aesthetically pleasing and a nice white3/1/2021 8:03:22 AM

Pros: Pro - IT DOESNT GET COVERED IN FINGERPRINTS!!!!! Pro - preinstalled velcro straps in the back

Cons: con - tons of pre attached stuff in the back thats super difficult to wrap your head around con - random loose 3 pin pwm's in the back with no marking or instructions to tell you wether to plug them in or not lol

Overall Review: I would recommend this case 1000% for a budget build that someone wants to look nice, in terms of the price point this is definitely the best case in its price point i have another aerocool case that was similarly priced and this is significantly better

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Great looking nice fans with good static pressure3/1/2021 7:59:51 AM

Pros: pro - RGB pro - nice smooth coating and modest length tubes

Cons: con - THE MOUNTING MECHANISM for LGA 1200 IS AWFUL AND TERRIBLY DEPICTED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS con - the instructions are basically worthless and complete garbage

Overall Review: i would recommend this product to someone who knows what they are doing and is looking for a nice budget oriented cooler although i will not recommend for ANYONE WITH A lga 1200 socket cpu unless of course you would like to spend 3 hours trying to figure out what the hell coolermaster thought they were doing when designing the mounting mechanism

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good looking build quality and aesthetics DOA unit though3/1/2021 7:48:37 AM

Pros: Pro - MODULAR WOOOOO less cable mess! Pro - big fan Pro - 80+ gold efficiency at 850 watts

Cons: - the psu I received was dead on arrival.. :-( - molex and sata cables are very long and bulky which kind of defeats the purpose of a modular psu

Overall Review: - I cant recommend this product unfortunately because the unit I received was dead and while it looks like a well made power supply gigabyte is not known for their power supply's.

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