Great board6/16/2021 6:36:03 PM

Pros: Everything I need

Cons: Doesn't blow bubbles

Overall Review: Good 👍

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Excellent Card!12/8/2010 9:17:23 AM

Pros: Price, performance, everything!

Cons: Nothing so far

Overall Review: I want to set something straight, alot of reviewers are saying this card is LOUD. However, this card is the quitest i've ever had. I couldn't believe it. Here I was expecting this "jet engine" only to have it barely purring. I was able to play Devil May Cry 4 on MAX settings, WITH the highest antialiasing available on the game. This card has managed to max out the settings of other games as well. It is definitely a great card for the price and im glad I bought it. Make sure you have enough room for it though obviously. I had to take out a TV Tuner to make it fit. Oh well, I didn't use it anyway. Also, this card requires atleast a 350W power supply, in case anyone was wondering. Seriously, this is the best card to buy if your budget is tight and your power supply cant handle TOO much.

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. Did you?