Decent product marred by Extremely Slow Ship6/26/2021 10:59:47 AM

Pros: Screws are the smaller hard drive screws. There are larger and easier-to-handle screws but these work fine.

Cons: Price was very high considering the long lead time.

Overall Review: Paying 7-cents each for these screws was a mistake.

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Excellent Small Form Factor1/13/2015 3:51:51 PM

Pros: I moved up from my ultra-small builds to a Corsair 250D case and this card is PERFECT for that build. I have always liked nVidia, and CUDA, and this card is no exception. I purchased this after seeing the GTZ-760 in two ASUS G-20 computers running Mirror's Edge, and it offers very good Price/Performance.

Cons: Linux driver install can be painful, and Intel BIOS prior to 2013 probably needs updating to function smoothly.

Overall Review: No regrets. Probably my favorite ASUS product today.

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This Takes the Mini out of Mini-ITX1/5/2015 4:47:23 PM

Pros: Enough room to get your head inside the case after you complete the build, well, almost. After to working on M350 compact cases for years, it was a year luxury to have all the room inside this one. Lots of air flow options, large front fan, large side fan, large side opening where the graphics card will go, two empty 80mm openings in the rear over the motherboard. There is enough air venting that low-RPM, low-noise fans can be used throughout. The cables for the front panel include USB3, and a reset button. Both are a step up from the tiny cases.

Cons: Phillip mentioned he had trouble with the pins on the drive caddies. I found a way to install them that seems better than the manual. Remove two pins from one side of the caddy. This involves pressing the rubber mount so it falls into the interior of the caddy with the pins intact. These metal pins are interted into the rubber boots and are easy to slip out. Slide your drive over the two remaining pins in the opposite caddy rail and then inssert the two pins you just removed into the other side of the drive. With the pins and rubber boots held in place by gravity, now slide the drive back into the slightly bent caddy. If anything falls, try again. I was able to get the pins back into the rubber boots with a small pliers and a proper twist of the boot. I had to do this a couple of times until I figured out this method, which was foolproof for me. This unit takes a lot of desk space. It's actually larger than my six-bay NAS unit, and I keep that on rack.

Overall Review: I like the case a lot. I wish it had a multi-color LED for On/StandBy/Off, but that's not documented, so I assume it isn't there. A fair amount of the case space is wasted under the optical drive if you don't use the space for a cooler. I used it for a 3-pin fan-control splitter, and to loom the excess power wires. If you went without an optical drive, this case might be one-half as deep. But, with the interior volume, no worries about heat being retained in the cabinet. You could live inside if you were small.

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Amazing Results under Speed Control1/3/2015 6:55:50 PM

Pros: Easy Upgrade, Very Quiet, Includes a variety of power adapters

Cons: Color makes me think things are dusty

Overall Review: I did the Tripp-Lite UPS mod that is published on various internet forums and replaced the single-speed two-wire fan in my large UPS with this NOCTUA NF-R8 and the Noise Magic NMT-3 speed control. For my UPS this was an easy change and the sound level difference is stunning. Even with the fan at idle I can feel air entering the inlets, and I have yet to really hear the fan kick into high gear. I am going to keep one or two of these fans and controllers on the shelf in my workshop and reaplce ANY single speed fan I enounter on the bench.

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Hard to Beat if You Don't Upgrade It12/29/2014 9:16:42 PM

Pros: I purchased two of these as platforms for games from Steam for my sons. I had put together a list of components to perform my own custom build, something I have quite a lot of experience with, but found it hard to beat the combination that ASUS puts together with the G20AJ series of computers. My biggest hurdle was to overlook that it runs Windows instead of Linux or (the unavailable) SteamOS, but the machine itself is quite impressive. The heart of this machine is the NVIDIA GTX-760 Ti graphics card. After I had gone through four hours of Windows setup (yes, it takes that long to remove the free trial anti-virus, update 75+ Windows patches, add Norton ant=virus, update the NVIDIA graphics drivers, create a Restore thumbdrive, and establish your first system revert backup) I asked my son to load the most hardware-challenging game from the Steam library. That turned out to be Mirror's Edge, something that only ran on our XBox, not on the previous system and a NVIDIA GS card. Well, this box ran rings around the XBox version, and both my sons were singing the praises of this system (and, in that, this card). You can get this as an i3, i5 or i7 and many recommend the lower chips as more cost effective because the GPU does all the work. I have custom builds of all these chips, and I wouldn't invest this kind of cash in anything less than an i7, otherwise you'll be turning off anti-virus and wondering why things seem sluggish. The one real flaw in this system is the 1TB hybrid drive. Windows really needs to be served from an SSD, and there is no excuse for not providing both an SSD for the operating system and the hybrid 8GB/1TB drive for games and their data. The unit has two 2.5" slots, but adding your own drive voids the warranty. There are also two memory slots, but adding to the second memory slot voids that warranty, too. I think that tells you they don't think the case is designed for you to split it open. After all, it has dual colling fans for the non-graphics side and heatpipes. I have read it's a bit of a pain to split and work on, but once opened things seem fairly well laid-out. I'm a system builder, so I might not buy something like this for myself, but for the kids, and with the intent of keeping them out of things, this would be perfect with an SSD boot drive and a second stick of memory. Oh, and maybe the GTC-980. Only kidding on the 980.

Cons: There is an empty memory slot and a spare 2.5" drive slot, but if you open the case to fill either one you void the warranty. That seems silly for a game machine. As many have written, there are two external AC-DC converters with two AC cords. I like the external bricks, but I worry this will be orphaned somewhere down the road.

Overall Review: Kids love playing with the lighting color changes on the case. Three zones, a full color wheel for each, such a great way to waste your time while you wait for Windows to update.

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Excellent for Low profile Cases10/17/2014 11:32:36 PM

Pros: I bought one of these for use in an M-350 case that holds a mini-ITX motherboard, two sticks of memory and a 2.5" storage drive. I really think the fit was perfect for me, taking all the open space with pipes and fins without causing issues with wires to the fan, front panel and drive. The temperature for the CPU is commonly 35-45C, which is excellent for a high-end i7 in such a small and cluttered case. I just chcked one of my two i3-based systems and it's 75C, so I came back to newegg and ordered two more. That says a lot.

Cons: My first shipment was from Asia, so it took awhile to get here, but no worse than the DHL sillyness that newegg does from tiem to time. I had to lightly bend the end of the fins on one edge to clear the SSD in my case, but if I didn't tell you that you couldn't tell by looking.

Overall Review: I really liked the plate that slips under the motherboard for solid attachment. This means you need to remove the motherboard from your case, but that's a minor issue compared to how solid this mounts. I had issues in the past with one post or two coming out, and that will NEVER happen with this unit.

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Poor would be a step up9/7/2014 6:05:08 PM

Pros: Price, Carry Case, Style and Color, Fit and Fell

Cons: Sound in bad, even for a bargain-priced earbud. Microphone is even worse.mBasicly not usable with my Samsung S5 for any purpose.

Overall Review: Sometimes a good deal isn't good. This makes me wonder what happemed to Klipsch.

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The SSD That Finally Pulls Down Pricing8/4/2014 1:02:12 PM

Pros: WARRANTY of TEN YEARS introduced at price level of previous three and five year warranty profucts. This has made everyone else start heavily discounting their models, so SSD is now affprdable for everyone.

Cons: The included opticsl disk is worthless if you don't run Windows, and I wish suppliers would include a firmware update procedure.

Overall Review: Samsung must be gaining real market share even if we don't see major performance gains. The new WARRANTY means uou won't be buying a replacement, ever.

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Quality Product - Watch for Special Deals3/2/2014 6:37:27 PM

Pros: Nice quality flexible audio cable. Made in China, but not the type that gets brittle and flakes apart. Perfect for replacing the headphone cable if you have a short stubby plug on the headphones. Note the length is one meter, but I find that perfect.

Cons: Not always at the best price

Overall Review: I picked up two of these for "the price of one" and was quite happy with the deal. I would not be as happy with regular pricing and added shipping costs, but this is a quality item.

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The Best Speeds are at AC-17507/1/2013 8:17:41 PM

Pros: Range is terrific when compared to my previous Buffalo High-Power. Easily 10-20dB stronger at any distance. At some points it's the only 5GHz signal that I can "see".

Cons: ASUS firmware can be replaced by DD-WRT, but it's early in the DD-WRT releases for this model. It took me several tried to get an install of DD-WRT to be successful, but I much prefer that to the ASUS Factory Firmware.

Overall Review: I set up four (4) Buffalo High-Power Routers as a test field for the ASUS RT-AC66R (same as RT-AC66U). IN every case, the ASUS had a stronger signal at other access points as measured by the DD-WRT SITE SURVEY screen, and where other routers just disappeared (5GHz) the ASUS was still well above the noise level. On 2.4GHz that means 10-15dB stronger. One 5.0GHz that means up to 20-25dB stronger. Aftermarket antennas made the signals worse not better., so I would keep to the factory antennas unless you really are confident about what you are doing.

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What SAS Means, versus SATA3/20/2013 6:21:01 PM

Pros: SAS Interface

Cons: Not SATA Interface

Overall Review: You cannot connect an SAS drive to a SATA drive bay or connector. There is a plastic key that prevents you connecting one to the other. So, in spite of the fact that NewEgg insists on listing this ST2000NM0023 as SATA 6Gbps, it is not and you will need to chat into newegg support to get an RMA and return it. I gave the LISTING the one-star. The drive itself will be great for whoever can use it.

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Larger than Others, Better than Most2/23/2013 11:46:09 AM

Pros: The top two differentiators with this Seagate GoFlex Satellite (GFS) are the capacity and the use of USB3. The announcement of a newer 1TB model and the suggestion that a tear-down shows improved construction are all positives regardning the future of this product line.

Cons: No security to speak of, Bulk and Weight beyond pocket-size, laptop drive probably won't survive being dropped.

Overall Review: I purchased both the Seagate GoFlex Satellite (GFS) and the Kingston Wi-Drive. Although the Kingston contains an SSD, the Kingston's USB2 interface means large video copies are an over-night activity. The Kingston does support WPA2 out of the box, but it seems slower than the Seagate, overall. In spite of the older technology of the Seagate, I prefer it over the Kingston at this time. For the same price, I can get a 500GB GFS or a 128GB Wi-Drive. I would get the GFS until Kingston goes to USB3.

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Wife Loves This Case2/11/2013 3:02:41 PM

Pros: My wife was afraid her iPhone5 would be damaged in daily use and I brought her to the newegg site to see a ShellShocker. She picked a different case for style. It wasn't as cheap, but she totally loves it.

Cons: "Does this case make my phone look fat?" "Sorry, Dear, but yes it does."

Overall Review: Seems to provide good protection, and certainly makes you feel safer in handling your phone.

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Cool Way to Stream from your Network2/11/2013 2:59:02 PM

Pros: Nice little compact streamer, larger than a Roku XS and roughly the same size as the classic Patriot Box Office. Clamshell assembly so many use with the pry bar opportunity to peel things apart. Draws about 1 amp but is provided with a 3 amp supply. Very thoughtful. A bit tricky to get the firmware upgraded as my upgrade port has an intermittant connection problem. Now running Andriod 4.1.1 and does nicely.

Cons: The upgrade path from Android 4.0 is a bit tedious and wouldn't seem to work with anything except Windows XP. So, I had to outsource the update to a friend who still has that. None of my Linux or MacOS boxes would see the update attempts. Of course, something is wrong with my physical USB port for the updates, so we'll see if that's a big issue for me later. The included remote is worthless for anythign beyond off and on.

Overall Review: Nice conenction into Android Play store and almost a nice tiny computer for Internet browsing. I could see the casual user adopting this instead of a larger more costly box for checking the news, shopping and checking gmail.

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VERY Cost Effective Update for Some2/11/2013 2:53:11 PM

Pros: Very cost effective card for upgrading those system that have only CPU-embedded graphics. I have systems with Intel HN2000, HD3000 and HD4000 graphics, but with Fedora Linux and VMware WS9, I wasn't able to get the graphics to provide 3D and Hardware Acceleration. With this card, almost pocket-change after rebate, the NVIDIA drivers resolved the issue. I had to remove the toy fan to clear the mini-case, but it seems very happy sitting next to the open cooling vent.

Cons: None for a bargain card.

Overall Review: It's not a high-end card, but you aren't risking much at the bargain rebate price. I'd order two the next time.

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Don't COunt on Your Rebate2/11/2013 2:40:22 PM

Pros: If you need the ports this is a great way to reduce the clutter of having multiple wiring hubs all over your utility closet. The rack mount brakcets worked nicely on the utility closet wall.

Cons: Pricey without the advertised rebate.

Overall Review: After six weeks Netgear sent me a postcard saying the purchase date on the rebate form was invalid, so I am out $40. Never take a rebate for granted.

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Great Value to ReUse Old Laptop Drives8/9/2012 7:55:47 PM

Pros: Cost effective with Instant Code and Free Shipping. Elegant solution for USB 2.0 attachment of that old laptop drive you just replaced with an SSD. Far cheaper than buying high capacity thumb drives. Supplied screws are easy to lose, so assemble on clear, well-lit surface. Comes with a bargain carry sack, but bottom edges aren't closed, so the cable could fall out if you are careless.

Cons: Supplied USB cable has two connectors on computer-end and only one causes USB to auto-mount the drive.

Overall Review: I wanted to carry video training materials that exceed the capacity of affordable solid-state media, like thumb drives, and this was just the ticket to re-use the IDE drive out of an old laptop. I wish I had bought two, but will get another when another coupon code is available. At the lowest price, it doesn't have to last long to pay for itself.

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Fast means Fun, but Hot Hot Hot5/9/2012 9:31:53 PM

Pros: Speed. This thing just blasts through work like transcoding MOV videos to MP4. With an SSD for storage, you have no reason to wait for things to complete. Lots of work gets completed in very short time. From a usage perspective, this is worth the price, and as of May 2012 is not an expensive upgrade for many integrators.

Cons: Hot. I've changed from the Intel stock fan at 80C to a high-end low-profile fan at 80C and I can't seem to knock the working temp down. At idle I can get it into the 60C area, but I'm worried about this thing running in the heat of the summer. I've checked and rechecked the thermal paste and mounting to no avail. The case if very well vented, there is lots of airflow, and it's still about 80C when I'm suing it at all. So, heat is all the cons I see. A lower price would be awesome.

Overall Review: I build small form-factor systems with 100 watt external power supplies. This is just an awesome CPU for teaming up with an SSD and two sticks of memory and fitting in under the 100 watt limit.

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PogoPlug Video RECALLED12/14/2011 1:11:19 PM

Pros: Nice form factor and secondary market price.


Overall Review: Check out new Pogoplug Series 4.

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NOT FOR LATE-2006 IMAC CORE DUO11/29/2011 7:23:22 PM



Overall Review: I had seen posts on various Mac forums about this scenario so I was careful to select the proper chips. I could find no combination where one of these chips would work with any other, including the matched pair, an Apple-factory (samsung) 1GB or a second Samsung 1GB. I could get any single 2GB chip to work, but that isn't an upgrade. Not sure is this is specific to Late-2006 iMac.

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Manufacturer Response:
Greetings, All Core Duo-based Macs only support 2GB maximum for RAM. This is a firmware limitation and not a function of the memory. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us at to check compatibility for future upgrades. Thanks!
Excellent Product - Best Purchase of My Year12/21/2010 8:50:23 PM

Pros: Rock solid physical construction, heaviest cables I've seen in ages, All fit and finish commercial grade, basic operation intuitive without the manual, nifty Mac emulation and mouse pass-through if you need it, reasonably discounted

Cons: Massive cables weigh a ton hanging off the back. HotKey sequences need to be written down somewhere to use them, unless you only use one or two or none. If you only need two ports, buy that model and save the space.

Overall Review: When I encounter a product of this unexpected quality, I tend to favor that company in future purchases. IOGEAR gets my next purchase if they sell anything like what I'm looking for next time.

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Interesting Embedded Linux Device8/5/2010 7:51:57 PM

Pros: Fun to play with, supporting HDMI out, a variant of Linux, easily hackable, supports internal SSD, including bootable DMA-based CF cards.

Cons: Price varies wildly. Not a consumer-ready plug-n-play due to abrupt abandonment by manufacturer (all units say "DEMO) " in the product information page). Limited community support. Full Source has not been released by Patriot.

Overall Review: These are fun to play with, and do a reasonable job at streaming HD video from an NFS-mounted storage device. But you need to understand how to set things up more than many turnkey HD players.

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Don't Buy Just One at These Prices!8/5/2010 7:46:32 PM

Pros: Gigabit performance, sleeps when you sleep. Calm, cool and collected. Not one glitch in a year of ownership. When the prices came back down, I added two more for expansion purposes. Really great throughput.

Cons: None. Absolutely does what it is supposed to and nothing more or less than that. Great value.

Overall Review: I bought two when they were first released and was disappointed to see the price rise when I needed two more. So, when the price was again reduced, I snapped up two more. Awesome value for the money. Flawless.

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What a Nice Surprise3/8/2010 6:25:43 PM

Pros: I knew it was pricey, but I was already into some bucks in my latest mini-ITX build, so I gave it a go. Really glad I did. This is really an attractive and solid unit, with nice "gentle" blue status lights on each bay. The slide-open pop-out is terrific. I have no regret on getting this to hold my SSD units. Great idea. This will be standard for me in the future.

Cons: The SATA connectors are very close together and only the (provided) straight connectors can fit here. I could not use the premium "L-shaped-end" SATA cables that came with my mobo.

Overall Review: Be patient in aligning this with the front panel and it will really add some subtle bling to your case. *NOTE* Not for use in places where someone might walk off with your SSD or HDD. Not to mention walking off with your computer case itself.

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Nice Dual-Channel DDR2-800 Pair3/8/2010 6:18:37 PM

Pros: These were a last minute swap in my mini-ITX build since the Atom N330 couldn't address more than 4GB of memory. I was attracted by the large black passive cooling fins, the 800 clock and the 4-4-4-12 timings. I was worried about them fitting in the quite-snug Apex case, but slow and steady made it work and their clearence is fine once the mobo is inside the case.

Cons: None. Seem very stable.

Overall Review: I'm anxious to overclock these in the IONITX-F-E so I'll be watching for other folks experience as it's posted. This mobo shares the system memory with the NVidia ION GPU, so speed matters.

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