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A good arm for "thin" consumer monitors6/13/2012 9:00:57 AM

Pros: Excellent construction. Reasonable price

Cons: 1. Warning: 20lbs LCD monitor limit must be reduced for all monitors exceeding 2 inches thickness. 2. NEC 2490WUXi will not work with LX arms. Need MX version. 3. Poor, but adequate, instructions.

Overall Review: A warning for potential purchasers. The NewEgg's "Details" page fails to inform you that the 20lbs limit for LCD size is further limited by your monitor's thickness (depth). After installing this arm to my NEC 2490WUXi, I found the arm would not hold the monitor off my desk. I called Ergotron's tech support and spoke to Mica who advised that if your monitor exceeds approximately 2" in thickness the maximum weight the LX arm can hold falls to 13lbs! This info is on Ergotron's website BUT NOT NEWEGG's. Thicker monitors change the center of gravity of the arm and, therefore, must be lighter to work with the LX arm. According to Ergotron, the MX arm will hold 30 lbs and work with NEC professional series 24" LCD monitors.

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A Good Aluminum Business Tower3/7/2010 11:47:52 AM

Pros: Previous user and professional reviews have already mentioned the pros of this case. For the most part I agree. Here are the cons, as I experienced them when building this case: 1. The CPU cut out on the removable tray is not big enough to accommodate in situ cooler removal for motherboards like the EVGA 760 Classified; 2. CPU coolers like Prolimetech Megahalems can not be mounted outside the case on the removable tray if 2 120mm fans are used. The tray can not be reinstalled. The second fan must be removed and reinstalled AFTER the MB tray in locked into the case; 3. The 2 rear 120mm fans should have, but don't, sleeved cables that are long enough to reach the front of the case so that they can be attached to a fan controller; 4. The Power LED connector provided is a female 3 prong connector using only two of the three female sockets. If you have a MB (i.e. EVGA 760 Classified) that has a male 2 pin Power LED header, you will need to modify LianLi's connector to make it work pro

Cons: Cons (continued) 4 con't. Lian-Li should know that many modern MB have 2 pin Power LED headers and the connector they supply is useless for such boards. Not a big problem for experienced builder, but could be for new 1st time builders. 5. Center post for video cards stabization is useless for newer and much thicker Nvidia 2xx type cards. 6. Power supply intake slots at the bottom rear of the case have no mesh filter on outside of case to prevent dirt, hair and other floor debris from entering case and power supply. The could easily make an optional snap on filter, but don't! 7. "No tool" mechanism to lock down 5.25" cd/dvd drives doesn't secure drives well enough and an additional supplied thumb screw on the opposite side is required if you want your drives properly secured in the case. 8. Overall cooling is good but not great. Could have used 140mm fans in rear IMO. 9. Front drive door (made partly of plastic) is not as bad as some have said. It feels & look's reasonable sturd

Overall Review: I've been building computer systems for over 35 years (for professionals and friends) and while I'm most annoyed by items 4 (Power LED) and 6 (lack of external snap on ps filter), overall I think this is the best aluminum business tower available with 7 easy to reach hot swappable drive bays. It's reasonably priced for what it aims to be and should seriously be considered if you wallet can handle it and you appreciate quality.

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It works well2/14/2008 5:37:04 PM

Pros: I purchased this device directly from Addonics to connect an Addonics SATA 5 drive array through an Addonics port multiplier to my Linux Box. I've been using it for over 6 months with absolutely no issues. Every time I turn on my drive array, Linux automatically sees and mounts 5 individual USB SATA drives. To date, I have not experienced any of the problems mentioned by other users.

Cons: A little pricey, should be a $15-20 item.

Overall Review: True plug and play in both Linux and Windows XP.

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1/5/2005 1:39:43 PM

Comments: After reading many reviews on all aluminum cases, I chose this one. Now that I have the case, I can say this is an outstanding ATX case. The dual 120mm fans are quiet. The fit and finish are as good as you could ask for. The design is very well thought out with three zones for cooling: 1. Power Supply; 2. motherboard; and 3. HDD area. Add a blue cold cathode fl light and you have a truly elegant and stunning look. I have only a few very minor complaints about this case: (1) there is no reset button (this seems to be a trend); (2) the power supply bay is a little on the tight side for my Antec 480w NeoPower power supply (another 1-2 inches in depth are needed to avoid cable crunch and to make it easier to work with the PS cables); (3) the case's wiring harness is a little on the short side - it could use several more inches in length so that the cables can reach the motherboard header pins without undue stress and be dressed more neatly around the motherboard; (4) the supplied solid aluminum cd/dvd stealth cover plate is not easily removed if you don't want to use it; and (5) while the cerrated edge work around the side panels/acrylic window is visually pleasing - when cleaning the acrylic window your cloth or paper towel will catch on the cerrations leaving small flecks of dust caught along the outer edge of the window's perimeter if you are not careful during cleaning.

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Excellent and burn at 6X5/29/2004 4:31:17 PM

Comments: These discs are typical Ritek quality - excellent. Another bonus is that they can burn at 6X speed, reliably, with a Pioneer 107D burner using hacked firmware. They are not, as some others have speculated, the same as the slightly more expensive 4X RSDM Riteks. The only slight downside to these particular discs is that they can not be printed on with devices like the excellent CASIO CM50 disc label printer because of Ritek's branding on the disc surface. You will have to be satisified with using a marking pen to label these discs.

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Almost perfect XPC, but for a little too much fan noise11/6/2003 8:11:32 PM

Comments: I built a system for my cousin around this SFF PC. I added a P4 3.0C cpu; 1GB Corsair Twinx DDR400; Pioneer 106d DVD+/-RW; legacy floppy drive; Abit Siluro FX5200 (she's not a gamer) and Samsung 191T LCD. My only real criticism of this box is that the fans (a total of 3) transmit a moderate amount of mechanical buzzing throught the thin aluminum cover. For me this is quite annoying. If you leave the cover off, the system is quieter because the cover is not acting as a noise amplifer. For those who demand a very quiet PC, this isn't it; although it is quieter than many larger PCs. In all other respects this is one slick engineering job by Shuttle. Well thought out, except for the design of the cover and the noise it amplifies from the fans. I would have given it a 5 rating, except for the noise. In my opinion, a small form factor PC like this should be almost silent. NewEgg is tops in my book. I've order quite a lot of hardware from them over the last year or two. They've always been on time or ahead of time with delivery, and they have never screwed up an order.

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