perfect for BMC 4k Camera6/13/2016 1:26:17 PM

Pros: no wiggle in the camera - perfect fit

Cons: none

Overall Review: yes

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Excellent Color Accuracy5/20/2016 7:38:43 AM

Pros: sharp, great color and contrast I use for 4k editing in Adobe cc.

Cons: no complaints

Overall Review: Yes. hope to get another soon.

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Awesome3/11/2014 10:53:18 AM

Pros: Small, easy to stow, easy to use, consumes low power - batteries last very long,

Cons: Hard to figure out how to open- I didn't want to break it when pulling apart - no directions on how to open....

Overall Review: Buy

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Doesn't fit my 17.3" Asus G753/11/2014 10:51:08 AM

Pros: comfortable

Cons: Doesn't fit all sized 17.3"... granted the G75 laptop is really a portable desktop.

Overall Review: It fits when stowed loosein bag , but doesn't fit in laptop slip port

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Great set3/11/2014 10:48:49 AM

Pros: good charge

Cons: none

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Awesome3/11/2014 10:47:56 AM

Pros: Fast !! Solid!!

Cons: none

Overall Review: Well worth the investment - Video Production use

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11/5/2013 1:49:21 PM

Pros: So far very reliable and pretty fast. Perfect for my needs Using with synology 1812+

Cons: Not SSD

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Good experience11/5/2013 1:47:53 PM

Pros: Reliable- tons of space- Hybrid raid (raid 6)

Cons: Can't edit large video projects off of this but I just transfer my current projects to my computer. Easy fix.

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Great for a year9/29/2013 3:45:19 PM

Pros: Great for running an OS separate from everything else.

Cons: just a tad small for cache comfort (using for just OS)

Overall Review: I do not know what happened, but it seemed to have been corrupted and gives me the BSOD whenever it's plugged in. Even if I'm not running an OS on it...Tried formatting it with windows install, with my synology NAS, and then again with my new OS - which it crashed!! I had a good run but now I am very confused.. To the trash I guess....

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Excellent Value7/21/2013 3:42:33 PM

Pros: Dual HDD Video Card OS RAM Resolution Feel

Cons: Only thing is I wish they offered it with at least one SSD. (NOTE: 500gb of memory in two drives at 250 GB each) Easy fix if I find that I need to increase the speed.

Overall Review: My purpose is for remote video editing and video projects. Yes, I installed Star Craft II and Left for Dead 2. Running CS6, but haven't run it through the gamete. It seems like it will 0 issues for my purposes.

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Great Card!5/24/2012 11:35:35 AM

Pros: Extremely quite!! Very cool and fast.

Cons: none.

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Too good to be true5/24/2012 11:33:03 AM

Pros: Board has a lot of great features. I had it for a couple months so far and I wish I could experience them , but I can't because it DIED!!!!!!!!!

Cons: It's dead and I can't get it replaced..

Overall Review: I liked the layout and features a lot. Wish I had one that worked.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear AsRock Customer We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please try following steps; remove the mainboard from inside computer to outside. You can place the mainboard on empty mainboard box, check the CPU socket pins are bent or missing then reseat the processor to the CPU socket with heatsink fan as well, inserts 1 memory module only in A1 slot, known good VGA card , known good power supply with connecting 24 pins + 8 pins to the mainboard, clear CMOS and try again. If still having same issues please contact our Tech Support at 909-590-8308. We can assist you shortly. Thank you AsRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email: