Great SSD for Extra Games2/28/2021 7:07:07 PM

Pros: -Quick enough for games loading -Reasonable price -Reliable (I have had a 500GB model of this running for a few years)

Overall Review: I would recommend these for general usage and storing additional games that you aren't critical on load times for (where the faster NVMe drives would be better suited).

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Useful monitoring with iCue1/17/2021 7:37:05 PM

Pros: -Simply and clean setup due to modular design -Bonus power monitoring via iCue (which I already have for other parts)

Cons: -iCue is a bit overkill if you only really want the monitoring because of how integrated it is with Corsair's other products.

Overall Review: -Generally would recommend. Bought this to go in to a home server PC where I was interested in seeing how I could trim the power consumption as well as seeing what real world power usage actually was, rather than guesstimating via online calculators.

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Upgrade over an older DC only Fan11/21/2019 6:53:50 PM

Pros: -Quieter operation thanks to PWM mode option allowing lower RPM when cooling isn't required. -Robust design -Airflow marker on housing for easy installation in desired orientation -Good cable length -No RGB (for use in a system operating as a home server where flashy lights aren't needed) -Good value in two pack

Cons: -Only in a two pack, when sometimes you only need one!

Overall Review: While I wish these were available single, the two pack is reasonably good value. Thanks to one of these, and one of the 140mm model my home server is now cooler and quieter. I have had good luck with corsair's fans in the past and I think these will continue that trend.

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Upgrade over a 120MM DC Fan11/21/2019 6:50:00 PM

Pros: -Larger size allows for slower RPM for same airflow -As with the above, quieter operation -Two pack is reasonable value

Cons: -Somewhat pricey -Would prefer to buy single

Overall Review: Using one of the two so far, in PWM mode and it is running well and reasonable quiet. The only noise is caused by my case's (HAF 912) poor vent cut-out on the side panel which chops up the airflow and makes a whistle (same with the old fan). The larger size and lower RPM reduced the speed of the airflow which helped with the issue.

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Plug and Play4/14/2019 4:07:38 PM

Pros: -Quick & Easy Installation -No problems with system recognizing the ports -No drivers to install -Long cable if needed.

Cons: -Extra length of cable is a bit tough to work with as the cable is thick, and not very flexible if your run to the motherboard header is short.

Overall Review: As a PC Flight sim enthusiast I can never have enough USB ports for peripherals. To put this in perspective, my motherboard offers a whopping 9 on-board rear panel USB ports and my case provides another four at the front panel. I purchased this to not only increase total USB at the rear panel, but to add more 3.0 ports.

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