Best 1660 super for mining7/3/2021 10:50:52 PM

Pros: Very good thermals. underclocking on this model means lower power draw and lower fan speeds required. 32.3 mh/s at 75 watts. They're great.

Cons: Newegg's price at 30% over MSRP.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a fantastic mining card, these are where it's at. Try to get them cheaper than Newegg if you can but they're pretty well made and have great results.

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it works. That's about all there is to say!7/3/2021 10:48:07 PM

Pros: Got it for mining and it does what it's supposed to do.

Cons: Thermals aren't as good as the DUAL EVO model with the metal back plate and better fans. This means more heat and higher fan rpms.

Overall Review: I can see why they put so much effort into making new generation TUF cards to be so much better than average. This thing is plastic junk, but it gets 31 mh/s at 78 watts so it does what it's supposed to, from my angle. Probably a good basic gaming card but I don't think it'd keep up with my 144hz 3840x1600 display LOL.

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Works perfectly!7/3/2021 10:44:47 PM

Pros: Very easy to install - if you've installed an m.2 drive before, it's the same thing. device manager picked up a GPU on the riser, can't ask for more!

Cons: Feels very cheaply made so just be careful with install.

Overall Review: I'm using an MSI z170a motherboard and for some reason it won't let me update the bios, never recognizes the files on the usb. So it took about 15 reboots with a code referring to IDE error (it thought the adaptor / GPU was a hard drive) before it finally decided to work. Once it got past that first hurdle, it works every time now. I'm sure if the bios would update there would be an option to set it up better. Overall it was a gamble and it paid off because I now have 2 more GPUs on my rig.

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As good as can be for a 3070! 1440p champ!3/9/2021 8:13:27 PM

Pros: Excellent build quality. Classiest RGB Quiet fans Killer performance

Cons: Nothing really. Increasing prices.

Overall Review: The fact they gave it the same cooler as the 3080 and 3090 cards really gives the 3070 version the sweet-spot for performance and staying cool in both gaming and mining applications. It's just a really great GPU. I can't tell you not to buy a 3080 if you have the choice between the two, but unless you NEED the extra horsepower for high-refresh 1440p ultrawide or 4K gaming, just go with a 3070. Even better if you can land one of these. It's one of the few cards that Newegg hasn't drastically over-priced compared to MSRP at the time of this posting as well so a great find if you can get it in stock, for the same price as a TUF or XC3.

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Good PSU!2/19/2021 9:01:41 AM

Pros: Runs quiet Cables aren't over-built, so they're flexible enough for compact spaces Looks cool until you put it in the box where you can't see it LOL

Cons: None yet! Powers my 5800x and 3090 beautifully.

Overall Review: Most people get stuck buying these bundled with the Asus GPUs but they're a good PSU so nothing to complain about.. unless you can't make use of it for yourself. I had to sell my previous PSU to justify it but it wasn't a big deal.

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Incredible! Blazing fast, buttery smooth, HDR, ticks every box!2/8/2021 6:19:13 AM

Pros: All the specs on this. Full positioning (tilt/swivel etc) Stable stand. Colour is outstanding for gaming and immersion 165hz is a great step up from previous 120hz

Cons: Not really a con but the back of it looks horrible and the RGB lighting is a waste of energy, if that matters to you. Seems to be a focus point of displays lately to make the back (aka the side you don't look at, ever) as cool as possible. Oh hang on, I have to take a break to see what the back of my monitor is doing...

Overall Review: There are a few monitors that fit this spec list right now, LG 850-B and Acer Predator has one as well, but this one is the latest (end of 2020 release) and greatest of them with all the top features for competitive (or wannabe) gamers. 1ms GTG, HDR (super noticeable when enabled), 165 hz, and the colour is so rich and vibrant. The MSI Gaming OSD is feature-packed and can all be done with the software rather than the manual buttons but even they're pretty straight-forward to use. I stepped down in size from an Alienware AW3420DW ultrawide 1440p to max out frame rates with a 3080 at ultra settings, and while the Alienware definitely had the better build quality and wide immersion, this monitor has HDR, faster response and better overall performance for FPS games, at half the cost. It's hard to buy a monitor based on the internet marketing but spend some time watching reviews from un-sponsored professionals on youtube and this is the one you'll end up with. No regrets... if I upgrade, it will be if these guys release a 32" version with similar spec, or 4K if the 3080 Ti ever comes out.

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TUF comes out swingin' again!1/16/2021 4:25:45 AM

Pros: Superb cooling with a larger, beefier version of the 3080 cooler Ultra quiet Fassssst

Cons: none

Overall Review: It's the best air cooled 6800 xt, since Asus made the Strix into a liquid-cooled monster, this might as well be the Strix air cooled. Asus priced it accordingly above the 3080 Strix OC too, if that catches your eye.

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Top notch performance and build quality1/15/2021 12:04:17 AM

Pros: Beast. Fast. Relatively cool. Very high quality feel, hefty.

Cons: Intensely loud fans out of the box. Really don't know why the stock setting isn't ~80% fan speed instead of ludicrous speed. Actual performance gain when OC for 30% more power... not REALLY worth it, unless you have a demanding monitor that NEEDS that 5% boost.

Overall Review: Nothing to say that hasn't been said before. The fans are very loud out of the box until you adjust the fan curve. Build quality is nice, RGB is definitely there, and some of the better looking stuff on the market, especially for an early release card. (like what was MSI thinking with the Trio LOL) If you can find one in stock and have the power for it, just get it. I've had several of the better cards (Strix, FTW3, Suprim) and this is the best overall, in my opinion.

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BEAST1/14/2021 10:59:31 PM

Pros: Ultra fast Huge OC headroom Very low temps (46 degrees under load!) Only requires 2x 8 pin power

Cons: Takes up a LOT of real estate. - very tricky to install if you have an air cooler on your cpu, especially in a compact case. Radiator is noisy under load Fan wires should have been concealed this far after initial release. Could be an early driver issue, but when alt-tabbing from a game running in the background to watching steaming stuff on youtube, the video flickers. Never seen that before with any card. everything else on screen looks fine, just the streaming video. Also in-game smoke effects look kind of buggy, only tested on ACV so far vs 3080.

Overall Review: This thing is flat out awesome. It's typical Asus Strix quality, it performs like a beast, and it has great RGB implementation. My system: Fractal Design Define 7 Compact 5800x Noctua NHU12A MSI X570 Unify 32gb hyperx fury 3600 c17 m.2 galore stock case fans plus 2 noctua fans matching the U12A. Alienware AW3420DW 3440x1440p gsync/freesync monitor <--- performance HOG! It was tricky getting this card into my rig. I had to remove the top mounting panel (thanks Fractal for making it removable!!) to attach the radiator without having to remove the whole cpu cooler to make it fit. It still gets air, but it's about 5mm above the Noctua. Luckily this design has capped fins so most of the CPU heat goes straight out the back without getting sucked into the GPU radiator. Aside from that, I just removed the fan wires from the pre-cluster-effed ugly bundle that it ships with, and ran them below and out the back from the GPU, and behind and out the back from the radiator so they're almost invisible now. Performance - right away it performed about the same as the Strix 3080 in my testing, on stock settings. Radiator is a little noisy, will have to tinker with the fan curves. Then I updated my mobo bios to the latest enabling SAM... Right away, without adjusting anything, I went from ~72 fps on ultra in ACV, to 79. Stock settings, instant 10% boost. Note this is at 3440x1440p with everything at max settings. Looking forward to overclocking it as every pro review on youtube shows just how amazing this thing can perform. If I can get dang near 3090 performance using less power at 30% less cost, it's a winner. If I can figure out how to make it run at a reasonable noise level and stay under 55 degrees, it'll be a keeper for sure.

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SO GOOD1/14/2021 10:36:37 PM

Pros: Best cpu in existence so far. (Of it's type of course) Stays cool Out of box Ryzen Master auto OC to 4.9 GHz all cores???! SAM ENABLED!!!

Cons: Early bios issues with some boards. Didn't play nice with 3600 ram with MSI X570 Unify. Expensive high performance low latency ram stuck at 3200 and c18 timings

Overall Review: Huge and noticeable upgrade even over previous 3800x Worth the price in my books to finally be faster than Intel for gaming. Update your mobo bios (x500 series) to the latest including SAM resizable BAR and chuck your 6800 XT in there for a noticeable improvement. Compared to Asus Strix 3080 - Asus Strix 6800 XT LC with SAM enabled gave me a 10% boost in FPS in Assassin's Creed Valhalla in 3440x1440p, with the card at stock settings. So once overclocked, I'm expecting another 5-10%. Team RED FTW!!

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Absolute best 2x8 pin card!!12/5/2020 10:11:07 AM

Pros: Build quality. Cooler size. Fan noise (or lack thereof) 1950 mhz with no manual OC

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I'm a big anti-gimmick / anti-RGB guy and was hesitant about this one because it doesn't get much more flashy than this. But once installed, the level of cooling performance and flat out performance puts this card at the top of the list for the 2x8 pin power cards. Under stress test, in my 21 degree ambient room, it never went over 63 degrees and ran at 1950 mhz as long as I wanted. I wish companies spent more on extreme performance increases rather than what things look like inside a box. i'd pay top dollar for what gave me the most on-screen benefit as long as it's not screaming inside the case. So Aorus really knocked it out of the park with the cooler and fan layout. Just wish they got rid of the gimmicks and maybe put their design budget into getting even more performance out of it if possible. I know the Xtreme performs slightly better but at 25% more power draw and way more heat, so again to that card, get rid of the flashy gimmicks and put the money into engineering. I've compared this card to the MSI Ventus OC, Asus TUF OC, MSI Gaming X Trio, and Gigabyte Gaming OC. They're all great... but this one topped the list overall with the Gaming OC just shy of it because of the smaller cooler. Great speeds on that card too though. Gigabyte all the way! Can't wait to compare this with the Red Devil 6800 XT coming this week...

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Awesome game, really nice perk for the GPU.12/5/2020 8:28:34 AM

Pros: New warzone style mode called Fireteam. Cold war missions are fun. Good game.

Cons: Doesn't come with 3070 for some reason..

Overall Review: I'd have paid full price for this game anyways so it's awesome they bundled it.

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AMAZING card!11/29/2020 9:53:52 AM

Pros: Stays around 60 degrees going full tilt No noticeable fan noise Relatively compact compared to others that perform at this level Sweet side profile and minimal RGB Gigabyte build quality and power delivery Hits 1965 mhz out of the box all day long without any tweaking.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: After just upgrading my display to the Alienware 3420 ultrawide 1440p 120hz display, I couldn't ask for a better hardware pairing. G-sync holds it locked at 120 fps with everything maxed out in Battlefield V and COD BOCW so you know it's got room to breathe. I've had a few of the 3080s through my revolving door and this one runs faster and cooler than the Asus TUF OC, looks better than the MSI Gaming X Trio and just works like a champ. My past 3 generations of cards were EVGA 780ti, Gigabyte 1080 G1 Gaming and Gigabyte Gaming OC 1080ti. I'm going to try to ignore the onslaught of newer variants coming out but I may bat an eye at the 3080Ti version from Gigabyte shortly.. have to see how the cards are dealt! My point is that anything Gigabyte makes is going to outlast that 4 year warranty. They know what they're doing. But 5 eggs for sure. Only gripe is Newegg's pricing is higher than MSRP.. but I got it without too much trouble. System spec: MSI X570 Unify Ryzen 7 3800x w/ Noctua NH-U12A (replacing with 5800x in 4 days wooo!) 32gb DDR4-3600 Kingston HyperX CL17 1TB WD Black SN 750 nvme 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus nvme this card old beast Corsair C70 case, ripped out all the drive bays 6x Noctua NF-A12x25

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YES!!!!10/26/2009 4:48:26 PM

Pros: I won't pretend to be a guru here, but this card IS AWESOME!! I just upgraded from an EVGA GTX 260 SC (which on it's own is a great card) and the first thing I did was jump into Crysis Warhead, pump all settings up to Enthusiast and gave it a shot. My GTX 260 ran this OK on Enthusiast... it was a tiny bit choppy at times but ran OK maxed out. the 5850 - BUTTERY SMOOTH. It took 2 seconds to initially load all the extra detail but the card just ate it all up like a beast! To whoever it was that said it sucked on Crysis due to the lack of PhysX, I'm not sure what was wrong with your system but i saw a VAST improvement if anything. DX 11 support. Future-proofing! For all the pros, just look up any benchmark review done online. It beats the GTX 285 is almost everything, is cheaper, uses less power, doesn't get as hot.. need I go on? It's possible to overclock this card to faster speeds than the stock 5870.. don't know that I will bother yet though.

Cons: It was nearly impossible to get my hands on this! Luckily I have Mondays off work, so I was just bumming around on here when i was auto-notified that there were more in stock. Good thing i got in there too as they were sold out again by the end of the day :P

Overall Review: System specs that I have here, compare to yours to see if you'll be bottlenecked at all: this FABULOUS card amd phenom II x4 940 3.0ghz ocz reaper ddr2 1066 4gb wd caviar black 640gb corsair tx750 watt psu gigabyte ma790x-ud4p mobo and my comparison card upgraded from: EVGA gtx 260 superclocked edition, which I bought here in July. I had actually ordered 2 of the GTX 260s to run in SLI, but found out that I'd have to rebuild my system with a different motherboard that supported SLI, whereas mine is AMD-based and only supports CrossFire, so that's the first reason I switched to the 5850. Also- Futureproofing. DX 11 and windows 7.

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wicked mouse!10/25/2009 8:01:26 AM

Pros: very comfortable feel, good ergonomics. I upgraded from a standard 2 button plus wheel and really like the layout and extra buttons. On the fly DPI switching is VERY handy, both in-game and out, the vista window switching is handy, and the side buttons for going forward or back in your browser history are great. You can assign each button to whatever you want in games, I assigned the side back button to Mic in-game so i don't have to take my hands off wasd to organize the flanking attack! Oh yeah, it looks hardcore!

Cons: none whatsoever

Overall Review: I definetely didn't care about the ability to customize the weight of the mouse.. playing with 5 gram discs seems like you're trying way too hard to be a nerd :P don't get that one, buy this mouse

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EGGCELLENT card!10/10/2009 6:54:47 AM

Pros: VERY high FPS in almost all games I've tried on maximum settings. 16x antialiasing in Source games like CS and TF2, fps so high that it is in the top right corner as BLUR of numbers. Newegg packaged it with Call of Duty: World at War, which was an excellent choice as it runs absolutely PERFECT with my setup. After playing it on Xbox 360 AND owning on for PS3, I am blown away all over again with the even better graphics potential from this card. Crysis gets an average of 40 fps at very high settings, which is definetely acceptable. The card gets hot but not too hot, the adjustable fan speed with the Precision tool is very handy for that.

Cons: 4-eggs for the following: The 'free downloadable game' that the card came with (terminator salvation) did not download. I redeemed the code, it opened up the download window, then never did anything. Tried closing and resuming multiple times and came up with the same result: no game for me. Yes I did this within the specified time indicated with the offer. nvidia's tech support was NO HELP at all with that and didn't offer to resolve the problem, nor offer a different download instead. If you're packaging a game with the card, make sure it works. I heard the game isn't good anyways but I was still pretty disappointed that I got the shaft on that one. I would give it 5 eggs for the price point on it but there are still better cards out there for a bit more money.

Overall Review: Of course your system specs are going to modify your results.. I just put this beast together and the system definetely isn't bottle-necking the card: apevia beast 680w psu amd phenom II X4 940 @ 3.0 ghz (haven't overclocked it yet) ocz reaper ddr2-1066 4gb (soon to be 8gb) wd caviar black 640gb 7200rpm this card gigabyte ma790x-ud4p mobo LG 21" Flatron Wide monitor, max resolution 1680x1050, so not 1080p. I did however hook this system up to my Sony 50" 120hz tv to test out the full 1080p resolution and COD4 played ultra-smooth maxed right out. You need to remember that these cards were in the $500 range a year or so ago, don't be fooled by the cheap price tag, they're AWESOME! I do plan on either getting another one of these to run in SLI just to work out whatever remaining bumps, but I feel like this will make me happy for at least a couple years. Might need a bigger PSU for that.

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Incredible card7/30/2009 3:20:22 AM

Pros: Hasn't produced a hell of a lot of heat, scoring in the 100's for FPS with settings maxed on Call of Duty: World at War in 1680x1050. Haven't tried Crysis yet nor do I have full HD setup.. but i'm sure it'll be JUUUST fine :) with a setup like mine (bought almost entirely on here for about $1100 cdn) you will be mighty happy. it looks pretty in my case. came with COD:WaW free, as well as a terminator game i haven't tried yet.. it got terrible reviews but hey it's a free game

Cons: my case is huge so yours should be too otherwise you'll find it a tight squeeze. didn't come with a pre-release code for diablo 3 :(

Overall Review: setup with : amd phenom II x4 940 this card 2x2gb ocz reaper ddr2 1066mhz wd caviar black 640gb 7200 rpm gigabyte ma790x-ud4p apevia beast 680w

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sweet, but the rebate info is incorrect.7/28/2009 6:25:22 PM

Pros: Fast ram. Looks freakin' sweet. Heavy duty build.

Cons: the rebate states $25 USD. After jumping through all their hoops online and off, the rebate for this exact model was actually only $20. Minus the $2 they 'charge' you for wanting the money in under 3 months. So $25 just turned into $18, which i still feel I won't end up getting. Oh well, I didn't even know about the rebate until after I bought it as I got a killer combo deal with the graphics card.

Overall Review: amd phenom II X4 940, black edition evga gtx 260 superclocked gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P mobo WD Caviar black 640GB WD Caviar black 80 GB apevia beast 680watt

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shipping issues...7/27/2009 2:09:21 PM

Pros: showed up from California to my place in Victoria BC within 4 business days.

Cons: The box was A MESS. completely crunched (looks like it was dropped from a decent height at least once. The Newegg box (which was quite under-protected) was squashed a good 1/4 length. The processor's box was right at the bottom corner with no padding between it and the outer box and the case is banged up, things are rattling around.

Overall Review: Shipping box also had a 5lb Apevia 680watt PSU in it.. but that doesn't make up for careless packing. This stuff better work, Newegg and UPS, or i will be one unhappy hombre.

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