Great board. I can't fault it except for one thing...7/28/2016 9:30:15 PM

Pros: -Great board, but read the manual first if you plan on using SLI or Crossifre.

Cons: -I bought this board when it first came out and have since changed to the Asus Edition 10. The Edition 10 more than satisfies my overclocking requirement and I'm sure this board would have. I'm running an i7-6850k at 4.2 easily with absolutely, not even close to thermal issues. The only issue I had with this board is that you can not run a SLI or crossfire setup and still get 16x16 SLI or Crossfire, and run M.2/U.2. The manual does specify this. Unfortunately, I didn't download the manual before buying, and ended up returning the board afterwards. All is well with the edition 10.

Overall Review: -Good board, just read the manual or as of this date, the reviews. If it works for you, awesome.

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Good stuff.7/28/2016 9:17:09 PM

Pros: -RAM hits the advertised frequencies out of the box. At 3200 I can't complain, as the sticks did what they were supposed to do. I may push them a bit harder if I try and boost my overclock in the future but as far as advertised specifications, they hit it with no problems.

Cons: -Not really a con, but it is higher frequency expensive RAM.

Overall Review: I have been using G.Skill RAM in my build for years now. Not out of brand loyalty, but because they have delivered to my needs and expectations. I didn't even notice this until I looked at what I have built, and upgraded in the past. Just good stuff in my experience.

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It does what everyone says it does.7/28/2016 9:04:06 PM

Pros: -For a consumer level gaming, and slight graphics use, this performs as expected. -I replaced a Haswell i7-4770k, and while this processor doesn't overclock as nicely, it does perform better overall. Pure gamers might not experience much of a beneficial increase, but for me it was beneficial as I wanted to move to M.2 storage.

Cons: -It is kind of expected at this point, but Intel holds a higher price point for performance. If you don't need it or want it, then go with a different price point.

Overall Review: -I have this clocked at 4.2GHz at about 1.3v with a single fan water cooler setup and even under a 24 hour burn in a room that is about 76 degrees F it never cracked 80 degrees C. I haven't tried to push it further as my need don't require it but if I do I will update this.

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Great panel.7/28/2016 3:36:59 PM

Pros: -The panel looks great, on par with the other higher priced IPS panels I've seen. The panel is as expected.

Cons: -Don't let the bezel less advertising fool you. The stock product display images are not reality. I know that true bezel less IPS panels don't exist and I didn't buy this monitor because of that trait. Knowing this wouldn't have swayed me not to buy this since I am only planning on using one, but it would have saved me a few hours of messing with settings in the monitor and video cards. I do however have to knock off an egg due to the fact that the manufacturer should be upfront with this. I could see someone wanting to use this in a multi monitor setup and being disappointed. It is documented on acer's community forums. An example is below.

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As expected.7/28/2016 3:25:51 PM

Pros: -This board looks great and I am happy that Asus went with a black color since I can do whatever I want from there. -It is a bit overkill for my overclocking needs but it is nice to have it in place if I choose to use it in the future. -SLI and M2/U2 on seperate lanes. -3x3 WiFi

Cons: -The only actual complaint I have is with the 8 pin and 4 pin CPU power connections. They are extremely tight to the CPU power heat sink. The power cables that I have with my power supply are 4+4 style and they have a little clasp (it's not bigger than any others I have used in the past, probably only a few mm) that holds them together when used in 8 pin connections. These cables would not fit into the connections due to the little clasp. I ended up just trimming them off to make them flush and they fit. Since I am both 8 and 4 pin connections it doesn't make any actual difference but worth noting since it required modification of the cables. -Since I probably won't go the extreme with my overclock it would be nice if Asus had a bit less expensive option with 3x3 WiFI and SLI separate from M2/U2.

Overall Review: This was the only board I found that supported SLI with M2/U2 on different PCIE lanes and 3x3 WiFi.

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