I lost the silicon lottery3/7/2018 9:40:39 AM

Pros: Amazing performance.

Cons: Bought the K model to overclock, unfortunately I lost the silicon lottery and I've had no luck with any overclock settings.

Overall Review: Amazing upgrade from what I had before. Could use this CPU for another 5-6 years easily.

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Noticeable color banding in dark gradients3/7/2018 9:37:38 AM

Pros: Great size, incredibly sharp detail for reading text. For a TN panel, colors are generally great. (Except the main problem I have with darker colors)

Cons: The only con I have for the device is the absolutely abysmal performance with darker gradients. Color banding is atrocious on this monitor. If you are using this for any gaming and those games have a dark aesthetic to them, your experience will be terrible. You'd be lucky to notice any details at all in darker areas in the game. Battlefield 1 have some really dark and gritty maps. I can look at the ground and I lose all detail in the image. instead of brown mud, it's like a greyish/brownish mix of 2-3 colors instead of the possible hundreds to thousands of different shades. Played Bioshock the other day. Half the time I can't even tell what I'm looking at because almost all detail is missing. Now luckily, most games you won't notice this issue. probably 90% of the time it won't rear it's ugly head. But let me tell you. IT IS ONE UGLY HEAD.

Overall Review: Considering the price, it's ridiculous to have to deal with terrible banding like this monitor exhibits. I would definitely consider another brand after this purchase (I had an Acer monitor before that was 10 years old and I enjoyed it. Only replaced it because I wanted to step up my game and go bigger and have newer features like G-Sync and higher resolution support). But now this experience has left a really bad feeling about buying Acer ever again.

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Get it on sale!12/26/2008 8:56:04 PM

Pros: I don't know that I'd ever pay more than $300 for this, but I got it on sale at a brick and mortar for 229. Came from a HP Photosmart 8250. (Which died from a print head hardware failure, similar to Epson's problems.) Photo prints look amazing. FAR better than the HP I had before. I've yet to really play with the copy/scanner functions. From what I've used they look fine for most anything.

Cons: I keep hearing about Epson's ink tank failure. I would imagine it's similar to HP's problem with the 8250 series I had. If you do not use the printer for an extended period of time or try to run the printer on near empty ink tanks repeatedly. I would imagine you will be setting yourself up for failure. I really have no cons, other than that. The thing is great so far. Oh and on the screen I have one stuck pixel. But Epson also has an amazing 2 year warranty with support.

Overall Review: If you are looking to upgrade from a printer you had 1-2 years back. And you really want to spend the money, I would definitely recommend getting this unit.

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What more can you ask for?12/13/2008 12:47:35 PM

Pros: Works as described, no problems yet.

Cons: Does look cheap and the tray feels cheap. BUT, I haven't had any issues with it yet.

Overall Review: Really, what can you ask for. It's cheap and works just fine. If it breaks and lasts me only a year. Well, that's only 20 a year. Granted I will probably go with a different drive then, but still. 20 bucks worth the risk, easily.

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