Great Memory Kit!1/13/2021 12:28:29 PM

Pros: The G.SKILL lighting control app works, and running 2x16GB kit the modules have nice air-flow around them keeping temps much lower than running the 4x8GB kit, as I have both kits.

Overall Review: I'm running these modules at 4400MHz CL17 @ 1.45V and system is 100% stable. Great kit!

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Nice motherboard12/17/2020 9:32:06 AM

Pros: I have the Maximus X, XI, and XII Apex, and have always wanted an Extreme board, I bought this board to build a water cooled daily driver in a chassis, generally I use open-air wet bench and a chiller.

Cons: The board is vary wide, I new the dimensions before buying but did not measure my chassis cable pass-throughs thinking I had plenty of room with TT A700 TG chassis, but I was wrong and the board covers all the cable pass-throughs. Also the RAM slots are too close to the CPU socket preventing installing 4-dimms if your using Corsair H150i cooler, with cooler block installed as should be with Corsair logo correct the hose connections are into the first memory slot, this was not an issue for me as the H150i was only temp install to load OS, and than custom water cooling was installed with 4 x 8GB memory kit.

Overall Review: I would recommend this board, it's solid. I had no issues installing OS, drivers, everything works and system is 100% stable. System : Intel Core i9-10900K, F4-3600C14Q-32GTZNB, Nvidia RTX 2080Ti FE, Samsung 970 Pro, Seasonic SSR-1000TR, and TT A700 TG chassis & custom water cooling.

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Nicely Done G.SKILL,..7/6/2020 8:19:00 PM

Pros: I'm running Asus ProArt Z490-Creator 10G motherboard, i9-10900K and system is running just fine, have had no issues with this memory kit, plug & play in XMP mode.

Cons: Not a big fan of RGB lights. So was happy to have an option with the G.SKILL software to turn OFF the lights. Perhaps some other time I will play around with the lights, but for now will be leaving them OFF.

Overall Review: I would recommend this kit as long as your motherboard supports it. The kit is a bit expensive compared to 4x8GB CL16 kit. I had the Z Royal Gold CL14 kit at first, but could not control the lights or shut them off, so rather than tear apart and disable lights I returned the kit and got the Z Neo kit, and all is good.

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Great Motherboard6/13/2020 5:19:47 PM

Pros: The PCB looks like a mixture of both the Maximus XI Apex and Maximus X Apex. I like the 4-slots between the two PCIe X16 instead of three, and additional M.2 slot for those who prefer to have an onboard M.2 SSD than having one attached to the DIMM.2 module as seen on the previous generation APEX motherboards.

Cons: Was disappointed to see they used the Infineon TDA21472 power stage, it is rated to handle 70 A, slightly lesser than the Infineon TDA21490 used on the Maximus XII Extreme which is rated to handle 90 A. The unusual SATA ports layout is definitely an eye-opener, how it's positioned is somewhat questionable. Managing SATA cables can be a pain with such an unusual angle, I'm using 4x SSD storage drives. and lastly having no support for OC Panel / OC Panel II.

Overall Review: Overall, the ROG Maximus XII Apex is an amazing motherboard that has not only the aesthetics but also the features that are specially tailored for overclocking, and performs exceptionally when overclocking memory - DDR4-5000 is way much easier to achieve with this board.

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worth the wait,.. vary happy8/7/2015 6:52:35 PM

Pros: This motherboard has everything I wanted for my Micro X99 build. I've been waiting for Asus to release a X99 MATX board was hoping for Gene V series,.. but this WS is great.

Cons: None

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Vary Nice HTPC Case6/6/2013 9:24:21 AM

Pros: Clean and simplistic brushed alum front, looks vary nice. Lots of room for plenty of air flow, wire management. I chose not to use the HDD caddy's instead I just used Velcro to mount a SSD.

Cons: None, I do a lot of research before buying a case, read all the reviews and know what will fit and everything I planed on using in this case worked great.

Overall Review: Rampage IV Gene X79 with 3930K GTX670 in SLI, Corsair 850AX PSU Stock Intel cooler, 2.5" SSD

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Vary Stable, Easy Configuration.1/17/2013 7:02:16 AM

Pros: No Issues setting up 3-way SLI, Booted right out of the box. And has been running great for six months now. Running 3 Quadro 4800 cards with Intel 3930K and 32GB 1866 DDR3 Memory. When I'm not working this board is Folding 24/7 @ 100% With Beta Drives and correct configurations, For the price/ performance ratio, Only a fool would complain about this Board.

Cons: None

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Bought 2 kits, one DOA, one OK9/2/2011 8:44:38 PM

Pros: Nice price, and the kit that worked is doing it's job vary well, I have been buying corsair ram for about 8 years and this was my first RMA.

Cons: My system shows the MFG date as 2000 for the kit that is working, 11 years old?

Overall Review: I think the XMS ram is the same stick only with heat shields, So if you have good air flow or after market shields this Valueselect Ram is a fine choice for desktop memory.

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