Amazing product, nothing short of spectacular. Another win for Asus.3/8/2013 3:35:25 AM

Pros: This tf300t takes all the best qualities of a high-end tablet and a netbook and merges them into one attractive package. The tablet itself exceeded all my expectations in performance and functionality while the keyboard proved to be a lot more useful than I thought. The tf300t is unlike any other product I've ever used. I went from browsing the internet and watching Netflix and Youtube comfortably on my bed to typing up a 5 page document for school. It does everything my old laptop did and does it faster and more elegantly. The display is fantastic and the touch controls are quick and responsive. It's light and just feels "right" in my hands. The added keyboard allows for easy touchpad mouse controls and even allows you to plug in an external usb mouse. After a full charge, the battery lasted me 15 hours of use (with the keyoard attached). Simply excellent.

Cons: While it doesn't have the lighter, sturdier aluminum body that the tf700t has, it still feels very sturdy in my hands and I have no fear of breaking this tablet.

Overall Review: I honestly could not tell that this product was ever used. Newegg's refurbishing team is great...not a scratch on it.

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