Really Good for the Price! Just one unfortunate dead pixel.10/20/2020 1:38:54 PM

Pros: -It's a really good size at that 27inch sweet spot -The colors are very good due to the IPS display -165Hz feels great and buttery smooth -Lots of Adjustability with the stand + VESA compatible

Cons: -My only real con I have is that mine happened to come with a dead pixel and it's really noticeable. I don't know if it's a common issue or I just happened to get a bad one; but it sucks either way. I don't want to go through a hassle of complaining or returning it and then buying the same one, so I guess I'll just live with it. But I just wanted to be transparent about that.

Overall Review: -I think it's a great monitor for the price and it comes with a lot of features. -Great build quality and you get everything you pay for -I happened to have a dead pixel but it may not be a common issue

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