Not the best but okay card1/24/2011 9:52:55 PM

Pros: I don't play lots of games so it's okay for normal video usage. 1 g of GDDR5.

Cons: Running at around 40-45c idle while the cores are at 25c & probably the most noisy fan of all my other fans. May be it's too crowded at the cards' location and the air does not circulate well enough or the fan is probably cheap too.

Overall Review: Improve the fan cause this card is running hot compared to others.

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Decent fan with variable speed1/24/2011 9:39:34 PM

Pros: Not bad with speed around 1800rpm to 2000rpm, not too noisy at idle. Keep temp at about 32 -35c. Good replacement to stock 92mm fan.

Cons: Average price compared to competitor's fan. Typical cheap plastic fan.

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It lasts only a month!1/22/2011 8:15:44 PM

Pros: Convenient when it works, pretty fast brewing.

Cons: Very cheap plastic coffee maker. Mug is also in poor quality and does not seal well between the plastic & steel body with water sipping through & stay there. Well, it lasted a month & suddenly one day, white smoke came out while brewing & dead after that. I have emailed Neweggs so let's see if they honor their 60 day return policy and give me a replacement. B& D has a 2 year warranty on this cheap plastic machine too if they honor it cause I didn't keep the paper box.

Overall Review: You get what you paid for...CHEAP! Don't buy it.

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Cool but hard to install.1/16/2011 12:42:31 AM

Pros: Nice looking & good quality. Keep my 4 cores under 30 C. at idle. Fan is pretty quiet at around 1250 RPM at idle.

Cons: My motherboard LGA 775 has threaded insert so the cheap plastic push pins won't fit unless I remove the MB. Instead, I use my own metal screws to fasten the plate. It's very hard to install if you are not removing the MB trying to put the holdown to the hook because of the shape of inverted pyramid. The fan seems never exceed 1250 RPM but it claims to reach 2800 RPM max. Price is expensive compared to otherr similar cooler.

Overall Review: Manufacturer should have provide metal screws for the 775 MB. The plastic pins doesn"t seem to work or strong enough for hanging this cooler.

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Solid, good & Quiet PSU1/7/2011 4:56:28 PM

Pros: Pretty solidly built, well wrapped cables, super quiet fans & nive looking LED.

Cons: Don't know of any yet. Larger size than typical ATX unit by about 1/2" to 3/4" but still fit.

Overall Review: Let's see how long it will last.

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Not compatible with ASUS12/18/2010 10:38:57 PM

Pros: decent sale price.

Cons: This set is not compatible with ASUS U43jc and cause a 3 min. long POST during boost...try to contact Crucial for help but no return email yet!

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