Absolutely the best7/31/2021 5:45:13 PM

Pros: Super Silent Cooling is phenomenal for an I7 Keeps CPU under 80c with all cores stressed at 100% at 4.8ghz using OCCT Paired with a Cooler Master H500M for awesome air flow and cooling Tech Support was more than nice and willing to talk on the phone

Cons: Clipping the fans is a little tedious with the aluminum clamps and I have dexterity. It takes the coating off a little but that's expected scraping metal against metal, and I was extremely careful in trying not to scrape the fins. Unavoidable. Not a con but just a note: Inner fan is snugly fit for the pull config, I mean it's super flush to fins on both sides and you can't see it at all, unless you remove the push fan and clips( nope not doing it). Have no Idea if it fails or not cause it's recommended to use one header with the supplied splitter so both fans runs the same rpm, (naturally) .

Overall Review: Mounting was fine but there was this extremely minor play on an I7 9700k Phantom Gaming 9, only if you tried to wiggle it. Support confirmed is normal to prevent screwing down too tight. As long as tensioners were wrist tight it's fine. Moved twice since I built this rig with it installed and slid entire PC back in the case box. Didn't even budge using Styrofoam under it for support.

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Lower profile7/31/2021 5:12:55 PM

Pros: Fully Modular Lower profile

Cons: 24pin cable should be ribbon style in this day and age 24pin not long enough to route to back of case to 24pin on top of AsRock z390. Had to bend the exposed wires of the male connection to form a C-Curve in order to reach the mobo. Stress relief on the cable prevents you from bending it, which is good but bad if it's not long enough. Not all 24pins headers lay outward from motherboards. Sata cables are 5 per cable. Not ideal when you need one connection for a specific need, like RGB controller on bottom left and it makes 4 other connectors useless cause their inches apart. Had to use 2 separate cables to power 1 RGB controller and 1 physical HDD on bottm right of cage, which now has 8 connectors I can't use. UPDATED 7/31/21: Thing still runs great and works very well with RTX 3070 TI FW3. I have been using a 1070 TI since this review until a week ago. The person with issues with the RTX 3080 maybe the result of using both ends of a pigtail PCIe cable for the 3 power connectors. 3070 TI has 2 PCIe power ports but Seasonic responded to my concern of using one PCIe cable like I did with the 1070 TI. They advised to spread the load better, use different cables for each power connector so it doesn't stress the wattage rating for each cable. This maybe why the 3080 reviewer is having power shutdown issues with this PSU, using shared connections on PCIe and maxing the amps per PCIe resulting in not enough power for the card, especially during load.

Overall Review: I did purchase 3 flat ribbon PCIe cables at 24", one 6+2 per cable for the 3070 TI as it was less bulky and ugly than the supplied pigtailed cables. Would have been nice for Seasonic to include them or ship them as a courtesy since pigtais are not recommended to use on high wattage GPU's since the 2080 series, but still included in the PSU. Their support phone only has an option to leave a message and no one calls back. Email support was very good though. PSU is solid, smaller form factor as well for what it delivers. Cables are good quality 18AWG

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ASRock compatible1/10/2019 12:16:05 PM

Pros: Works and identified fine in Phantom Gaming 9. Using in M.2 #3 slot and recognized as bootable as well.

Cons: none

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Lower profile1/10/2019 10:30:26 AM

Pros: Fully Modular Lower profile

Cons: 24pin cable should be ribbon style in this day and age 24pin not long enough to route to back of case to 24pin on top of AsRock z390. Had to bend the exposed wires of the male connection to form a C-Curve in order to reach the mobo. Stress relief on the cable prevents you from bending it, which is good but bad if it's not long enough. Not all 24pins headers lay outward from motherboards. Sata cables are 5 per cable. Not ideal when you need one connection for a specific need, like RGB controller on bottom left and it makes 4 other connectors useless cause their inches apart. Had to use 2 separate cables to power 1 RGB controller and 1 physical HDD on bottm right of cage, which now has 8 connectors I can't use.

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Great reviews on this one1/10/2019 9:37:28 AM

Pros: It's SSD Price point for 1TB is very good Rates up there with Samsung at smaller price point

Cons: none

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Great air cooling case, better than H500p, still could use some tweaks1/10/2019 9:12:01 AM

Pros: Roomy work area for mid tower due to HDD cage under the shrouds Tempered glass is thick and slightly smoky Has all new USB 3.1 and Gen 2 type C to move forward from USB 2.0. Front and rear fans are good size to induce airflow at low noise. panels all fit with no skews, frame not bent or off line Optional tempered glass front instead of all mesh If you are air cooling, this case is what you need due to open front intake design and mesh top exhaust chimney effect Picking up the case assembled was sturdy

Cons: cable management area in the back should be about 1/2" wider. Too little room specifically for thickness of 24 pin cable Top front fan has slight wobble which makes a flutter noise at higher than "silent" rpm's which is annoying Cable feed area under the shroud to back of board is too minimal. Tempered glass wasn't protected with a removable film on any side, unlike all the reviews of the case watching people strip the film off before working on it. No 5.25" bay for optical. Yes I have a ton of games on disk. Need to buy CM Cosmos Flagship case for $400 to get one 5.25 bay Missing 2 standoffs, luckily had spares from my other build Instructions don't explain how to and what screws are required to remove the 2 PSU shrouds and HDD tray from the inside, I/O side and MB side of the case. USB 2.0 micro USB connector to rgb controller is extremely crimped between the panel and the board. Not enough clearance Newegg shipped in manufacturer colored box with NO OUTSIDE CARTON. Just slapped a label on it. Are you kidding me.... with glass NewEgg? Expensive for mid tower, price point seems too high...maybe.

Overall Review: Well, the case is awesome. Once put together the management was clean on the MB side for sure. Only can see 24pin, USB type C and 1 PCIe going into the grommets, with minimal visual appearance. The back of the case became a 3 hour OCD experience because I couldn't get everything to lay the way I wanted. Between long 2 usb headers, USB type C, front panel running lateral into the MB, then 12 pin PCIe and 24pin from the bottom up to the grommets, it looked stuffed/cross hatched. The area behind the case is ideally created for ribbon style cables. There is a indented area opposite of where a radiator would be that allows you tuck and curl cables into it. The left most panel took some minor, and I mean minimal pushing to close it only because the 24 pin wasn't ribbon and doesn't lay into the case enough. I will be re-doing the cables later. One fan wobbling and making noise isn't good for $200 case. CM has no fans at the moment to replace but they are helpful. Luckily none of the panels were scratched. Front panel comes off when opening the side panels. It's easy really. Coming from Uber Chakra case, removing side panels was required then, so not a big deal now. Going to get ARGB splitter from CM and bypass the RGB controller, which does work as a pass through to my ARGB header just fine. if you have ARGB header, you must install CM software for the front fans, then select "motherboard" as the controller so your mobo can take over. If you don't, the fans will stay on rainbow unless you want to use the CM software. I didn't use the reset switch option as the case fan rgb controller. The bottom cable routing from the PSU to the back is a really small opening. I had to S-bend the 24pin and PCIe to get the one PSU shroud to sit back and notch into the case correctly. They should open the area another inch. With the small niggles though, don't underestimate this case. It is perfect for air cooling. It looks terrific once together. It is solid and feels solid. The tempered glass will open and notch itself to open no farther than maybe a quarter of an inch so it doesn't fall right off, then you pull it out. After running Monster Hunter World and Rising Storm 2 for a few hours, I couldn't even feel hot air coming out of the case anywhere, so air is flowing smoothly. Letting the build settle in before stress testing. Shame you can't get a 5.2" bay for optical if you want a case that offers newer features. There are 3 other cases I saw with up to date USB connections and 5.25" for example, but all 3 were $400 including 2 cooler master. One Be Quiet case offered everything I was looking for as a full tower but it's cooling for air was terrible by many reviews due to a closed front panel with a thin strip vent along the front edges.

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Great mobo. Easy to connect everything..1/8/2019 2:59:30 PM

Pros: All Next Gen hardware and connections ARGB and RGB headers Build Quality seems sturdy and tight Easy to read headers 2 manuals. One for connections/Bios, the other for software M.2 works great with a 860 EVO Trident Z, 32gb x2 sticks works great and recognized for XMP (14-14-14-34) UEFI is easy to navigate and understand. No sub menu of sub menu. All OC settings for everything are within the same section.

Cons: None I can see yet.

Overall Review: M.2, 2.5" Sata and HDD for storage all working to speed. Trident Z is compatible BeQuiet Dark Rock 4 Pro fits fine and does not interfere with VRM heatsinks. The is a great mobo for the features you get. There are optional 2.0 headers just in case but if you pair it with a tower that has USB 3.0, 3.1 type A and and C gen 2, you have a new gen build as far as that. RGB default is a heartbeat throb in a couple areas and ads a nice "I'm Alive" tone to the case. Mimics the Asus p6t6 WS Revolution board on my other rig. Polychrome works with the H500M Case, You have to install Cooler Master RGB software to tell the fan controller to use the motherboard header or it won't work. RGB can be done within the UEFI also. Must update to Bios 1.5 Tech Support was very nice in helping with pre-sale and post sale questions, Those who have trouble with the headers, they are simple. Pin layouts are in the manual as well as the Dr Debug codes so not sure why it would be a problem finding it out. Case manufacturers don't follow a standard so maybe that's why the review below had problems. One final note, make sure you install all Windows 10 updates before installing most of the LAN and WIFI drivers. Realtek can be installed out of the gate for updates. Do not attempt to install Realtek HD audio unless updated fully, It will not install and you will not be able to get SoundBlaster or Realtek App to install. Also use most recent Intel Utility not the one on AsRock or disk, It does not have the updated chipset for one LAN and PCI BUS so it will show ! in Device Manager in 10 Pro. "This review for Asrock Review Rebate Program"

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Codes Work1/22/2014 7:41:52 AM

Pros: Physical copy helps so if you have to reinstall the game, you don't have to download the entire game via Tera torrent or direct download, you only need the patches. CD key gives you full Founders access to mount, 4 bank slots, 8 characters per server instead of 2 as the regular free to play, player.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Use the CD key backwards and get a lion mount. The lion mount is character bound so if you open it on a character, only that character can use it. The blue mount you get by entering the cd normally, is for the entire account to use.

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Excellent case10/15/2013 6:57:12 AM

Pros: Thin Durable Port openings are cut precise and allow easy access. 3.5mm headphone cutout allows multiple types of headphones to be connected, even L shaped tips. Fit is great Rocker buttons for volume and power are firm and not flimsy Fits in a carrying case or belt pouch Does not cling/stick to your pocket or attract lint and dirt to the case since it doesn't have rubber on the outside

Cons: Case does not have soft rubber or grips on the outside. Some may not like that. No kick stand

Overall Review: If you are looking for a case that does not add bulk and extreme size to the phone, this is the case to get. The inner portion is not super soft rubber, more like a semi hard TPU with composite molded into that for the outside. The corners are a semi hard rubber to add more protection from drops. I have a belt pouch that is made to fit an Otterbox case and since this case is twice as thin as Otterbox, it fits perfectly.

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Best value to date9/11/2012 8:15:50 AM

Pros: Card is 1 1/5" shorter than GTX 275 Lower power consumption and much cooler running card due to Fermi With cost per performance ratio is terrific Base fan speed is set at 30% due to how cool it runs Has excellent overclock ability One of the last EVGA cards left ( AR version) with limited lifetime warranty.

Cons: When bumping the fan at 55%, it starts to get a feint high pitch whine. Not a whoosh sound like the GTX 275 cooler but a jet engine turbine noise ( literally) especially when you get to 65% and at 80%... it's wicked loud. I knew that going in that the EVGA fan is noisy from various forums. The MSI model is quieter because it has 2 fans that have lower rpm but I also see people who have issues with the MSI. EVGA confirms the fan noise due to the high RPM does have a loud whine but I put it on 60% playing GW2 and it peaks at 62 Celsius. The space between the PCI back plate and the cards plastic housing is not wide enough to allow a tool less PCI latch to hook onto the card as it does nicely on my GTX 275 and my other EVGA cards.

Overall Review: This is not as powerful as a GTX 480, as far as FPS, it is 256 bit not a 384 bit, has 500mb less on-board memory but runs much much cooler, handles Open GL 4.1, is almost 2" shorter and has faster clock speed. So far running Guild Wars 2 on 1920x1080 with everything on Max settings including shadows and character detail , native sampling, gets about 50-60 fps in heavy fighting areas and around 75-90fps in towns, exploring and fighting using the BETA 306.02 drivers. I stepped up from DirectX10 to 11 with this card and the visual difference is very noticeable. Amalur, RoM, GW2, Skyrim look and play fantastic.

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Really nice for the price7/29/2011 8:14:10 AM

Pros: Very bright screen HDMI-VGA-DVI-Headphone-SPDIF on a low cost monitor 1920-1080 resolution good response time, MLG uses this for gaming competitions The visual experience as a whole is excellent. Nice colors. If you don't like blaring whites and colors, try a natural look setting of Normal Picture 30 Brightness 75 Contrast

Cons: Very,very small back light bleed on top that gets a little worse when you increase the brightness. Only see it on jet black( borders on movie) or certain dark colors like blue. Buttons on bezel are impossible to see and are close to each other, so you will be pressing wrong buttons. For the new user that isn't familiar with some settings and wants to know anything about them, don't even look at the manual. It's in 38 languages with nothing more than " this button opens menu" " this button moves up"

Overall Review: Certain color temp and picture settings will not allow you to access other adjustments. The manual will not tell you this. If you set the picture to Normal, you can only adjust brightness and contrast. If you set the color to sRGB, you will not be able to adjust any picture settings at all (contrast, brightness. etc) Buttons are hard to navigate , they are flush to the bezel but makes the whole appearance clean looking. Not a big deal. Monitor stand, to me, does not wobble. I don't know if a revision was made to it, but it doesn't rock at all. Picture is very uniform except for small light bleed (1/16") at top. I did an advanced RMA and hooked up the 2nd one yesterday. New panel has same light bleed on top and also on bottom with 2 stuck pixels in red. Keeping 1st one. I realize TN panels may have light bleed, it's a little distracting, but I'm not going through RMAs for a perfect one.

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Updated review7/22/2011 7:07:58 AM

Pros: This is an update after using it for more than a few months. For an i7 920-950 build, the cooler is better than stock. Performs better when there is more load on the CPU, as the CFM kicks in. You can get a mild overclock using this and keep a i7 950 at respectable temps with good case cooling. If you don't want/can't remove mobo, this installs super easy and is solid install. If your limited on max cooler height, this will fit in cases with 145mm max height and with side panel fans. You can easily replace this fan with a 90/92mm cpu fan or even 120mm fan. Anyone with some creativity can figure this out.

Cons: Idle cooling may not be as good for some builds and to personal liking, as this fan has low RPM and low CFM, the cooling is more reliant on the heat pipes and fins. Mobo temps around the CPU may be a few degrees hotter, especially at idle, because it is not a top down cooler. At complete fresh boot, CPU is around 35-37c at 900-1000rpm in 75f room. Sometimes after watching vids or dvd, the CPU stays idle at 45c and won't recover with no system load and idle, unless I shutdown for 15 min.

Overall Review: If you compare with others, you have to look at CPU to CPU, cores and nanometer. i7 45nm builds will not get the same results as a Dual Core. More cores= more surface heat. Using OCCT stress test on an i7 950 set at Linpack, Hyper Threading enabled, a 3.2 overclock, It peaks at 66-67c at 75f room. That is also using the standard voltage settings in the BIOS with no under volting.

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2nd review after 3 weeks1/31/2011 9:11:53 AM

Pros: small profile for height issues cost don't have to disassemble PC to install Arctic Support is actually terrific, people there extremely helpful not sure why people having problems. Can use another 92mm or 120mm fan, just get rubber mounts and ditch the housing or use retaining clips on the 120mm, the notches are on the top, it can be rigged.

Cons: This item seems to be fantastic or a complete failure, and I think I found out why. The actual copper base is not level, on mine anyway, and/or the base is skewed because the heat pipe solder joints. There is no pressure to spread the paste from the middle out. Using a straight edge, the base is concave going from heat pipe sides. Measured the other way, the base is flat. Must be the solder joints on the pipes that raise it on those sides. Seems clumps of thermal paste in the middle were the only thing conducting heat, and it was deteriorating and becoming an insulator. ( see Other Thoughts) It's not the mount that's the issue, it was secure and very firm. CONFIRMED- this fan does not spin at 2500 rpm, it is 2000 max, confirmed from HK engineers to tech support. I was not told the actual cfm as it can't be what's rated on package.

Overall Review: After getting great temps immediately, 34c at 75f room temp. after install, I started getting erratic temperatures, 42c at 70c temp. Slowly idle was getting higher. Stress testing with OCCT maxed at 66c with 3.2 overclock on an i7 950, then started to get in the mid 70's before I shut it. reapplied AS-5 three different ways to test footprint. Line method= all paste in line clump in the center. Small pea size in center=paste half the size of a dime in center. Fully spread on CPU=only 1mm of paste was on the very edge of the base and on the sides WITHOUT the heat pipes. The rest of the base was completely clean. I even took the assembly off the mobo and laid it direct on the CPU. Arctic was helpful as they suggested different ways to help me while I was going through this and even thought the fan was the issue. Unfortunately I'm RMA right now. If this happens again, I'm looking into the Xigmatek SD964

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Will be giving 2 reviews, one to follow1/15/2011 12:39:06 PM

Pros: Small enough to fit 145mm clearance to not hit my 250 side fan on my Uber Chakra case, and with room to spare. I7 1366 is easiest to install since mount holes are farthest from cooler fins On an Asus P6t6, it clears the first RAM slot by 1/8" with the fan properly attached to the RAM side blowing out, all six are easily accessible They redesigned the way the bracket attaches to the MB. No more small pins to insert with needle nose pliers. White pins into bracket are like golf tee size, and can be squeezed and released. Black pins are just smaller and fit into those white pins and lock, so you can grab them both with your fingers and release them. Took me 10 minutes to attach. Lowered on bracket, lined up holes looking over the top and just fastened it into the base with finger pressure on the top so it wouldn't move, so thermal paste wouldn't smear or peak. CPU Qfan standard setting spins at 880rpm to keep it 34c at 74 Fahrenheit room, about 200 rpm slower than the stock

Cons: Putting fan on last was the hardest part, since it has to fit exactly to the 4 edges, the bottom was the toughest to line up so you don't damage the fins. Not hard, just have to be patient. Cooler fits tight, but the little screws to the metal bracket only go so far as resistance is felt, not to a full stop, so it leaves a little wonder.. is it tight? If they could be tightened to a full stop, would it make better contact? Maybe this is by design to not over tighten and cause marking on the copper plate or cracked mobo. As someone else posted, the fan doesn't spin 2500rpm, it maxes at 1917. In a 74F/24c house , ran Prime at small fft's 8 threads, at 55c, the fan already maxed out at 1917 and at times would spin down to 1875rpm, as if the fan was slipping and had to wind down to catch up. So I watched temps rise to 66c as the fan didn't move any higher. However, it didn't get hotter than 66c. Potential to cool better if fan supplied was working as it should.

Overall Review: At stock speeds, I'm at idle 34c at 74f. With Intel cooler, was at 38c at 64f the other night with all windows open in my house when it was 55f outside. So I was 4 degrees better when it was 5 degrees hotter in my house. Will let this sit for a week and get the paste to settle in. Will contact Arctic about the fan, not having a rated 2500rpm fan as advertised bugs me. If it went to 2500rpm, it would be cooling better. What is the real cfm if it's supposed to be 46 at 2500rpm? This fan is quieter than Intel, which spins at 2800 max, and wouldn't mind getting the actual rated rpm's to keep this cooler. Kind of defeats the purpose to have a tower cooler with a 30 something cfm fan. Would like to return and get another, but the reason I went to pushpin was because I have the case so neat and all wires are completely hidden you can see through the case from the front, didn't want to pull the mobo out. Hopefully Arctic can do something with the fan situation. Will review again later

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
1/15/2011 11:21:59 AM

Pros: 3/4 pin power ability screws and anti vibration screws included More blades, better design for higher cfm

Cons: Doesn't come in a 90mm version or with a PWM variation, would be great replacement for CPU cooler fan replacement if it also had PWM versions. Somewhat pricey, but it's still a great fan Not much of a con,but a full acryllic fan housing option would be nice to show off the light glow. Not a fan of the black housing and clear fan, but that's because I like a little blue lighting in certain areas of the case.

Overall Review: Have it controlled by Asus Qfan at silent mode in BIOS without the limiter.Spins about 200-300 rpm's slower than a Masscool 69cfm fan Very quiet fan Good static pressure enables good flow of air through/from case grill holes. The Masscool was doing a great job as it was and wasn't noisy.More air movement of this fan, it's evident at load especially, how much more quiet it is. Bought two of these, for a spare, and didn't regret it

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CPU will last a long time11/30/2010 7:47:13 AM

Pros: Just about everything it does. Running video encoding while playing music, and this never even hitches for a second. The speed to load games and to transition to background applications ( music players, internet) while running games and triple channel DDR3 is amazing.Enable Turbo Boost in BIOS and you can see the benefit of reserving core usages for running other things at the same time. Given that 64bit quad core applications/games have barely surfaced and are more GPU dependant now , I can't see this CPU being a bottleneck for games for quite a long time, even with the Intel i9 cores due out.Since this CPU has come down $200 from same time last year, it would be a huge benffit to get this instead of any i5 mid level processor or i3...gak. Also if you ever want to go i9 down the road, your current setup will be usable ( as long as the mobo manufacturer has a BIOS update for the 6 core CPU) due to i7 and i9's using the same 1366 socket opposed to the i5 using a 115

Cons: absolutely nothing

Overall Review: The reviews that people read are not only for the educated,we already know what we are looking for, but also for the person not sure on what to decide on. This CPU does can get hot as others have said, but so can any other CPU ( Prescott anyone?). Don't let those that say the Intel cooler is total garbage, and scare you into thinking the system will fry.Get a good case, good airflow, fans and wire your build neatly, you can run this at stock in the very low 40's with fan at 1100rpm at idle in a 76F room.I get to 38C if I have the AC set to 72F.If you have 55c idle CPU, then you moved the HS and peaked the paste, didn't put proper paste on HS or have a small messy case. Depending how many expansion cards, hard drives, GPU's, the system will get hotter, but should be counter balanced with proper fans and case air flow.Major OCing this with a stock HS/Fan is a no no,you do need better. OCing this out of the box is only for those needing to bang their chests on forums.

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Great fan, CFM rating not correct11/22/2010 7:23:32 AM

Pros: Fan construction is good, blades and housing are not thin Blue leds are just the right color and brightness Even against the fan grill for exhaust, the static pressure is good

Cons: As someone else pointed out, these are NOT 80cfm. The package shows a tad below 70cfm. I contacted Masscool about this because I bought 4 of them at once and wanted to know the correct rating. All they could tell me was trust what's on the package. Couldn't explain why they advertise one thing and have the packaging say another. They couldn't even tell me what was actually correct after they email the factory in China.

Overall Review: I like the construction of the fan, and the low noise. I knew it was too good to be true only 38db for 80cfm.

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Update from my older review11/21/2010 8:00:51 PM

Pros: My older review in Sept 09 lists them all

Cons: Based on my first board, I had issues with thermal sensing and fan speeds. Original board had fans spinning at 100% all the time, Q-Fan didn't work, nor did the software to control it integrate with the BIOS at all. CPU fan showed 80c at boot and never raised when gaming or lowered when idle.

Overall Review: I got a refund and bought the new one at New Egg last year, the mobo revision was 2.00 and has been awesome. All BIOS features work correctly. From Asus logo to Windows desktop is 26 seconds. Bios loads instantly. Q-fan is set at "normal" for CPU and "Silent" for case fans and has the system very quiet at desktop, even with a 90mm 3000rpm fan installed on my hard drive cage blowing across the GPU and heat pipes. Board mobo temps at 76F is 41c at idle and only raises to about 48c playing Fallout Vegas. Heat pipes do a good job. So far playing Runes of Magic, Battlefield Bad Comp, Fallout Vegas, Call of Duty, Dragon Age, I have no lockups, lag or system errors in Evet Viewer. Have no need to OC this at all right now, or for a while. It handles everything easy. Hate the Soundmax drivers, always have so I run the default Win 7 HD drivers and have no issues. Windows 7 x64 BFG 1200w PSU Intel i7 950 ( stock cooling) 6gig Patriot Viper low latency EVGA GTX 275 Uber Chakra 2 Seagate 2

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awaesome1/8/2010 9:12:27 AM

Pros: Absolutely great pad as far as just enough control to not have the mouse become twitchy, but still allow a smooth glide without the mouse gripping the cloth. The medium size is big and is better than the smaller, as you will have to adjust mouse sensitivity higher to compensate for the smaller mouse pad. With at least the medium, your able to feel the control better and have more range of mouse tweaking in Windows and in game mouse options.

Cons: As I've seen with other Razer pads, they don't "finish" the edges when they are dry cut, so you get a little fray around the edges. With time, from your arm movement, it tends to pull the fabric off the rubber bottom.

Overall Review: You can use either a soldering iron or a delicate glue just around the very very edge to seal up the fabric so it won't pull in the future.

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Awesome must buy1/7/2010 7:04:29 AM

Pros: Performance per cost factor is terrific Runs Cool and handles CODMW2, Dragon Age, Team Fortress 2, Oblivion, Cryostasis with Physx turned on, 4x AA at 1280x1024, high textures and with no hiccups in frame rates at all.

Cons: The fan/heatsink assembly was a little raised from the housing, so the connector part of the card was slightly curved on the back end due to pressure. Noticed it when inserting into the PCIe slot. EVGA states that happens, a GTX 280 he had in front wasn't flush either, as long as it's not severe, it should cause no damage to the slot. Never seen that in 20 years of gaming. Worried that my new mobo could have a stressed PCIe slot. I tightened down the heatsink a bit more and it straightened out the board a bit. EVGA was very nice and offered to send a new card, but convinced me that it is common and I should have zero problems. I kept it cause I didn't want to be without my PC for 4 weeks between the ship and processing.

Overall Review: Lifetime warranty applies if you register either online or by calling within a certain time. No need to spend $600 on a GTX 295, this will handle games very well. If you want to relieve the card from processing the Physx, you can the 275 Co-Op version with the added GTX 260 chip onboard, or buy a 9 series card or higher and offload the Physx to that.

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Just Awesome11/30/2009 9:10:20 PM

Pros: Hyper Thread Capabilities 8 Cores at 3.06 Very stable Will last for years to come With Intel Turbo Boost on, this runs cool. Gaming and video and audio encoding is totally, totally, awesome People are condemning this CPU for the price compared to the I7 920 because the 920 can be overclocked to the same stock specs,and more. If I wanted to get a massive cooler, a ton of fans or water cooling and stress the CPU regardless of the cooling, then yes it is pricey. The money invested to to do this can be half or equal to additional cost for the I7 950. ( I found retail box for under $500)

Cons: Price, but if you don't want to overclock to achieve speed, then this is it.

Overall Review: Out of the box with stock cooling and a great case, this thing will kick for a long while at stock. Down the road, if needed, I can overclock and get even better than the 920 can do, while those OC'ers are now buying another CPU. For those that complain of hot temps, you either don't have proper thermal paste application, proper heat sink assembly, poor case air flow or none. Mine idles at 39-40 at 74f room temp. Uber Chakra Case (added 120m external and 90m fan on the GPU) Asus P6T6 WS Revolution 6gigs Patriot Viper Triple channel kit 7-7-7-20 EVGA GTX 275 Super Clocked BFG 1200w PSU 2 Seagate 250g SATA RAID Samsung DVD/RW Windows 7 Pro x64

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Continued review ** tips**10/11/2009 11:42:41 AM

Pros: Enermax tech help very nice in sending replacement parts for broken parts of case. Case overall is great size Nice touches/ features for a case that didn't have to offer anything like dust filters, esata, HD front panel and with AC97 option. Long wiring harness Space For $70 after rebate, tons better than the junk cases for the same money

Cons: I've already posted these before but one more note, not really a con: The airflow of the case is open. If no one noticed, air is actually getting pushed out of the side vent next to the 250mm fan and the open drive bays in front with the 25cm blowing in. There is no vacuum created by this case, which also reduces dust from being sucked in, but nevertheless. The rear fan air was really cool compared to the warm air that was coming out the side vent and top front, but air was still escaping to any open vented parts of the case. I tried adding more front fans and also to the side vent but it didn't help with temps, air still wanted to come out to any exposed side and front areas. Before the last step these were temps with stock Intel cooler on an i7 950 and a stock GTX 275 Superclocked, fan at default 40% in a 75 degree room. CPU 47c-52c idle GPU 48c-PCB board 45c Mobo 45c-47c I tried many combinations of air flow to see what was best for this case and found settled on

Overall Review: With the side 25cm blowing in, a 120mm 90cfm blowing out, 140mm PSU fan blowing out and 120mm in front blowing in, there is a weird vacuum present. Air is actually forced out of the side panel grill next to the 25cm fan as well as the unused 5.25 and 3.5 bays, which means the open air design prevents a vacuum. I left the rear 120mm blowing out and reversed only the 25cm fan to also blow out. I lowered the HDD's to the bottum 2 rungs so more of the front fan air was pulling through the HDD area. I rigged a 90mm fan to the HDD cage on the mobo side, blowing at the GPU and across the Southbridge, pulling air from the front 120mm into the case. The result was air was now getting sucked into the case from the side vent next to the 25cm fan as well as the entire front of the case. The 90mm was getting more cool air for the gpu and cool air was getting across the mobo better. Results: CPU-39c-43c idle GPU- 40c PCb 39c Mobo 40c-42c Temp ranges varied by the air conditioning coming on.

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2nd case still has issues9/30/2009 9:01:53 AM

Pros: Same pros in my review dated 9/20

Cons: Quality control is poor, or I just have bad luck. I know China is assembling these, but there is obviously no one looking at the work being done before these are boxed. I ended up RMAing my case, received new one yesterday. Top I/O metal plate was half adhered, sticking all the way up on one side/scratched up because the usb ports were crooked, and one was protruding the other recessed, the plate didn't fit until I had to distort/fix the usb housing. The fan side panel rear thumbscrews were installed at 15 degree angles because the panel doesn't close good, so they left it like that and boxed it. The panel rails had crimps and is warped, so have to lay it on it's side or grab it tight in the back and hold it by the PCI slots to close it. After uncrimping the panel and bending it, it closes better. Wire harness attached to top of case bunched up when zip tied to super sticky zip harness , blocked the top ODD bay so the drive was pushing the front panel wires/ cables ( continued)

Overall Review: Had to pull that off, readjust the wires, pull some slack back into the top of the case, and reattach the zip holder( the sticky pad was FUBARed after removing so it's barely holding) Looking at the top I/O panel, it's attached to case with locking clips like the front panel bezel. After s/w Enermax, thought maybe we can fix it by taking it out. One of the clips is broken, attached by a thread of plastic, wiggles back and forth but won't release the panel, will tear off in an instant...so how do we remove it? Another RMA? Yeah it's only $70 after rebate and some of the other things are minor, but I would expect the panels to fit correctly. The faceplate and I/O aggravates since it's the visible part of the case.

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Very good, nice price9/26/2009 8:43:06 AM

Pros: Price Patriot warranty low latency XMP profile Heat sinks are attached well, do their job

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: So far so good. I went with Patriot after using Ultra DDR2 overclocking memory for years, which is made by Patriot and Elixer, and never had a problem. The O/C tests on this model Viper RAM were only slightly lower than Crucials and in some configurations were better because of the low timings. The heat spreaders on mine were nice and tight. Ran Prime for a bit to test the heat and they remained nice and cool. On an i7 build with no XMP profile, they booted right at at the default 1.5v at 7-7-7-20, they worked at the same low latency without upping the DRAM voltage on a p6T6 WS Revolution board.Since I knew my board worked with many Patriot 6gig kits, I went with them. I previously dealt with Patriot with some Ultra DDR2 sticks I have in another build. I had some boot issues when trying to use the DIMMS in certain slots, only worked when specific DIMMS were in a specific slot/bank. Patriot took the memory back, gave me 4 sticks that were from the same batch and worked great.

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Great except for buggy thermal sensing or BIOS9/25/2009 7:01:52 PM

Pros: All slots 16x PCIe, any card from 1x on up fits so you won't have to worry about larger PCIe card sizes with only a 1x slot left over like other boards. Tons of choices in BIOS Heat pipes on the board distribute heat board layout is not bad considering the amount of connections and headers this has. Had no issue even with HD Audio connection, located at the farthest possible spot in lower corner. Hooked to full tower front panel which was at the top of my Uber Chakra, however the Uber's wire harness is very long. Tested results show board withstands high heat without shutdown and compares right up there with Classified and others for O/C All new future connections, no IDE or floppy one shared PS2 connection for mouse/keyboard SAS Digital TOSLINK and Coaxial perfect for gaming with HDTV and 7.1 home surround system.

Cons: 3 pin headers for case fans not controlled by step down voltage. Must use RPM sensing fans for QFan to work. not a big deal. For some reason no matter what I set the BIOS, after saving changes, Qfan ran all the case fans at 90% to 100%. One fan was running at over 3000 rpms all the time sitting at the desktop in Silent mode. The desktop software also would not adjust the fans to spin at desired settings unless I constantly played with it and shut it down and rebooted, mostly nothing would happen. Like other reviewer, CPU temps were all over the place. At first cold boot cpu at 45c stock Intel, then playing Oblivion full blown with XPx64, no change in cpu temps at all, but cpu fan only spinning at 1000rpms. Shut down, reboot, cpu now at over 55c at idle, fan at 1700rpms. Ran Prime to test, cpu jumps to 88c but no warning. Shut down prime, cpu stays at 88c, fan runs at 1900rpm, never lowers at idle....wth? Mobo temp shows 45-47c. Ram+ cpu heatsink barely warm while running also.

Overall Review: Cleared CMOS, updated BIOS from 407 to 507, no changes. Spent a weekend with Asus trying to figure it out. Concluded either thermal sensing is bad or something else. Too tricky to risk an i7 950 under these conditions. Bought this at another online vendor, sorry to say, and waiting refund. Will try this one again at NewEgg

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