Nice & tight connections, works perfectly11/7/2016 6:25:25 AM

Pros: Tight connections that hold even dangling cables, clean & low resistance, and perfect size.

Cons: A little heavy, but not too bad.

Overall Review: Didn't lower volumes when splitting a single signal to two different pairs of Creative Labs Gigaworks speakers.

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OhEmGee3/20/2015 7:28:02 AM

Pros: And on the 6th day He created the ancestor of the engineer who created this power supply. And on the 7th day, He rested and said "some day they will create this power supply". Seriously though, the advantage of this PSU is never having to buy another PSU for a decade (provided the ATX standards don't change). It should last at least that long, granted it doesn't get hit with any big power surges or rolling brownouts. The reason behind that is simple: 80 Plus Titanium certification along with a huge overhead to allow for a lot of capacitor aging. This means the PSU was tested to run at 10% power (160W) at 90% efficiency or higher. So you should be able to run any gaming rig on this power supply, from the most demanding to the least, and it's still efficiently converting the power and generating very little heat in the process.

Cons: Price. You pay a premium for PSUs at the 1000W and higher rating. Worse, you pay for the 80 Plus Titanium certification. And with 125 amps of 12V on a single rail, you could probably cold solder wires, lol. That's a dangerous amperage, so if you're ever graced with a fat wallet, use this PSU with caution. And finally, this thing is a beast. At 8lbs it's the heaviest power supply I've ever seen, let alone held in my hands.

Overall Review: I doubt anyone here will really need 125amps of 12V for their gaming rig, so this exists to power systems using a lot of video cards for general purpose GPU computing (bitcoin, distributed computing, rendering systems, etc. that rely heavily upon floating-point calculations). And I'm sure a few enthusiasts, like myself, would love to roll this PSU into their next insane build, just because you can. ;-)

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great Trunk Bag!9/25/2013 5:54:00 AM

Pros: Good size; not too small, not too large, as it fits perfectly. It's nicely insulted and holds its shape well. Easy and reliable zippers that go ALL the way around the top make it easy to use. Small strap on back for adding a rear light or reflective badge. Velcro straps to mount on the rack are long, giving a lot of velcro contact surface to keep the bag firmly in place.

Cons: No reflective material built-into the bag. Adding some reflective paint on the back or a small reflector would have helped. If the logo on the back is already reflective, it's only barely reflective (I can't tell at all). Also it would have been nice to have removable elastic straps or partitions inside to help organize and hold contents, but not necessary. That would have been a luxury. Perhaps this company can sell organizers for this bag. Even ones that are rigid to hold their shape? Also, I wish the bag would of had a way to secure the top handle. If you're on a mountain bike, going off-road, that handle will flap around a lot. On road it shouldn't move much, if not at all. Finally, price is ok, but not great. You pay a little more for quality, but with that quality I expected a little more organization options inside.

Overall Review: I mounted this on an older Performance brand Transit rear-wheel rack. Fits perfectly. It's on a 1998 Specialized A1 Hard Rock mountain bike with mountain slick tires for commuting, exercise, etc.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Newegg: Fix the photos!2/11/2013 7:21:01 AM

Pros: Photographer is an idiot for taking pictures of the wrong side of the case. We can't see the side where we install everything. This is a pseudo-BTX case, and the Photographer took regular ATX side photos.

Cons: Photographer is an idiot for taking pictures of the wrong side of the case. We can't see the side where we install everything. This is a pseudo-BTX case, and the Photographer took regular ATX side photos.

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Dimensions for Reference1/8/2013 12:12:03 PM

Pros: It's fairly large, so measure your clearances first... Height w/ Fan to Fan Mounts: 105.4 mm Height with Fan to Fan Top: 103.4 mm Height w/o Fan: 77.0 mm Clearance for Memory: 47.0 mm Overhand for Heat Pipes from CPU die: 19.2 mm Width: 144.0 mm Length (Parallel to Heat Pipes): 144.2 mm

Cons: In other words, it's not going to fit in a lot of Mini-ITX cases.

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Doesn't Work11/2/2012 6:44:31 AM

Pros: Nice look and feel. All metal.

Cons: Doesn't work. It's sad that what's supposed to be such a simple adapter doesn't work at all. Worse, I can't even open it to check the connections. It's solid metal, so it should be screw ed (they filtered that word, lol!) together, but in reality it's soldered/glued/welded together since I can't even get it open with pliers. The worse part is it's not worth the price of sending it back.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace a previous adapter that worked just fine but fell apart after a couple years or use.

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Solid, huge improvement3/30/2012 12:12:34 PM

Pros: Overall I'm extremely happy with the GTX 680. It's even a little bit quieter than my GTX 295, which had a pretty quiet fan. Finally an upgrade of a significant jump for these NVIDIA GPUs. * Huge performance boost over previous gens * Smaller, 28nm fab means less wasted heat per watt * Good reference cooler design, GPU cooler separate from spreader * Airflow one-way, out back of case * Nice, clean, minimalistic aesthetics * EVGA backplate available form EVGA's site * EVGA high-flow bracket available from EVGA's site Software... * 301.10 drives pretty good for release! Not mature yet though * More control of settings than previous gen drivers * Surround-gaming, triple monitor, 3+1 setups, etc * Adaptive VSycn toggles VSync on/off to reduce stutter * TXAA makes AA no longer huge performance hit, but games will have to support it (Support for TXAA: Unreal 4 engine, Mech Warrior Online, etc.).

Cons: * Drastic performance dips at some points (immature drivers?) * Auto-overclocking is nice, but makings user overclocking different * Over-volting seems to do nothing to help make it more stable * 256-bit memory bus, low but with 6GHz VRAM, it's ok * Availability at launch. I was lucky, others not. Give it a month. * 2GB is plenty for most, but insane triple-monitor setups might want to wait for the 4GB For-the-Win model. Remember that SLI does not increase your video memory since each GPU needs its own copy of working memory. So two or three reference GTX 680s in SLI are still working with the 2GB of total memory available for OpenGL and DirextX apps/games. DirectX 10 and 11 allow sharing with system memory, but it's still slower than video memory.

Overall Review: I replaced a GTX 295 Co-Op with this GTX 680. Big performance difference for sure. I held off on the 480 and 580 cards since there was no to little gain. Some benchmarking at 2560 x 1600 with max graphics settings, i7 920 @ 3.6GHz CPU, 12GB DDR31-600 RAM, EVGA X58 E758 board... SWTOR Corellia 5min run FPS: 81 avg, 111 max, 43 min SWTOR Korriban 5min run FPS: 106 avg, 112 max, 58 min Heaven Benchmark v3.0 Extreme: 720 points, 28.6 avg FPS Heaven Benchmark v3.0 Basic: 1605 points, 63.7 avg FPS And 1920 x 1080... Heaven Benchmark v3.0 Extreme: 1164 points, 46.2 avg FPS Furmark 1.9.1 Preset Test: 2635 points, 43 avg FPS Card runs a little cooler than my GTX 295 and a GTX 580, and a LOT cooler than a 480.

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Near perfect3/1/2012 7:51:08 AM

Pros: This is the second Logitech G9x mouse I've owned. The first is still working just fine, but I purchased a second for a second PC in a different location at my place. The price now is a bargain compared to when the G9x was first released. The mouse is very comfortable. I have no problem gaming with it for hours at a time. I also use a wrist brace to prevent getting carpal tunnel, so this is one of the few gaming mice out there that fits my hand well with or without the brace. The G9x has an easily adjustable tracking DPI and rate. You can go as high as 1,000 updates per second in the software. And I almost turn my DPI up all the way, but still leave it about about 4,000-something, with a higher value for the X coordinate compared to the Y coordinate (monitors are wider than they are tall). Also, it has enough buttons for my. Two at the thumb, two for the +/- of DPI which I assign to other keys, and the wheel's left/right click. that gives me six easy-to-press configurable bu

Cons: Over time the little metal nobs on the back of the mouse that hold the grip in place tend to loosen up. This will make the grip feel like it's a little loose when you lift the mouse up. It will also make a slight clicking sound at the same time. This is easily addressed by adding a very small amount of 3M "Exterior Mounting Tape" (the stuff that looks like grey foam tape and is super sticky on both sides). I've been using my older G9x like this for more than a year without any issues. Finally, I never use the press-down button action of the scroll wheel. You can map it to anything, but it takes far too much effort to engage. I've never liked it. Still, plenty of other buttons and actions on the mouse to map to keys and macros.

Overall Review: I've been using my G9x models with Corepad Mouse Skatez Pro nylon feet. I don't replace the feet, but I do stick these onto the existing feet to raise the mouse a bit. With the added clearance the G9x's laser still tracks perfectly. What this does is make it quicker and easier to reposition the mouse without having to lift it as far up off your mouse pad. I've tried the G9x without the additional mouse feet and it feels like I have to lift it too much before it stops tracking. The laser is extremely sensitive! :-) Also, I don't add any weights to mine. I'm not sure why gamers like the ability to add weight? I game all the time and I prefer my mouse as light and effortless as possible to move around. Perhaps if I had a problem with it moving too much would I ever add weights.

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Solid, reliable, FAST!3/1/2012 7:34:35 AM

Pros: Very stable, very fast, and never drops connection. Better yet, the bandwidth for the wired RJ-45 ports is very high! Works just fine when all three connection types are moving data at the same time (wired, 2.4GHz wireless, and 5GHz wireless). Also the attractive, minimalist design looks slick, and the LEDs are not too bright. Finally, I appreciate the fact that the power adapter is more like a laptop's power adapter in that the wall plug is a cable that's separate from the bulk of the unit.

Cons: First, you can't bridge the two channels to get a wireless network with more bandwidth. Worse, there's no auto-switching to auto choose 2.4 or 5GHz for any one connection. Also, working within the router's configuration software (through in a browser) is a little clunky. It tries to hard to be user friendly. I had to wrestle with it until I got it to do what I wanted. Even then, there's no Firewall configuration of any sort. I doubt this router even has a Firewall in the traditional sense. From the regular UI it is impossible to configure port access at all. That's pretty pathetic for router control software. Others have mentioning that installing 3rd-party firmware doesn't work too well on this model, but I didn't try. If you want a high level of configuration with the built-in firmware/software, look elsewhere. If you just want it to work and work reliably, then this doesn't matter. Finally, boot up time and software config saves are slow.

Overall Review: I use the 2.4GHz band for devices that may connecting from a longer range, such as smart phones, eReaders, laptops, etc. I use the 5GHz band for stationary PCs that are relatively close to the router (ie: same room) for less wireless latency and more wireless bandwidth. Also, mounting this unit straight up with the bolted on acrylic stand is ideal, as you'd have to modify the unit to lay it flat. To configure this unit I skipped the CD wizard crud and just went into the firmware's software directly. I can't stand overly user friendly wannabe software.

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Big letdown for long time EVGA fan2/27/2012 10:11:10 AM

Pros: EVGA Name, LGA2011 socket, X79 chipset, and decent overclocking/overvolting potential. That's really about it. But you can get all of that in competitors' boards.

Cons: Oh where to begin? This board has so many lacking features and flaws when compared to models from other manufacturers. 1.) BIOS issues as everyone else mentioned. 2.) There's only four memory slots. One bank, that's it. 3.) Worse, 32GB limit. Even some boards with eight slots can do 128GB max. A 64GB max is the least desired. 4.) Memory slots right up against CPU socket. 5.) No active cooling or for northbridge. I see no heatpipes either. 6.) Only two 6Gb/s SATA 3 slots. Others have four or more. 7.) PCI Express x1 slot is right next to primary x16 video card slot, meaning you can't install anything there any ways. 8.) Cruddy Realtek built-in audio. Others have Creative Labs or Asus chips. 9.) XL-ATX board but only six PCI Express slots? Others have done six with E-ATX. There's no need for XL-ATX unless you want to put more spacing/slots on the board. And another XL-ATX board has 7 slots for easier card spacing. 10.) Two 8-pin power connectors, meaning adapters ne

Overall Review: EVGA, why have you let down your loyal EVGA fans with your X79 offerings? You used to have awesome boards back in the 680i, 780i, and X58 days. Now we see far less impressive, buggy EVGA boards in our current X79 times. You're driving away your long-time customers with your current design decisions. And this is a "Classified" board? The "Classified" name was supposed to be reserved for models that had over-the-top features and overclocking. But now the "Classified" name has been soiled by this board. I still love your video cards, but I don't think I'll ever buy an EVGA motherboard after this mess this model leaves behind.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I do apologize if you were unaware of the layout and features of the board. The board is designed with overclocking and gaming in mind. In these scenarios more than 32GB of ram is rarely necessary. We also found running over 32GB can put a larger strain on the memory controller on the CPU, and thus limit overclocking. We therefore focused on a more robust PWM, 100% POSCAP Capacitors, etc. The board does have (2) 8 pin power connectors for extreme overclocking (LN2/Dice), however only 1 is needed. Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager
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Once a solid keyboard, now poor QA and build quality2/20/2012 6:18:59 PM

Pros: Good number of macro keys, bright LCD, and nice features make the G19 a worthwhile keyboard. It works perfectly with legacy software from Logitech. I use the legacy software because many of the functions don't work well with the newer software. You can't get the same level of control and functionality out of the limited newer software.

Cons: I don't know what happened to Logitech's build quality, but it has gone from exceptional to horrible. When I bought my first G19 the build quality was great. The coating on the keys were durable and the printing on the keys was perfect. There were no defects at all. Now I buy a G19 in February 2012 and the build quality is cruddy. The first one I had to RMA because the coating on the keys was uneven to the point of being blotchy. It looked as if Logitech's manufacturer applied it with a brush. Big sections were different than other sections along the keyboard. So I received the replacement. It too was in a sealed box. This one is at least mostly in order, except the right App key has a broken edge at the bottom. It's nice a big deal, but quality assurance should have caught this and fixed it. Now I'm left debating whether I want to return this one too or contact Logitech and try to get that one key replaced.

Overall Review: I have owned one of these G19 keyboards since the G19 was first released. Now I own a second from a recent purchase. If I was ever to buy another keyboard, I probably won't be getting a Logitech again. This use to be an amazing keyboard.

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Solid, reliable2/8/2012 6:55:18 AM

Pros: Good quality construction, decent power adapter that supplies reliable power, and nice to have eSATA and USB ports. Being able to plug in a 2.5" or 3.5" drive is also a plus. Power switch is a plus since I leave one of these plugged in all the time, but powered off. Also the unit works great both in Windows and when on a system booted to GParted from a CD.

Cons: You have to be a little careful when inserting drives, as there are no guides to assist you. The spring-loaded flaps at the time give you a good idea where to place drives, but if you change the angle too much you could easily snap off the connectors on the unit or on your drive. Otherwise not difficult to use. The convenience and reliability of this unit far outweigh this con.

Overall Review: Two of these were purchased on my workplace's Newegg account (not this one).

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Overpriced for DDR3-21331/18/2012 9:54:02 AM

Pros: Only way to get 64GB of DDR3-2133 into a PC without using a server motherboard. Also, comes with some nice fans for overclocking. You only buy this memory to use with extreme overclocking along with an unlocked CPU. In a regular, locked LGA-2011 CPU, you won't take advantage of this bandwidth. Other than that, G.SKILL is a reliable name in the memory industry. They're up there in the top 5 brands.

Cons: Overpriced. A very artificially inflated price tag that's so bleeding-edge it will most likely be slashed in half multiple times as LGA-2011 gets closer and closer to complete adoption for high end hardware. It's this high because they have no competition for this memory kit. And yes, DDRS-2133 is expensive, but not this expensive.

Overall Review: If you want 64GB in the new LGA-2011 based motherboards with quad-channel memory and eight slots, get two 4x8GB (32GB) kits of DDR3-1600 or DDR3-1866. You'll save a bundle and you won't notice the difference between 2133 and 1600 unless you're doing extreme overclocking.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Each G.Skill memory kit is pre-matched, tested, and guaranteed at factory to operate in a computer. The more modules involved, the more difficult it is to have perfectly matching memory that operates at such a high performance. This is the reason price is much different from smaller kits of lesser modules. It may seem logical and definitely much cheaper to purchase multiple kits, but if it were that simple, we would just sell single sticks and you can purchase as many as you need. Especially with the new X79 platform, 8 slots, it has never been more important to use a single kit of memory. We do not over price or mark up for any reason. Even with the fact that there is no competition for such a high performance 64GB kit, and obviously there is a reason for that. A 64GB kit is not 8 modules simply packaged together, if that were the case, you would see many 64GB kits available of different brands. Currently, there are only two versions of the LGA 2011 CPU, and both will be capable of this memory, the i7-3939K (unlocked), and the i7-3960X (Extreme). So if you have this platform along with this memory, you'll have a super computer. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Failure Rate Unacceptable10/20/2011 7:52:20 AM

Pros: Super fast throughput on SATA 3 with . Very low latency: SandForce controllers do an excellent job of caching and producing high IOPS.

Cons: Reliability. Just read other reviews. Read reviews online. OCZ has one of the worst failure rates at 2.94%. OCZ Customer Responses lie when they claim less than 1%. Do your own homework to verify this. Don't gamble your data, peace of mind, and the pain of an RMA with these drives. Worse, SandForce controlled drives cannot be updated/maintained while in a RAID. I know from first-hand experience. I still run a RAID of Vertex 2 drives today, but I have to break the RAID any time I want to upgrade the Firmware or "sanitary erase" the drives. That's unacceptable from this hardware enthusiast's standpoint. TRIM is supposed to make "sanitary erase" procedures unnecessary, but that's a lie. SSDs will slow down over time even with TRIM support. They do need to have their cells wiped once in a while if you use them excessively. If you use an SSD as an install target for programs and games (instead of running Windows on it), then you'd be just fine.

Overall Review: Newegg and OCZ, please recall these new gen SandForce based drives. I have owned four OCZ Vertex SSDs (Indilinx based) and four OCZ Vertex 2 SSDs (SandForce based) in the past. The Indilinx are much slower and require more TRIM operations, but they are also more reliable. My Vertex 2 drives hiccup sometimes, disconnect, and cause me headaches (though it has happened only twice in a year's time). In other words, I'd avoid SandForce these days since the new generation of SandForce controllers seem to have higher failure rates. If you already own a new gen SandForce drive that's running fine, then congrats! You were one of the 97% having no problems and enjoying awesome performance. If you're considering buying one brand new, look out. Don't gamble with this.

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Perfect, low-latency4/1/2011 8:02:21 AM

Pros: Achieved 7-7-7-21 timing at 1,378 MHz and the modules are very stable. No need for voltage bumps. Memory is also standard height without excessive heat spreaders to make the modules taller. This was a requirement for me since I mounted a 120mm fan right above the memory in my custom build, with little room for tall heat spreaders. Memory tested fine in Memtest86+ and system hummed along with Prime95 just fine for an hour at the 7-7-7-21 timing.

Cons: Others say that running this memory at advertised 1600MHz with 9 CAS might not work too well. I can't confirm or deny that since I bought this memory to work with a DDR3-1333 system with a CPU that overclocks to match a memory speed of 1378. So no problems at 1333.

Overall Review: I went from 6GB of DDR3-1333 7-7-7-24 memory (different brand) to this Kingston 12GB kit of DDR3-1600 9-9-9-27. Setting it to 7-7-7-21 was no problem at a lower speed. I wanted to stay with one bank of triple-channel memory instead of adding two 6GB kits. Adding more banks with up your cycle times (ie: 1T to 2T), so it was great to see this kit perform as well, if not better, than my old kit. Even though there are a few other good brands out there, you can't beat Kingston for reliability and low ratio of defective to good modules. Kingston truly shines when it comes to Quality Assurance.

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Excellent monitor, top 2560x1600 model3/31/2011 8:44:19 AM

Pros: This is the only 2560x1600 IPS monitor with an on-screen display (OSD) for configuration and tweaking beyond just brightness/contrast. And Dell's OSD for this monitor is superb with proximity-sensitive buttons for navigation and a ton of features. This truly separates it from the pack of other IPS monitors. To further that gap, the number of actual ports this thing supports is massive! And yes, you can switch on the fly between almost all of them. 10-bit panel and internal 12-bit LUT means its color reproduction is one of the BEST!

Cons: No 90 degree pivot as with previous, larger Dell monitors. Not a big deal, and certainly not important if you plan to mount this with a monitor arm. Dell replacement under warranty is questionable (just Youtube it). Also, you're limited to a lower resolution if you use VGA as opposed to the dual-link DVI ports.

Overall Review: Getting it from Newegg is cheaper than directly from Dell, but only when Dell doesn't have a sale. As of my posting, Dell has a sale making this monitor cheaper from them directly. I ordered mine. Newegg usually does a great job in being competitive for prices, but always shop around first before you order it here. It is expensive for its category, but cheap considering the tech inside and options.

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Reliable for 6 months so far1/25/2011 5:09:55 PM

Pros: Very reliable and runs cool at 47C idle as reported by Riva. However, this is in an air-cooled PC with plenty of airflow. No graphical issues, no hiccups, no nothing. This card is not used for gaming, hence why I purchased it. I have not tried Blu-ray playback or gaming on it, so I can't comment on its performance/reliability with those tasks.

Cons: Takes up two slots, but that's no fault of the design since it is passively cooled. My only other complaint is that the fins are perpendicular to my airflow, but that hasn't stopped the cooler from keeping the GPU within a reasonable temp range. I took off one egg because of the fin-direction. It could have been curved to suit all mounting positions (motherboard on left or right of case, or with ports facing upward). For my more install, it would have been better to have fins going with my airflow, which would mean fins running long-ways.

Overall Review: I run this as a secondary video card in my PC, where it cooperates well with my GTX 295 Co-Op (295 is maxed out with 3 monitors for gaming over a Matrox TripleHead2Go). I wanted my second video card to be within the same 200-series GPU for driver stability reasons. It only runs one monitor on the DVI port, which its sole purpose is to display Ventrilo, Foobar2000, the Riva GPU monitor widget, and other Windows widgets. Seems to handle Aero UI just fine in Windows 7.

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Fast, solid, and surpringsly quiet1/24/2011 6:43:18 AM

Pros: (Silent computing enthusiast here). I was absolutely blown away by how quiet these are for 10k rpm drives. I've used first gen WD Raptor drives (loud!) and both Blue and Black WDs, and this Velociraptor is much more quiet than all of them. At least for spindle noise. Seek noise is louder than the Black series, but still more quiet than the first gen Raptor. The seek noise isn't as low-pitch as the Black series, but it's certainly more audible. ---- As for performance, three of them in a RAID 0 array, short-stroked to 30GB each, on an X58-based board (Intel ICH10 southbridge/RAID controller): excellent write bandwidth of 300-400MB/sec and great read speeds of 200-300MB/sec on average, depending upon file size, etc. Best of all, seek times were in the low 5.x ms range (you won't get rated average seek times of 4.2, which is well known). They can't compare to SSDs in a RAID for reads, but Velocirpators in a RAID can give you reliable, fast writes better than a single SSD.

Cons: Warranty will be void if you take the drives out of the "ice pack" cooler/3.5" adapter, such as placing them in a third-party silencer/cooler. Also, to get the Velociraptors to perform well all the time requires some short-stroking (making their available partition or RAID array size less than their full capacity). The best sweet spot on these 150GB models is at 30GB, while a decent sweet spot can extend out to 45GB. What happens is that the heads of the drive move towards the middle of the platters when it gets closer to data stored near its capacity limits. This means data is being read much slower than the outer edge (at the beginning of the drive). So a WD Black will have better performance than a Velociraptor when they both read data at the end of the drives. So we can compensate by shortstroking the drives, which sacrifices capacity for performance. But I would only do that if you're using this as a boot drive or in a RAID array with striping.

Overall Review: Obviously they're no SSD, but that's exactly why I purchased these. I had 8 SSDs (4 OCZ Vertex 2 and 4 OCZ Vertex) in RAID 0 arrays, one for my Windows 7 install and the other for game/applications. I'm running the built-in RAID controller on the ICH10 southbridge of an EVGA X58 motherboard. Well, both updating SSD firmware and using wiper/secure erase/sanitary erase/TRIM (all maintenance we must perform every so often) is impossible on OCZ SSDs in a RAID. The RAID must be temporarily broken or the drives attached elsewhere in order to do all of this in AHCI mode. On top of that, all sorts of tweaks need to be done to SSDs when an O/S is installed on them. I've even seen weirdness (mini-freezes and long freezes or fluke BSODs) when running Windows 7 off of a RAIDed array of SSDs that all passed verification. In short, I went back to HDDs, and when it comes to HDDs Velociraptor is the fastest. The HLHX is currently the fastest, but the HLFS (this one) isn't that different.

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Huge Improvement Over Older Models11/9/2010 4:30:27 PM

Pros: The device takes 2 AA batteries vs. the 4 AAA batteries of older Adesso model wireless mini-keyboards. Big improvement in power handling... less voltage but bigger batteries for longer usage. Also, this one auto shuts off after 10 minutes (like the old one) but also includes an on/off switch if you're leaving for the night, etc. I'm not fond of track balls, but I actually got used to it very quickly. One other huge plus is the simplicity of syncing the keyboard and receiver: plug in the receiver, then press and hold the sync button on the bottom of the keyboard for a couple of seconds. Done deal! There's also supposed to be a red light somewhere to indicate low battery life, but I think that's on the receiver instead. Otherwise, the alphanumeric keys are nice and large, while the function and other less-used keys are smaller to keep the overall size of the keyboard small. Perfect.

Cons: Spacebar doesn't feel quite right. It's ok, but doesn't have much play compared to the other keys. So I find I miss a space once in a while until I get use to hitting it a little harder. When typing this review, I probably missed two spaces so far between words that I had to go back and fix. Just a matter of getting used to it.

Overall Review: Typed this review on this new keyboard. :-) Decent feel, worked right out of the box. Of special note is that this works PERFECTLY with a KVM switch. I have it on one right now. The keyboard and trackball work just fine. My earlier model Adesso with the trackpad worked, but the track pad didn't want to function correctly over a KVM's keyboard-only USB port. With this model, the trackball and mouse buttons work! For KVM users, this keyboard is perfect because it has an individual Scroll Lock key. The older model required the user to hold Function key down to press Scroll Lock. So this model is even more convenient. And its footprint is probably the smallest I've seen!

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Great... for a year11/3/2010 7:06:09 AM

Pros: Plugged into a 2U server just fine with included low-profile bracket. Worked great for external hard drive backups for a year. No drivers needed for Windows Server 2003, yet achieved very good bandwidth over USB 2.0.

Cons: Bought on 11/10/2009 and it died on 11/02/2010, so it last almost a whole year. This was in a server that was well cooled in a server room with a dedicated A/C system. The server was always on, 24/7, so it was powered with a reliable UPS. So in a normal user-setting in PCs that might be on 4 hours a day, this card would probably last 3 to 6 years. In a 24/7 environment this card lasted 1 year.

Overall Review: I would still buy this card for a PC, but for a 24/7 server environment, I'm looking elsewhere for a replacement.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchase the RC-100. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Please kindly contact Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at so we may assist you with a replacement. We are eager to assist you in any possible way. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
K800 is not a "keyboard" in the traditional sense10/27/2010 7:30:54 AM

Pros: Solid construction, great auto on/off backlighting features (you can even control it with software), and good key feel. Note that feeling of the keys is firm yet smooth. It doesn't give quite as much feedback as larger keyboards, but it's adequate for me.

Cons: WILL NOT WORK AS A REGULAR KEYBOARD. In other words, if you plug in this keyboard's receiver, and power on the keyboard, it won't do a thing until you install the software and "pair" it with the receiver. This is horrible for users who want to either 1.) use this keyboard while configuring new PCs, and 2.) use this keyboard with multiple PCs or on a KVM switch. This K800 will not work with any KVM. It requires software to run it. This is the worst design failure I've ever seen come out of Logitech. Other issues: flip out feet at the back don't really give you much height (common problem with smaller, thin keyboards). Also, I'm not fond of the reflective black plastic around the key areas. Perhaps it needed to look this way to have the IR sensor work for enabling the back-lighting? On that note, the back-lighting is not very bright, but I expected that on a keyboard running on rechargeable batteries. In short, "Pairing" for RF wireless SHOULD be hardware based, unlike this keyboard

Overall Review: If you're planning on using this on just one PC, already have that PC configured with an OS, and don't plan on accessing the BIOS or doing anything outside of your OS much, then there's nothing wrong with this design. However, if you need to enter your BIOS or firmware once in a while, want to use it as the primary keyboard with a new system you're building, through a KVM, or any situation in where you can't use the software, this keyboard isn't for you. On that note, I have no problem with other brands and other models of RF wireless keyboards when configuring new PCs, accessing the BIOS & Firmware utilities, or even through KVMs.

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Solid Buy7/16/2010 7:59:58 AM

Pros: I bought this for next to nothing used, otherwise I would have bought from Newegg directly if buying new. The ATX power supply switch is the jewel of this drive rack. The rack itself is solid, well-built, and can be mounted to anything. It also rests outside of a case all by itself just fine if you want to test your controller and drives separately. Perfect solution for those doing benchmarks with different components, but wanting a good stable rack for RAID arrays.

Cons: Awkward, non-standard 3.5" drive mounting. Don't get me wrong, I love this arrangement because this does leave room to mod and add some nice anti-vibration hardware for the drives. But for users who want to just slip in drives quickly it is not an intuitive or fast process compared to standard 3.5" bays. It still works just fine.

Overall Review: Here are the specs from the manufacturer's site since Newegg doesn't include them. Dimensions: 6.7" wide x 6.9" deep x 7.6" high. Weight: 1.2 lbs. I will be using this with a small QPack case (those miniATX cases that look like small cubes. It will fit provided you remove the existing 3.5" and 5.25" housings from the case by drilling out the pop rivets. I don't use the back fan, just the ATX power switch, relocated to the front of the QPack case, along with an Addonics RAID to eSATA controller. A little more expensive than an Addonics case itself, but with a reliable power supply I choose and more flexibility. In essence, this is perfect for an external RAID drive enclosure.

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Combo Only Purchase7/14/2010 8:07:49 PM

Pros: Card is excellent, great reviews online, great warranty support by XFX. EVGA is better for warranty, but they sell NVIDIA-based cards only, so it's XFX for best warranty with ATI-based cards.. But I'm not here to review it...

Cons: ...I'm here to complain about being able to buy this as a "combo" only deal. WTH? When did Newegg start this rubbish? Enthusiasts come here to pick and choose parts, not buy package deals, especially ones in big combo packages including a PSU. Pathetic.

Overall Review: Boo to "Combo Only Purchase"! And if you're reading this review after Newegg split the combo to sell this separately, then we complained and they listened. Until then.. BOO!

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cipher_nemo6/14/2010 12:31:12 PM

Pros: Solid, reliable, fast, and large. The dual processors inside the drives makes it perfect for RAID arrays. I've tested with four of these drives in a RAID 5, on a HighPoint 2680 with BIOS 1.1, WriteBack cache, and shortstroked (682GB used for each drive instead of 1TB). According to one HDTune test run, I see these read numbers for a h/w RAID 5 of these drives: 231.6MB/sec max, 151.1MB/sec min, 10.9ms access time, 137.4MB/sec burst. And I haven't had a single sector go bad on any of these drives, with some of them being a year old and under heavy usage.

Cons: What more do we want from a mechanical hard drive? Well, it can't outperform an RE4 or VelociRaptor. But it comes very close t the RE4. And this has less cache than the newer models with a 64MB cache, but I haven't noticed much of a difference. There are newer, 64MB cache models of the WD Black 1TB drives, but I don't think it's worthwhile unless the price difference is negligible. The 32MB cache works just fine.

Overall Review: I own five of these drives now. Four of them are in a RAID 5 on a RocketRaid 2680 controller for my gaming PC, and the fifth is on an HTPC system to record TV. I've owned 3 for around a year, and 2 purchased again just recently. Obviously not as fast as SSDs overall, and I love SSDs, but I would not run a Windows (or any O/S) install on them. Until SSDs improve their cache overflow issues, they're always going to have micro-stuttering for any O/S. I even have four OCZ Vertex SSDs in a RAID 0 array with 1.5 firmware and I can still notice the stuttering. Always use mechanical drives for your O/S install, and these WD Black 1TB drives are perfect for that. I use my SSD RAID array for installing games and other programs like Adobe Production Premium suite and Visual Studio.

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Perfect6/13/2010 9:34:20 PM

Pros: Works perfectly. Better yet, the quality of the cables and sleeving job is top-notch. Just the length I need since it works very well in my full tower Tagan (a/b/s) Black Pearl case. This has great clips on the ends with a very even, lay-flat fan-out and numbered ends. What more could I ask for in a SAS to SATA fan-out? (I don't like the power attached styles of other fan-outs as it's too messy).

Cons: Price is a little high, but it's still reasonable for a quality cable that you won't find in retail stores.

Overall Review: This fan-out is sleeved with the same black sleeving you would get for custom PC sleeving jobs. I have the cable running from my second PCI-Express slot (RocketRaid 2680), around my first full-length, double-slot video card, along my motherboard power cable, and down into the lower compartment of my case where my drive bays are. And I still have a little slack. Needless to say: these are long enough for any PC case! I've ordered a second just now to move both of my RAID arrays over to an RR 2680.

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