Well built and a nice way to get a 30 series card7/19/2021 9:21:36 AM

Pros: - overall good parts used - everything was in place and installed correctly - decent cable management - lots of RGB which makes your fps higher - fans are quiet - AIO looks nice and actually performs really well, keeps the cpu cool - MSI 3080 Ventus. Card works well and system bench marks very similarly to other systems of the same time using 3D mark

Cons: Not really any cons but: The rgb in the case has some level of control to it but I couldn't seem to find a way to fully customize it. Could be just a lack of me caring to find a way though. The case itself doesn't have the best airflow but definitely not bad. I ended up transferring the components to a bigger case of my previous PC. The obvious is the uncertainty of what 3080 you'd get. I'm happy with mine however. Lastly as another reviewer pointed out, the memory is NOT set to 3200mhz by default. You must go into BIOS and change it manually from the 2333mhz it is set at.

Overall Review: Only have had this PC for a week and will update as I go but: Overall a great PC and performs excellent in 1440p games. The combination of a powerful CPU and GPU make this a great machine to play games which are more CPU heavy or GPU heavy. I believe 1440p is the sweet spot for gaming right now and this thing does it with ease. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE MEMORY TO 3200mhz IN BIOS!

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