Great CPU for Gaming3/27/2020 3:53:07 PM

Pros: - REALLY fast. With PBO enabled I'm able to hit a stable 4.2GHz on all-cores. - Fairly power eefficient and cool, considering it's a 12-core CPU. - Comes with decent CPU cooler.

Cons: - Wish it was a bit cheaper

Overall Review: Great CPU. Highly recommend

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Perfect motherboard for those who just want a motherboard3/27/2020 3:50:49 PM

Pros: - Great VRM. Runs my Ryzen 9 3900x with PBO enabled with no issues - Great price for what you get - Plenty of USB ports - PCIe 4.0

Cons: - Wifi is fairly slow. At least it uses a standard M.2 laptop card, so its easily upgradable. - No debug LEDs

Overall Review: Would recommend to anyone looking for a motherboard at a good price.

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Best monitor I've ever had.1/16/2019 6:39:37 PM

Pros: -Big monitor -Despite what the description/specs say, it is VESA 100x100 mountable. -Good resolution. -Low cost for the class of monitor -Curved -Freesync -144hz

Cons: -Low pixel density so images may not look as sharp at 1080p than they would on a smaller monitor. Doesn't matter much for games but for school/work there is a difference between this one and my old 24" 1080p. -Not IPS

Overall Review: Would recommend to gamers, not so much for office work though but I'm a gamer so not knocking any points off for that. EDIT 1/16/2019 Tested this monitor with G-Sync on (forced on in driver 417.71) with my GTX 1080: It will mostly work. After a COLD boot, your screen will be split down the middle. Fixed by turning monitor off and on again. After that variable refresh works perfectly. Tear does not appear after a restart, sleep, or hibernate. Only after turning the computer all the way off and on it will tear, but again just power-cycle the monitor..

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Much faster than my old GTX 7601/2/2018 7:46:09 PM

Pros: -Fast -Runs all my games at 1080p 144fps Ultra, even my AAA games. -Won the silicon lottery. +180mhz core +600mhz memory with no voltage changes all while staying under 80c. Hit 2125mhz with boost also in play. -Able to run games on my 4k tv at 60fps on non-aaa games and at least 45fps on my aaa games.

Cons: -Expensive -DVI port keeping it from being single-slot if watercooled *unless you don't mind using a dremel.* (Why still include these? Everything is using HDMI/DP now). -Some GPU sag even on reinforced PCIe slot.

Overall Review: Would recommend for either 4k gaming or high-refresh-rate gaming.

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Excellent Case7/8/2017 9:45:07 PM

Pros: -Great design (I was lucky enough to buy this before they made the PSU shroud red.) -Tempered glass -All-aluminum (except for inside of the front bezel and case feet, those are sturdy plastic.) -Good cable management for the size of the case.

Cons: -This could be a pro for some people, but it's small. -Heavy case due to glass side panel and metal construction. -Design of PCI-slot screw-cover could be alot better. -Front SSD tray is hard to wire the power cable to. -Not very good radiator support.

Overall Review: Highly recommended. Great pros and the cons can be circumstantial. NZXT delivers again.

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Good cooler, cheap plastic mounting solution7/8/2017 9:28:09 PM

Pros: -Cools your CPU about as good as the stock cooler. Great for HTPCs or non-overclockable CPUs.

Cons: -Mounting mechanism is VERY delicate. One of the plastic parts broke after I tried to remove it.

Overall Review: Good for if you are building a non-overclocking system or need a temporary cooler.

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Very brittle7/8/2017 9:24:47 PM

Pros: -Works while it's still in 1 piece.

Cons: -Plug came off of lightning connector with almost no force.

Overall Review: Do not buy.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Christopher, We greatly appreciate your purchase. We are sorry that the plug came off and apologize for the inconvenience. However, we would be glad to send new cable to your for free. Please contact us with your order number or invoice number so that we can send the cable to you. We do care about your feedback and will continue improving our products in future. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Great cooler, terrible fans.6/30/2017 11:02:50 AM

Pros: -Easy to install. -Sleeved cables. -SATA (not Molex) power -RGB

Cons: -Fans are VERY loud. They work they are just incredibly loud. They are even louder than my blower-style card at 100% power. Not docking much for it though as this is easily fixed with 3rd party fans. -Pump sometimes makes some "gurgling" noise. Not audible though unless you REALLY look for it. Might also just be my unit. -Tubes are kind-of long. Could be a plus for some but I'm not using a very big case, so yeah.

Overall Review: I would recommend, but throw away the fans it comes with and get some better ones from another company.

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Good Board, However There Are Some Issues3/9/2017 2:36:44 PM

Pros: -Gives you what you need and a bit more without sacrificing too much price. -Decent OC ability. Reached 4.5 stable and 4.6 semi-stable on 6700k at 1.4v. -Decent audio, no audible issues.

Cons: -Only 2 USB 2.0 headers. Can run into issues if using a lot of USB 2.0 devices. -HUGE issue with memory. After 3 months of use board refused to work in dual channel mode, no POST and error code 55 any time I try to run any memory in dual-channel mode. Running in single channel works fine, however if you try to run a XMP profile or any overclock on the memory the same thing happens. Got a different board a few weeks ago from another retailer and it works fine with the same memory sticks in dual-channel. -DualBIOS is marketing. The only time it seems to kick in is if you flash it wrong. If there's a problem with the flash chip itself you are out of luck. -Has a lot of boot failures after exiting UEFI.

Overall Review: Good board for the price, but mine has had some issues. Just be warned, i've heard of alot of other users having these issues with all Gigabyte boards.

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