Exactly what I needed !7/20/2021 5:09:14 AM

Pros: -18 gauge wire -recommend as a quality item

Cons: None

Overall Review: I did not buy this for it's intended use as a CPU power connector. Instead, I bought this bc I wanted to use one of the connectors that normally would plug into the CPU connector on a MOBO in order to make up an 8 pin GPU harness, to use in a semi modular OCZ PSU given to me that I have been using with a 6 pin GPU and did not come with an 8 pin harness. The 2 components I used was the 8 pin harness taken off a dead non modular ATNG PSU and one of the CPU power connectors from this splitter. The sole reason I bought this was bc the connector design matched the one needed to plug into the PSU. It was just a matter of me taking one of the branches of the splitter off, then moving all but one of the black wires/pins and all of the yellow wires/pins in that CPU connector. (This is why we read about some folks shorting things-they confuse a CPU power connector with GPU to PSU connector-their wire layout (ground and power or black and yellow) is the inverse of each other essentially.) Once moving the right wires to the right positions on what was a CPU meant connector, it was just a matter of soldering yellow to yellow and black to black (had to paint 1 yellow from the CPU connector black to match the 3 yellows and 5 blacks used for the GPU power cable). Then heat shrink on all wires (and one each on all the yellows and all the blacks); test with multimeter to ensure proper continuity to the right places/pins, finding next to zero resistence on each wire and now all set. Much harder to do with all black wires but easily doable with yellow (12V) and black (ground) wires to work with.

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Quiet but stong fan for good price.8/24/2020 2:21:36 PM

Pros: -price -quiet -CFM rating -PWM (sharing technology) -how fast it arrived from Hot Deals 4 less -10 yr warranty

Cons: What cons?

Overall Review: This arrived unbelievably fast, much faster than I ever expected. Hot Deals also took care of a small problem IMMEDIATELY (QC at Artic only included 3 fan screws intead of necessary 4) and made Artic's goof right. Highy recommend the seller, Hot Deals 4 Less! Look foward to ordering from you in the future.

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Great value and fast !7/22/2020 3:21:02 AM

Pros: -Fast -Fast -Fast -Great value when on sale -Has Intel support software you can save to your desktop to monitor and clean our Cache, etc.

Cons: -Really has less than 512 GB of storage space available, but, more than enough for OS and continuous Windows 10 updates and a few games.

Overall Review: -Glad I bought this and bought it on sale. Highly recommend!

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Works like it should7/22/2020 3:14:39 AM

Pros: All black

Cons: None

Overall Review: These work well and as intended. Glad I bought them. Recommend.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Unacceptable and inexcusable slow as a turtle shipping time. Would give no stars if possible for that. But a great CPU/Cooler fan!1/22/2019 2:38:05 AM

Pros: 120MM fan, easy to install, quiet, does not interfere with RAM as advertised, instructions are pretty good. I prefer this style mount (back plate) to the push pin kind.

Cons: Not really a negative but found a tip online that was not part of directions: in the middle of the heat sink is a shaft that allows you to put a long flat blade screwdriver down it in order to loosen or tighten the holding brackets/arms. I found it helpful to loosen the screw in order to get the arms in position for my LGA1151 socket. Then after mounting the cooler, gave it a quarter turn to tighten it.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend the item even though I cannot recommend the company it shipped from: Cryostore.

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