Excellent affordable keyboard6/10/2011 2:55:50 PM

Pros: - Compact build but full size - Classic keyboard layout with no extra buttons - Solid construction and decent plastic materials - Extremely affordable - Medium weight feedback - Moderate key travel - Moderate keyboard noise, but not silent - Key letters and surfaces do not appear to be fading after a few months of heavy use - this is a good sign - No styling gimmicks beyond a slight curve at the top and bottom - Light weight, but stays firm on desk with rubber feet

Cons: - Short cord - Shipping is slightly pricey

Overall Review: This far surpasses all keyboards at this price range, and is quite a bit better compared to dozens of more expensive keyboards. You can easily spend two or three times this much on a name brand keyboard and not get a better device. I might get two while I can still find a classic keyboard at this excellent price. Reminds me of my favorite keyboards from the 1990s, but at 2010s thrift store prices.

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