this isnt your ordinary high end psu (update 6 months later)12/18/2020 1:44:46 PM

Pros: flat cables (not as pretty looking for stuff like sata or or other cables but these are usually hidden at the back of the case, and then you realize flat cables are far better than bundled up in a circle wrap as they tuck far neater and flatter behind the sidepanel isnt as long as my evga psu so it actually gave me much more room in front of psu for neater cable management and that lower intake fan very very very silent !!!! even when fan is set to constantly be on and under loads !!!! most sata connectors give u 3 ends per cable this gives u 4 which was a big plus for me i didnt use all but it let me use less cables overall and have a neater setup cables are super flexible compared to some stiff ones u get from other companies which makes routing a lot more comfortable

Cons: no optional rgb stuff (not really a con) id probably turn them off too cause i hate lights lol but u can fully buy an rgb fan and stick in there if ur savy with a soldering iron or stuff like that while cables were nice n flat and not wrapped they did kind of lack flair to match the psu itself, i but they are all tucked anyway so no big deal honestly, if i had a real cosmetic issue it would be the pci-e connectors, but all psu's have that extra bit u cant tuck neatly, i strongly think they should give them a y split the height of the gpus instead for neater wire tucks as not everyone wants to have an extra length connector dangling about :( but since other psu companies dont do this either i cant really call it a con just an industry standard that can be improved

Overall Review: (update approx 6 months later) its still working amazingly quiet even with fan on powers my RX5700 flashed to XT bios pulling 225w and overclocked ryzen 3600x and 8x 140mm fans (4 on arctic freezer ii 280mm) creative ZX sound card intel Wifi 6 wireless adapter 5 hard drives 2x m.2, 1x ssd, 1x 3.5" mechanical and 1x 2.5" hybrid while i do have cons in this, i want to downright say this is the BEST laid out power supply ive ever used and im a high end system builder who's gone through the best of the best from corsair antec evga silverstone cooler master thermal take seasonic and many others. there is some kind of simplicity to it, sure it lacks rgb and flashy colors as some attention seeking psu's but what it needs to do it does so with utmost perfection and refinement from the specs printed on back of psu so u dont have to open case to see what its specs are (very thoughtful) and where all companies should put this, to the clean lines and labeling where it needs to be. ive also used it with a fractical focus G in petrol blue as its the only good clean blue case i can find and i happen to be a petrol head, (fractical design if u read this and hear me please bring back other colors to your new cases dont have to be a lot just a few for those who want them) to the person reading this, if ur tired of cutting ur hands and fingers on stuff, if you cant stand inconsiderate placement of stuff and where stuff might need to go, this might be the brand uve been looking for !!

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fast and responsive for a mechanical drive !!12/18/2020 12:29:12 PM

Pros: 256mb cache is a lot for any mechanical drive great warranty blazing fast 255MBps read rates :D runs pretty cool id still install under a fan to keep cool tho

Cons: no cons honestly i was hoping for a hitachi branded drive but got a western digital one, does that count as a con for you ? lol update december 18 2020 its gotten fairly noisy now all of a sudden loudest thing in my pc and its particularly annoying im removing 4 eggs for that now i feel like its about to die

Overall Review: bought to replace a magnetic 2tb that failed and this was the best specs and value for money so i went with it, i like it a lot so far i never experienced this speed outside of raid 0 with mechanical drives before, no complaints honestly i love it and the warranty drive itself feels nice heavy n sturdy great build quality

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Would def buy again11/21/2020 10:23:13 AM

Pros: Lightweight easy to transport Looks nice Not tempered glass but looks great

Cons: Video card slot screw holes had to be manually threaded when u installed so I have to apply some force but not a major con worked great despite that Won't see inside so great without rgb stuff unless u just want a clean dark mirror finish then it looks awesome

Overall Review: I liked it, looks soooo great with rgb stuff inside I recommend for a budget build I put in a 90mm hdt cooler Rx480 8gb Everything fits okay

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I wanted to put 5 starts but this thing won't let me11/21/2020 10:12:29 AM

Pros: Free how can this be any better

Cons: It was free how can their be any cons Maybe if u don't play these type of games but still was free

Overall Review: Yes !!

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Seems to work with every Ryzen setup9/19/2019 1:21:52 PM

Pros: Great black look detected and worked flawlessly no stress setup update currently running at 3800mhz cl16 in my ryzen 5 3600x asus prime pro x370 pc :)

Cons: honestly have no complaints at all

Overall Review: if ur using ryzen and your board supports XMP or anything that lets it use its correct settings this is ram for your new amd chip

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Great board but technical setup required for best performance4/19/2017 8:04:41 PM

Pros: when you upgrade to the latest 604 bios with updated Agesa code mem performance greatly improves L3 latency gets very fast works with 3200mhz Gskill CL14 Flare X ram perfectly M.2 slot is above the pci-e 16x slot so you dont have to worry about heat

Cons: pcie is 1 slot down but they didnt put a 1x slot for sound card or anything there so wasted slot :( not a 100% out the box afair instability with default settings past 2133mhz ram 99mhz base clock makes everything slightly lower than what it should be high PCH temps (southbridge) over 60c at times

Overall Review: i had stability issues past 2133mhz ram till i went into bios and set all the voltages manually everything except RAM voltage and SOC should be set to default values ram should be whatever the company recommends SOC should be set to 0.95-1.1v ram speed stability varies this

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