Strong output, the rest is average...5/1/2015 4:28:44 AM

Pros: Very strong signal everywhere in the house, desktop on the second floor achieved a steady 867 mbps via a gigabyte pci wifi card (only got 300 mbps with our old Linksys E4200). Looks great, similar to Apple products. Cheapest AC1750 router around.

Cons: Had to reboot cable modem everytime we rebooted the router during configuration(not easily done here due to our configuration, the modem cable is in the ceiling in the basement, takes about 15 min). Interface looks like my old early '00s routers. The dealbreaker is that the Archer C8 was unable to wirelessly connect to our Samsung multifunction printer vja wifi. I tried every trick and explored all the options, reloaded every single driver, tried to hook a PC then a Mac to the printer and router, tried a Direct Connection, tried WPS button on both the router and the printer (stays stuck at connecting forever). My wife absolutely needs her printer for work and I cant physically connect it to the router (it is on a small shelf in the basement, the printer is in her office). If I didn't had this particular printer, the Archer would still be in my possession, but I had to return it to save my marriage!! Got a cheaper AC Linksys afterwards, took 5 minutes to set everything up....only a slight loss of speed but no problems. TP-Link tech service is non existent, you will be on your own if you encounter a problem.

Overall Review: Be cautious, this is not compatible with some wireless equipments (gave me a Invalid security error, even if everything was properly configured). MAYBE I could have this configured properly, but after 2 days I threw the is short and no time to waste with this kibd of stuff anymore....maybe 15 years ago I would have solved this mess but now it will be returned.

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Best netbook for the price!!3/13/2012 5:33:48 PM

Pros: This netbook is a huge upgrade from my previous Atom based Acer. It can run videos in HD without a hiccup and can play most recent games at medium settings, thanks to its radeon graphics. The netbook is quick and snappy, but the CPU is the bottleneck here. AMD should continue with its Vision lineup of processors, but give just a bit more power to the CPU. The hard drive is quite good at 7200 RPM. You can upgrade it yourself for a SSD but this will push the price well above 500$. The battery life is also quite good, I can manage 4-5 hours of moderate to heavy use per charge. This is great and proves that this AMD based netbook is very optimised in the power consumption. It runs silent and cool most of the time, only getting louder if I play a game for a long time. Also it looks good and the Beats audio is a nice extra!

Cons: No USB 3.0 No optical drive (ok with me) Internal Broadcom WLAN card is really outdated. It is classified as an N-class card but it can only achieve 65 mbps maximum. I ordered an Intel Centrino dual-band advanced-N 6230 card as a repacement. It takes 10 minutes to install and now I have a 300 mbps connection. Also, prepare to spend an afternoon to fine-tune your new HP (remove bloatware, update drivers and bios, reboots...)

Overall Review: Really good machine for the price. It is quite fast, great graphics, can play recent games on the go and won't break the bank. It is highly portable too and has a sleek and clean look.

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Excellent shaver!10/7/2010 1:36:44 PM

Pros: Top of the line Panasonic shaver. It is Made In Japan. Feels and looks great in the hand. Can be used dry or wet (with your favorite lotion/gel/cream) or even under the shower. Gives the closest shave I've ever had with an electric razor. 99% identical to a Gillette Fusion shave. I have an angular face with tough beard, it works great with 14000 rpm motor. Easy to clean, simply rinse under a faucet, takes 30 seconds. So far very satisfied, great product. Inner blades not too expensive to replace (about 20$ once every 2 years or so). Battery life seems good, so far I shaved about 5 times (equals to about 25 minutes of use) and battery stills displays 50% life!

Cons: Neck area is good too, but requires a little more patience and time. The shave is a bit rougher there but I will give it time to adjust. Won't work when plugged in an outlet. This may be a protection by Panasonic for those who would try it in the shower, but my main concern is when the main battery (non-replaceable) will fail after a couple years, I won't be able to use this anymore. The head (4-blade) system is quite large, may not be for everyone. It is a snug fit for the upper lip area because of it's bulk. A bit more noisier than my old Braun (maybe because of the high-frequency motor).

Overall Review: I got this shaver as a replacement for my dying old Braun Syncro. It worked okay, but I was always coming back to Mach3 blades because they were faster and gave me a closer shave. I decided to jump back on the electric shave train, because my face is way too dry and abused after these years ( I work in a harsh chemical factory). I tried both dry and wet/foam shave. Wet is definitely better. It felt weird using shaving gel with an electric shaver, but it definitely was smoother and gave an even closer shave than dry. It was also quite relaxing for the face!!

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Best battery charger ever5/21/2010 11:44:16 PM

Pros: High quality battery charger/analyzer. Multiple functions, easily customizable by the user. You can really know the capacity of each battery, it is indicated at the end of each cycle. Old batteries can be refreshed and returned to their initial power rating. Lots of useful information displayed on the LCD screen (voltage, mah, elapsed time, etc). Included batteries (2700 mah made in japan) are incredible!!

Cons: Not really portable (about the size of an old beta video cassette). The front LCD information screen is quite bright and cannot be turned off, so it might not be the best item to put in a bedroom!! No On/Off switch, must be unplugged every time you use it.

Overall Review: I'm an avid photographer and I use lots of AA batteries. New Nimh cells are cranking out more power each year, but after about 3 years and multiple cycles, my old batteries are getting weaker and did not seem to hold a charge for very long. I have about 3-4 generic chargers laying around, often bundled with various batteries (think energizer, duracell and even no-name chinese imports). These chargers are really bad for your batteries. I also end up buying way more Nimh batteries than supposed (they are listed at 500 cycles...). Upon reception of my Powerex charger, I tested it with a 2 year old set of AA batteries, generic brand (they were 2 for 4$) and listed at 2200 mah. I ran a Refresh/Analyze cycle to find that they are only holding about 1100 to 1200 mah when they are "fully" charged! Then I used Break-In cycle, as it is supposed to recondition underperforming cells. After 36 hours, my old batteries are back at 2200-2300 mah!! This charger will pay itself really quickly.

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Great little machine!!1/19/2010 8:04:01 AM

Pros: This is a great little bread maker. It is small, takes low countertop space and produces great bread. I used to have an old B&D bread machine, it was decent, but the results were quite random, from average to bad bread. Also, it produced too large loaves for me, and I was always putting spoiled bread in the garbage. With the mini breadmaker, the loaves are just the right size for me. Everything I tried in it came out great: the bread is nice and fluffy, the cake course works great and cake tastes really good and is a snap to make. I also tried jam course with fresh fruits, it was so good. This machine feels like a quality item that you will enjoy for a long time.

Cons: Unit is actually Made in China, even if Zojirushi is a renowned Japanese appliance company. Build is great and feels heavy, but it is not Made in Japan like my other Zoji appliances. The price point might turn off some potential buyers. Also, there is no way to disable the "add ingredient" beeping. When you use the timer to produce a loaf in the middle of the night, it might wake you up at 4hAM if you have a light sleep.

Overall Review: Great little machine from Zojirushi. Everything I tried so far turned out better than I expected. Just watch for the extra calories you might be getting from all this good food!!

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Best Rice Ever...and more!!12/18/2009 10:07:52 AM

Pros: Cooks rice perfectly every time, without any human intervention! You put the rice in it, add some water, select the menu and about 45 minutes later you have perfect fluffy rice. The rice is absolutely incredible. I tried regular white, jasmine, basmati, brown....they all come out perfect!!You can also cook other things into, puddings, soups, porridges, etc. Just look on the web for recipes made for fuzzy-logic rice cookers and you'll be fine. Quality of the machine is outstanding, seems highly durable, made in japan. Cleanup is a breeze and the cord is retractable, so it makes less counter clutter. Useful timer function, to help you have your rice ready when you want it. Easy storage with the handle too. Looks nice and plays some music when its ready!!

Cons: A bit expensive, but it gets a lot of usage in my house so it seems to be worth it. Also, you have to plan ahead when you want to have some rice with your meal, as most rice types will cook in 45-70 minutes. Plan ahead or more easily, use the timer function (you can plan like 12 hours in advance so your cooked rice will be waiting for you when you will return from work!!)

Overall Review: After a trip to Japan, I wanted to recreate most of the meals I had there and this item is essential in doing so. In Tokyo, every large chain of electronics and appliances carried large sections of these rice cookers. This particular model was exactly the same price as Newegg (using a Yen to Us conversion tool), so I decided to get it from Newegg instead of carrying it back to Canada in my luggage!! A must if you like asian cuisine in general or simply enjoy good rice.

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