Decent 3080, not so decent fan noise and LEDS10/16/2020 11:00:14 AM

Pros: It's a 3080 and runs fairly quiet most of the time

Cons: If you want to make a custom fan curve get ready for the most annoying fans you've heard on a gpu. Instead of just being loud they all harmonically resonate at different pitches so you're left with an extremely loud and announcing cooling solution. LEDS are cheap and the software is pretty much useless for control.

Overall Review: Not a bad card, but pretty much the worst overlocker of the bunch with lowest sustained clocks.

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Absolute best 3080 from the absolute best company10/16/2020 10:56:37 AM

Pros: Outstanding cooling potential and with the new beta bios powerlimit is raise to 118% and 450W, a massive upgrade for free. Fans even at 100% are not super loud and don't whine. LEDs are some of the best i've seen in computer products, they did an insanely good job. Bios switch is great.

Cons: Hard is pretty huge?

Overall Review: Best 3080 on the market. The Strix demands a higher price, but this should come close enough while being from the best company to work with.

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Only product like it on the market, very slick!3/25/2020 5:37:59 PM

Pros: -VERY bright and seamless LEDS -RGB Addressable box is easy to use and a huge step up from the early version of the product -Not all that hard to install, cables are rather stiff, but should work fine for most cases

Cons: Huge con here is it doesn't work with 4-pin RGB mobo headers (Like my gigabyte)

Overall Review: Haven't had any issues with it so far, worked the first time I got it setup which took about 20min. The price really needs to come down and both products need to be sold in a discounted bundle because you'll want both if you are going to bother.

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One of those things you never knew you needed.2/10/2014 8:49:43 AM

Pros: The ONLY arm I could find to use with 30lb/27" monitors. Built like a ROCK. I don't think this thing will ever break and even if the spring loses tension over time, you can adjust it tighter. Fairly painless to assemble/install and stays extremely secure, even with my 27lb monior. Looks very slick and depending on your table, stays hidden. Cable management.

Cons: Price is steep unless you can find a deal, this is my biggest issue too as it's literally the only mount on the market to support large monitors. Cable management gets tricky when you factor in your mouse/keyboard/more.

Overall Review: Despite the price, I think mounts are something any serious computer user should own as they completely change the way you interface/enjoy your experience everyday. My keyboard never gets in the way of anything and my monitor just floats on my table, amazing.

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PLEASE choose this over HT Omega Claro Halo!8/17/2012 9:19:04 PM

Pros: Brilliant design and sound quality. Possibly the best consumer sound card there is.

Cons: Doesn't come with audiophile grade headphones.

Overall Review: I owned the HT Omega Claro Halo card a week before this, mostly for the headphone amp. I RMA'd it for this one and WOW am I glad I did. Even though they use the same hardware, the headphone amp on this one is at least twice as loud. It powers my cans almost as loud as I would want them too, it does a amazing job. This is a extremely good choice for headphones and replaces the need for more expensive equipment!

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Great find7/8/2008 1:05:17 AM

Pros: Looks. This keyboard is as slick as it gets, even if I just sits there lit up it looks good. They do have to kind of scrunch a lot of keys in there to make it so compact (Bksp is only one key and is hard to get used to.) I exclusively use my computer at night and my whole case is in blue LED's so this was a must.

Cons: (depending on taste) Laptop-style keys. The kind that are very flat short. This may bother some users. Also I think they went a little overkill on compacting it (button placement).

Overall Review: May not be a hardcore gaming keyboard (even though thats what im using it for :) but the ascetic appeal is very much there. Makes your whole setup a little nicer. Would be GREAT for where space maybe limited. Also: The light on/off key is on the right hand-side of the board, this took me a while to find :) I actually got a deal on this on another site for $16, not sure if it's still on though, you might want to look around.

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Great package7/5/2008 6:19:59 PM

Pros: This is a sturdy, well-built unit. The placement and construction inside (note it uses the whole box as one big heatsync) are well done. The mesh/shrink tubing job is done well helps keep everything together better. The giant 120mm fan on it is whisper quiet more then enough ventilation is provided in the case. Powers my Nvida BFG GTX280 overclocked just fine. there's even enough power here to Sli. I'll have this for a while to come.

Cons: This is a full size ATX unit, and may be a bit big for those who want more room in their case I suppose.

Overall Review: This is the PERFECT PSU for nearly all applications. I recommend 700w over 600w as well because with today's GPU's it's getting a lot closer to come near a 600w limit. Led light works nice for a window case as a cpu block/fan light

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