Best case in its class, hands down3/11/2019 5:57:33 AM

Pros: Love the minimal RGB. Works with or without an RGB 5v addressable motherboard Surprisingly solid construction for the price point ($59 when I bought it) Amazing cable management. LOTS of room behind the motherboard tray Looks awesome Decent airflow Love the basement for hiding your "work." TG is clear, not tinted, so you can actually see inside. Magnetic dust filter on top

Cons: You can only connect SATA cables to HDD's from front, which is odd, but not a big deal. No reset button...but I really don't care.

Overall Review: If this case is under $70, buy now. You won't regret it.

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Just as good as Kryonaut, for a fraction of the Price3/11/2019 5:49:01 AM

Pros: Exceptional thermal performance, for the price. Triple the amount of TIM as TG Kryo, for same price, with equal performance. Spreader comes in handy Not electrically conductive, so you can squirt this stuff anywhere without worrying if you used too much Thin enough to spread, and doesn't crack or dry out like most pastes

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is literally the only thermal paste (compound) I buy now. Best bang for your buck on the market.

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Exceptional PSU for its class3/11/2019 5:44:23 AM

Pros: Solid power delivery 3 yr warranty All black cabling Silent operation. Can't hear the fan at all. Higher power ratings than previous version (450BT) Small footprint for standard PSU

Cons: None

Overall Review: Got on sale for $29 & also got a $10 rebate from EVGA = Only $20 for a great 80+ certified PSU, from a trusted company!

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Solid SSD for $20 Price3/11/2019 5:35:55 AM

Pros: It's a great SSD for the price. It's not as fast as something like a Samsung Evo, but it's plenty fast as a boot drive.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this, if it's still selling for $20. If it cost any more than that, you may as well get a 240gb SSD.

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Bought on sale for 6 bucks3/4/2019 11:31:12 PM

Pros: They were cheap

Cons: You get what you pay for.

Overall Review: Would not recommend

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Runs Circles around 1st Gen Ryzen...FAST circles4/26/2018 5:06:10 AM

Pros: - Out of the box runs stock at faster than the best OC you could imagine from a first gen Ryzen 7 (1700/1700X/1800X) - Memory compatibility is night and day difference from Ryzen 1. MUCH improved stability compatibility and speeds. - The stock cooler is a monster, for a stock cooler and while most ppl will use aftermarket cooling, this thing is so sexy, it's hard to part with it. - Backwards compatibility is great. You do NOT NEED and X470 board to make this thing into a beast. The Asus Prime X370 Pro has more than enough HP to drive it hard. Easily OC's over 4.3 GHz on all cores, despite what some of these YouTube know-it-alls will tell you. It's all about the finesse. ;) -Multitasking is just unreal with this thing. I can apparently type reviews while running an AIDA stress test in the background, if that tells you anything.

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Couple things, just to think about: If you already own a Ryzen 7 from the first generation, you really don't NEED this upgrade. It's a refresh and optimization, not a new architecture. While there are certainly some nice improvements, they aren't big enough to make sense to ditch a great CPU that you just bought last year. But if you're in the market to build a new PC, this is simply the best bang for your buck. It does it all, and it does it fast.

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