Ignore other reviewer1/30/2011 12:51:54 PM

Pros: N/A

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: I do not own this item but it is for a server NOT to cool a desktop processor like the other uninformed reviewer believes. Servers have air forced through them constantly so this sink of course includes no fan as it would be cooled by chassis airflow. DO NOT buy this for a desktop. BUY THIS for a server.

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Fast, hot1/2/2011 9:21:25 PM

Pros: Stupid fast Handles AA/high res better than the 570 Got it for $369 during a sale and $269 after a gift card I had+$40MIR, $230 for a 480 is BA! Overclocks nicely underwater, I did a BIOS mod to unlock the voltage cap from 1.1v to 1.2v and am sitting at 985/2200(mem) shaders of course locked under water

Cons: VERY VERY VERY HOT!!! It's been said a thousand times, I bought this card with the intention of adding it to my loop and did since it loaded up at 80C with fan on 80 in a case with good airflow, ambient 72F. I have an EK FC-480 GTX Nickel+Plexi block on it keeping it nice and chilly now. **Eats power

Overall Review: **But who the heck cares? You're buying a monstrous graphics card that cuts up any modern title maxed out and whining that it needs power to do so? pssshhh. Drop this beast in a proper water loop if you intend to invest in such an expensive card make it fast and make it last right? Fermi loves water. The GTX 570 may bench slightly higher at STOCK but overclocked the 480 blows it's doors off, under water? forget about it. My friend bought an EV*A 570 and even OC'd he can't touch my 480 when the AA is layered on at 1920x1080 the VRAM really helps. Definitely give this card a buy before considering a 570 IF you have the money/there is a sale. Save for a 580 otherwise.

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It's a cable12/26/2010 2:54:57 PM

Pros: Does what it must.

Cons: Pricey for what it is.

Overall Review: I use it as an auxiliary audio cable to connect my iPhone to my car stereo.

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Does its job7/19/2010 11:57:53 AM

Pros: Cheap, silent (but hot, see cons)

Cons: Runs very hot with the stock heatsink being used passively, I added a 40mm chipset cooling fan and it runs cooler now.

Overall Review: I bought this for an aging machine I fixed up for my 10 year old brother, allows him to watch youtube videos and do basic desktop work without a hitch. The heatsink was poorly secured so I had to remove it, clean the heatsink and GPU, apply new thermal paste and re-seat it so I'm docking an egg, only half of the GPU even had thermal paste on it.

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Good memory6/27/2010 6:52:50 AM

Pros: Average speed for 800mhz ddr2, black heat spreaders instead of blue, much better looking IMO. Bought 2 sticks for an old laptop and it breathed new life into the system over it's stock 3gb 667mhz, I always recommend G.SKILL!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Kinda pricey but not a con, well worth it!

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Good for the price6/20/2010 10:33:54 AM

Pros: I bought this to play XB*X with on my new computer monitor since the quality is much better than an HDTV even, the cable works fine despite that it's not one of the $40-$100 high-end retail rip-off cables, the quality seemed a bit lax at first but no problems despite some abuse so far.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Don't see why anyone would pay $40+ for a comparable cable at Rad*i*sh*ck when HDMI uses a lossless digital signal and as long as a cable is wired properly it will work just as good as the next one no matter what.

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Excellent cable for the price!6/20/2010 10:29:44 AM

Pros: I needed digital signal for my HD monitor, it has an HDMI port but I like the speakers on my laptop better than my monitors built-ins and so this gets HD digital signal there but lets me keep my default sound.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Perfect really, works wonders for the graphical work I do, shipping was a day late but everything arrived fine, no complaints, thanks again Newegg!

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Great effect, great price.6/20/2010 10:26:12 AM

Pros: Price, price, price.

Cons: Sound activation was worthless from day 1 and then broke, works well in "Always-on mode" though.

Overall Review: Placed this strip under a 24" monitor on my desk so I could see my keyboard at night, bright enough for this.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Does it's job6/20/2010 10:23:52 AM

Pros: Worked out of the box with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solid connector, doesn't rock around in the USB port, decent performance for connecting a usb keyboard mouse and external HDD to a laptop to leave other USB ports free for flash drives etc.

Cons: Box was damaged upon arrival, but the contents were all present and fine, more of a gripe with UPS not newegg or Rosewill, not really a con.

Overall Review: Perfect for using my portable workstation at home when I link it to my 24" monitor for graphical work I slide my computer back so the screens are together and have to use a USB keyboard/mouse, hub is perfect for keeping my desk a little less cluttered by bringing all the USB ports I need to one place. Shipping was speedy to Florida.

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Excellent display6/15/2010 10:34:28 PM

Pros: The value and easy setup, response time.

Cons: Backlight bleed, stand.

Overall Review: I bought this as a spare display for my laptop and to play xbox games on, it has served well for both, I do a bit of graphical design and it's picture was good enough to get the job done, I had to work a bit to get it to suitable settings though the defaults were aweful, Linux likes this monitor which was good too as Linux drivers are finnicky.

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