Great case. i tried to cover all of the pros and cons in this review.4/9/2019 8:43:00 AM

Pros: -Looks amazing -should be able to support any build whether it has a ton of hard drives/SSDs or 2 PSUs or multiple graphics card -cooling (airflow) is surprisingly good for a case with not only one but two glass panels -had an issue with the top panel and within 2 days of emailing their support they replied saying they'd send me a new panel -plenty of LEDs for razer customization. if you're familier with chroma studio on razer synapse then you can do alot with it.the lights wont look "blocky" because theres plenty of them. -the front glass panel left side has no LEDs but the light travels through it making it seem as if it does. - the razer logo catches the light really well making it seem as if its lit up without LEDs -great design with no screws holding in the glass yet theyre not going to fall off because they have pin-like pieces on them holding it on. -really long magnetic dist filters on every opening where airflow can reach including the PSU fans have magnetic dust filters -comes with nice soft velcro cable management loop things. they're really good quality and if you wanted to get some for a different PC they're not expensive but it is a really great thing to throw in with the case compared to the zip ties ive been supplies with in the past for other cases. plenty of space for fans and radiators, i currently have an NZXT kraken x72 plus the 3 120mm fans on it plus 6 other 120 mm fans on it. i was worried i would not be able to fit all 9 fans plus radiator but it worked out perfectly. -theres hidden holes for running cables through absolutely everywhere. ive got a ton of stuff connected to fans, motherboard, and gpu and every wire in the case was able to take the shortest route directly toward the cable management area possible -has an anti sag bracket for the GPU that is almost impossible to notice visually but it does keep the GPU from sagging which is nice. -2 thumb screws take off the top panel. after that you can take off the front and both side panels by just sliding them off however the top panel when its on completely locks the side and front panels in place so they cant come off with the top panel on.

Cons: -i have asiahorse cable extenders but the space in the cable management area barely fits all my wires (i have a ton of wires plus have to basically fit the whole power cable plus half a cable extender for CPU, Motherboard, and GPU so i doubt you'll have an issue.) its really not a common issue however i do wish the cable management area had just a tiny bit more space. i know if i swapped my cable extenders for just cables it wouldnt be an issue however they arent cheap so i made the ones i have fit and still be organized. -of course since its glass it gets smudges and isnt the easiest thing to keep clean. not a design flaw but just a flaw with glass cases. - theres a cable in the case i believe is for the usb type C but i dont know what its for exactly and i dont think my motherboard supports that cable however its just my luck that thats the one cable not described in the manual. it has thumb screws which is really nice however i noticed the most important ones (the two for taking off the top panel which is the only panel that needs screws) are an absolute pain to use compared to all the other cases ive used. they just dont seem to fit the greatest although they do fit without damaging the case.

Overall Review: -Upon purchasing the top panel had very slight damage to the "pin-like" connectors that secure it to the case. with a bit of effort i can get it to go on however after contacting the support email they said they'd send me a new one. the biggest up-side to their support is that they didnt ask me to send in the top panel at all let alone prior to recieving my new one. this is great because it can be a hassle waiting for shipping to get to them then for them to process and ship a new one to me. i wish all companies would do this but at least lian li got that part right. - some razer chroma enabled fans would have been an amazing add in but those would razer the price another hundred dollars at least im sure.

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