Awesome Case - Superior Customer Service9/2/2017 9:50:04 AM

Pros: I purchased this case about 5 years ago and have had zero issues with it. Easy to swap out fans when needed. Cable management is fantastic. More than enough drive bays.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The only problem I ever had was through my own fault. Over the 5 years that I've owned the case, I've managed to damage one of the front-top side USB ports and both the headphone and mic jacks. Simply from having things plugged in and tripping over cords and yanking them out of the ports. I contacted Rosewill to see if I could order a replacement control board for the front-top side ports. They said they would try to locate the spare part but, there was no guarantee it would be available. They said if they were able to find it, they'd email me with the information and cost of the part. About one week later I received an email confirmation from that the part had been shipped. They did not charge me a dime for the part or for the shipping. Now THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I've been a loyal customer to for quite a few years and with service like this, I plan on staying one!! :D Thanks Newegg and Rosewill for being Rockstars!! :D

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