Protects Speaker12/7/2014 7:22:24 PM

Pros: When using a portable speaker with an MP3 player this item helps protect my devices from damage prone straight-in plugs

Cons: none

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Saves MP3 player12/7/2014 7:20:03 PM

Pros: These right angle items ought to be on every ear bud but they are not. So I use these to protect my MP3 player from being damaged from a straight out plug which transmits loads onto the socket and ultimately damages my players

Cons: none

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As expected12/7/2014 7:16:55 PM

Pros: Exactly what I need for my wall mounted monitor

Cons: none

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First kbd ever to die11/6/2013 9:22:01 AM

Pros: Smaller than most (16.5" wide) but without reduction in key size or layout changes. Fit perfectly on my narrow desk.

Cons: Died! ...has so little use that there is not even one speck of dust. It began to fail by automatically - for no reason at all - dropping out and reconnecting. Ultimately, there was no presence of this device no matter what usb port I put it in. Switched to another computer and same thing.

Overall Review: I've had keyboards go due to excessive use and high wear and tear. Never have I had a kbd fail when there is little to no use. Just appalling ... and the price at over $14 was the most I ever spent on a wired keyboard!!!!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Sounds like your product may be defective please contact our support team to assist you with warranty options. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Unreliable12/19/2012 11:04:01 AM

Pros: None of significance

Cons: 3x Just stops working. No known trigger. each of 3 of theses I've had died between 12 and 15 months.

Overall Review: I've had units like this last 5 to 8 years and higher quality last 10 to 15 yrs. This thing is not worth the time it takes to plug it in because you'll be doing that again in 12 months. Buy another brand.

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NO Coasters8/19/2012 10:04:30 AM

Pros: Data Disk Backups: Works perfectly using the lowest rated worst reviewed BDR discs

Cons: None

Overall Review: No experience yet with Video.

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