Absolutely Beautiful Chassis!1/15/2021 4:21:25 PM

Pros: - This case is HUGE! Tons of room for cable management and wire routing, making the building experience a breeze, and for all sorts of water cooling or large air coolers! - The RGB is superb! I love Phantek's built in RGB hub so no motherboard sync is required, and the built in options are plenty and better than some RGB software. - This was just with my specimen, but 4 PIN PWM FANS! I'm lovin it! - 3 140mm fans with tons of airflow! - Front panel Type C is absolutely wonderful - Accessory box with a screw tray, anti-sag bracket, zip-ties, hdd caddies, and vertical mount plate was really nice to have - Capability for 2 systems? Heck yeah!

Cons: - Does not come with a built in splitter for multiple fans, and for the cost, it most likely should have come with one. - The cable cover sliders are weirdly positioned to make 24 pin sleeved cables instillation troublesome, but with adjustments can be done well. - The fans have a little bit of motor whine at low RPM's, but are quite comfortable to be with at 800rpm.

Overall Review: The P500A is an excellent case with it's tasteful RGB, large fans, and tons of room to build inside, even has support for 2 systems in one! If you don't need all the space to build in, the P400A or P350X are great cases to look at as well for more budget-orientated builds.

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