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Great, inexpensive office KB/M10/25/2017 6:54:04 AM

Pros: Works right out of the box, simple to install on a Windows 10 machine Keys feel good for the price, mouse isn't overly flimsy Battery life is really good, even if you leave it on 7/24 Keyboard is well designed, wrist rest is just the right size. It has just enough weight to not slide around your desk.

Cons: If you're nit picking I'd prefer a bit more weight to the mouse and a little more tactile feedback from the scroll wheel. Mouse is the weaker link out of the two devices to me.

Overall Review: For everyday office use it's an excellent set, always an big improvement over a "comes with the PC" set for sure. I use a mechanical keyboard and a weighted Corsair mouse daily so obviously it's hard for me to be delighted with a keyboard mouse combo that is half the price of my mouse alone. Purchased this for my father-in-law's office and he loves it. I'd definitely buy again for a similar use.

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Just wow, without a doubt the most well thought out and functional case I've ever built in!4/11/2017 9:05:48 PM

Pros: Geez, where to start.... * Build quality is ridiculously nice, so rigid and sturdy. Everything conveniently latches together with a satisfying snap. * Functionality, you can take off both sides, the top, and the front grill in about 10 seconds total, and reassemble it just as fast. There's plenty of room everywhere. The built in fan controller is a great touch too. * Design. This thing is just plain cool, I love the idea of the "slide in" drive bays (4 2.5in + 2 3.5in ), building in this thing is just a snap. Because of the way it bevels out on the sides it's no trouble at all closing the back even with tons of wires back there. * Aesthetics. It's just plain impressive. * Value. How is this thing $140!? My last rig was built in a case that cost almost $200 and it was trash compared to this box. Includes a ton of screws and misc hardware, even comes with two 3:1 fan splitters.

Cons: I can't think of one single thing I don't like about the case, I guess if I had to come up with something it might be nice to have the option of installing more then two 3.5in drives. I actually did though, I put a 3rd down with the PSU under the shroud... just used a plastic carrier I had lying around and it fit down there perfectly. Probably could put two or three more down there if I needed. It's just a fantastic case, buy it!

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