plastics getting caught on one another. i dont know if this thing will work but seriously if you need a controller even as a temp replacement dont buy from this company. itll be sad faces for you. the break in the plastic suggests that it is brittle like that cheap "ABS" plastic. i plugged it in and it seems the right does not have its own axis it used buttong 1 through 4 same a 1 2 3 and 4 which makes the right stick redundant

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