Great OE replacement10/18/2021 7:48:27 AM

Pros: Intel reliability and warranty support NVMW SSD performance Good entry price point Power efficient Encryption support 5 year warranty Good overall performance, copying my data from my old NVME drive it was averaging around 350-400MB/s {long term, appox 230gb of data}, slightly lower than I had hoped for but not bad. During system use everything is very responsive, slightly snappier than with the OE drive.

Cons: Not the fastest PCIE drive available Doesn't have a great write life rating Not much cost difference to get into premium tier drives OEM like packaging, no set screw or software to perform data copy included, drive and a little booklet.

Overall Review: I think this serves a great solution to replacing an OE drive be it due to failure, performance or size upgrade. Note: The 1tb+ sizes outperform the 512gb. Replaced the tiny barely usable 250gb nvme drive in my laptop, this one is certainly a little faster than the original Samsung. I have no concerns over the relatively low write life rating as it is being used in business use laptop that is likely to be replaced before the drive ever fails, for most the write limit should be a non issue. If you are still lumping around a mechanical drive or are still using a SATA SSD you are missing out on a world of performance and I would highly suggest upgrading your storage as this can be a major bottle neck to modern system performance.

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Small name, good price, high quality?!4/28/2021 3:42:52 PM

Pros: Modual as in my opinion every decent power supply should be, main 20+4pin atx power is sleeved and also modular. Quiet, very efficient, 62.5amps on 12v rail, arrived with 5x 6" zipties, required screws, ac cable, and a simple short installation folded page. -- No waste here, no badges, no stickers, no excess marketing material. The cables are long enough to reach all your components in most cases and to my surprise included a floppy power connector! 5 year warranty is always nice.

Cons: Only the primary ATX cable is sleeved, this is common for almost all power supplies and a fair disappointment. The cables will be too short to reach in larger cases and especially if you are the type who wants to tuck your cables away. Capacitors are of moderate quality, Teapo. 135mm fan is a non standard size which makes replacement should it fail more difficult.

Overall Review: While I'm somewhat impressed by this power supply I might make the small price jump to a premium brand. I installed this into a machine that is powered on 24 hours a day and draws a fairly steady 290w from the wall, we will see how long it holds up, it may surprise me but I fear with the capacitors it may not last long out of warranty. In fairness this is approximately 40k hours of use which far exceeds the average use hours in a 5 year period. Further note, Rosewill parts have continued to get better over the years, they've earned a respectable name in the industry.. I'm not sure who manufactures this unit but I've certainly seen far worse.

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As usual a swing and another home run from Crucial.4/18/2020 7:16:50 AM

Pros: It's ram, 32gb of it to be exact! I do all things I.T. infrastructure related and often need a chunk of ram to work efficiently and be able to spin up a VM or two for testing without my system getting bogged down. 16GB for the system and another 16GB for a VM or 2 depending on what I need to get done. Being Crucial it's bound to have top tier reliability with exceptional customer service if it should ever be required. While it's just ram and it's rarely seen in a laptop it looks good, the sticker label is a foil type which might even aide in cooling.. Nothing noteworthy but it's a touch above the common paper and plastic alternatives. Ram should be compatible with most DDR4 equiped laptops, I was able to test it successfully in 3 Lenovo's and 3 HP's of various models and years.

Cons: DDR5 isn't far off so depending on your replacement cycles it may not be transferable to your new laptop.

Overall Review: In being honest 32GB is more than the average person needs, 16gb is the sweet spot for most. Something to keep in mind is that the majority of laptops today have either no memory expansion slots or just a single slot with onboard soldered ram becoming the standard. Crucial / Micron will land in the component hall of fame, I maybe a fan boy but many are and for good reason.

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Awesome reliable cooler with high quality fans3/24/2019 4:24:49 PM

Pros: This nearly matches the capabilities of my current 280mm system and it's far easier to find mounting configurations in many cases. By the numbers, i7-5820k @ 3.8ghz {HT-OFF}, idle 37-41, max 50-52, the idle is the same as my 280 system and the max is questionably higher by 1-2 points on average. At idle it's near silent sitting under my desk and a total of about 30" away {I could be hearing hard drives or other case fans it's very quiet!} What you are getting here is a proven solid pump and radiator with a set of premium fans. The fans are what make the difference, especially if you selected water cooling for keeping the noise down. Good directions, lots of mounting options for various cpu sockets, all the cabling adapters you should need, epic warranty and customer support. Depending on your situation you can run this fanless {at your own risk... know what you are doing and use safe guards} If you do this, these fans make great case fans too!

Cons: It's not expandable, same relative design has been around awhile... A great unit yet!

Overall Review: Consider the space you have to work with, if there isn't a good direct mount get inventive. The unit assembled with fans is about 55-60mm thick, give or take... Lost my calipers and tape measure?!? {In the process of moving} If you need additional cooling, stack up a set of fans on the other side for a push/pull configuration! Additional noise but also additional cooling benefit. These can't out perform the premier custom water cooling gear but it does the job for 99% extremely well. Another thumbs up. I've been waiting for a modular water cooling system, I think a lot of enthusiasts would love to see this. I understand it's not for everyone and would require some knowledge to properly configure a system but it would simplify it and bring more into it.

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Corsair continues to with eggcelence?9/30/2018 11:35:18 AM

Pros: Reputable brand with a high efficiency design and cool features. Quality long time capacitors help ensure a long life span as this is a common failure point low quality power supplies. Corsair is known for quality fans and it's quiet, standard 140x25 should you need to replace it. More efficient than previous generations, idle line draw is reduced when compared to a previous generation RM unit. Corsair software is easy to navigate and provides a lot of information, amazing for enthusiasts or those desiring to learn more. I notice in my situation the fan rarely turns on and is silent when it does, at full speed it's audible but not over my graphics card. Modular, this is a must for myself as it removes the majority of bunched up extra cables. 10 year warranty? --- This is investment grade. Build quality, as expected everything fits, everything works!

Cons: Connectors are not gold plated, this isn't a concern point but would be nice at the premium level. SATA and 4 pin wires are not sleeved like the others.

Overall Review: My power supply is at the bottom of the case and isn't used for heat evacuation so it's of benefit that the fan will disable when it's not required This power supply will run a long time without needing to be cleaned and I'll have the knowledge it's using a little less power not using the fan when it's not required. On the other side if I relied upon it for additional cooling I could lock it at 100% or setup a custom trigger and ramp. Beyond the capabilities of and with more accurate triggers than classic fan controllers which were not designed to control power supply fans. Nicely packaged high quality power supply with a slew of extras available via software. Corsair has been a go to for me for about 10 years (fan boy?) maybe and with reason. Corsair warranty service and support is second to none, the community is strong and supportive as well.

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Quality and quick external drive with software6/12/2018 7:55:34 AM

Pros: Price point, USB 3.0, includes downloadable software for backup and security. In testing this drive maintained between 120-130MB/s of data transfer rate, even after long sustained reads and writes indicating the drive isn't hampered by overheating. After a test of write and verification of a 30GB file the drive was only warm to the touch. Toshiba's storage backup software while not the most powerful software it is very user friendly. The software opens a wizard for setup on first launch after installation, you can configure what to backup as well as how often and when, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. I suspect any user who is capable of downloading and starting the install will be capable of configuring it. Toshiba's security software allows you to password protect your data storage.

Cons: Included USB cable is short, about 18" end to end, while this is a little longer than many others I've seen it's still a little short of what I'd like to see. The drive is not slim, however this likely plays a role in heat and performance so it's excusable.

Overall Review: A common thing I see in many modern external hard drives is the lack of a standard SATA plug on the drive inside the enclosure. This drive cannot be easily disassembled to inspect the connector on the drive. The concern here is that if the USB port should break or the I/O board fails you may need to send the drive to Toshiba or another vendor to recover your data. In the past with standard SATA connectors you could simply remove the drive from the enclosure and plug it in to a SATA port or other USB adapter.

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Finally a 280mm AIO cooler!2/21/2018 6:12:56 AM

Pros: Simple and effective AIO water cooling solution. RGB lights, if you are into that are nice, well positioned, and not too intense. Cooling capacity for your CPU is top notch and 140mm fans tend to be more subtle to the ear than an equivalent 120mm fan. Handles my i7-5820k overclocked to 4ghz with ease. New included updated magnetic levitation bearing fans are a huge upgrade over previous models. The LED in the pump/block base can change display colors based on a temperature profile, I've always found this little feature to be neat.

Cons: There is so little to possibly complain about, the screws for the fans are a tad long as may be hitting the fins crushing the corners a bit. This should effect performance however as they are not in line with the majority of air passage. This has been an issue (non issue) with every AIO cooler I've used, just something worth the note.

Overall Review: First I tried just the included fans, not bad and I was glad to see the unit fit inside the top of my case. Unfortunately for me I barely get to see the lighting effects, left to mostly what is displayed on top of the block itself. The unit slightly out performs my H100i with both slightly better temps given default configuration and slightly lower noise levels. I moved onto switch the fans out with some much higher speed and cfm fans in a push/pull configuration, this dropped temps down a bit under stress loads but I doubt it would be worth it to most users considering the excess noise and dust. The noise level more than doubled and the peak temps only came down by 4-5 degrees, this isn't giving much more room for overclocking. Switched back and left the new fancy fans installed, of which I may add a second pair to combat the radiator restriction. Corsairs software is getting better, it has always done the job just a bit awkward to jump into. Overall an excellent cooler, about the best you can buy before going all in with a custom complex and expensive loop. Very pleased and disappointed I didn't spend the extra money on a 280mm system before.

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They do the job, nothing more, nothing less.12/21/2017 4:23:13 PM

Pros: Lightweight and comfortable with an inline microphone switch and volume control. Clean and clear microphone that doesn't pickup too much background noise while it's still sensitive enough that everyone wont be telling you to take the mic of your desk. Overall a decent headset for gaming and voice chat.

Cons: Musically, I guess with enough EQ you can make any headphone sound decent. Cable could be too short for some, a little under 7ft. Store carefully, metal frame may bend.

Overall Review: I sat down and listened to a few hours of varying music, AC/DC, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Markus Schulz, Eminem... As you can tell my musical tastes are broad. I was not pleased with the sound playing music, I wish I could measure the response. Another 20 minutes or so I was able to tweak a 10 band eq to get them sounding decent listening to music, I wish I had more! After that disappointment I figured I should play a few games with them before passing judgement. Started up with Battlefield 4, explosions were good but not overpowering, the rest of the sound was clear, you can certainly hear what you need to, little to complain about on the natural tonal qualities in this environment. Lastly, I played a few rounds of Starcraft 2, overall again did the job, no real complaints in this environment. If you listen to the music in the game, you maybe disappointed. If you want a headset for gaming that's over the ear, lightweight and comfortable with a good mic these would do the trick. If you listen to music, or really care what your games sound like I'd recommend making sure you have an EQ. Cheap and functional but nothing that stands out, which makes it a bit of a dud. Things they could improve: Sound quality. The 3.5mm connectors are labeled but not color coded. Cable is of ample length but a couple more feet would be nice.

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Nice quiet and quick hard drive that runs cool10/15/2017 5:27:13 PM

Pros: While this drive has been designed with a focus on surveillance it would be a perfectly acceptable hard drive in many situations. First, the drive is near silent even on sustained reads/writes. It also runs fairly cool, even under stress for sustained time, peaking out around 95F in a 70F environment with no auxiliary cooling. I'd expect the drive to perform very well in a close proximity hot swap bay installation. It performs decently in synthetic benchmarking I'm getting around 140MB/s read performance and 125MB/s write performance. There are faster drives around but not that run cool and quietly. I've been using the prior AV and now Purple drives in surveillance systems for a long time, they've proven to be very reliable.

Cons: It's not as quiet as an SSD. While the read/write performance is certainly plenty for most it's not great compared to more performance oriented drives (higher rpm).

Overall Review: All combined this would be a good hard drive option for many desktop users as well. It's quiet operation and low operating temperatures make it a great option for small form factors where an SSD isn't an option. I've used a many different hard drives in surveillance systems, I've seen countless early failures... When WD first released their AV drives I started switching them in where more expensive enterprise drives had failed early. This line has continued to prove to be more reliable in these high write conditions. I've occasionally used them in general use computers as primary drives, while there are faster around these are so quiet, well priced, and reliable.

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Good SSD offering by WD9/4/2017 7:41:06 AM

Pros: It will make your computer boot very fast and it will amaze the unexpecting user, programs opening in flashes where it used to take seconds or better. Slim 7mm SSD was small enough to replace the hybrid ssd-hhd drive in my Yoga. Great Read IOP performance, this is where the drive shines going head to head along the best in the industry. 25% power use reduction from previous generation, while I may not notice I'm happy efficiency is important. WD includes their own edition of Acronis with the purchase of a WD drive, which will give you the ability to create system images, backups, and other data control. Some SSDs have been shown to overheat under high stress and throttle themselves. Under long sustained read/writes the drive doesn't appear to throttle or overheat without active cooling from a fan. 3 year warranty with a 500 terabyte write lifecycle.

Cons: Write performance could be better, it lacks behind some others in the 2.5" format.

Overall Review: Minimalistic packaging, a benefit in that there is little to throw away, however if you buy this drive and need a 3.5" adapter you'll need to purchase it separately as well as making sure you have the appropriate screws and cables. As I noted this was installed into my Yoga being slim enough it doesn't have indents in the corners so it did hang up on a screw, however the drive laid just flat enough to reinstall the cover plate without a noticeable bump or any damage being done to the unit. I was concerned at first this drive would end up being an old SanDisk with a new label. I have a few SanDisk units and compared them on the same test system. The WD drive has different performance characteristics, so it doesn't seem to be a clone of the other units I was able to test it against. I hope this is true as those are some of the only drives I've had issues with. It's nice to see WD stepping into the SSD arena, they have been my go to for over a decade when purchasing hdds. This drive has certainly been a huge upgrade from the previous sshd. If you don't have an SSD yet, it's past time to get one. It is the largest general use performance enhancement that can be made to most systems.

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More enterprise grade wifi from Linksys!2/18/2017 7:02:49 AM

Pros: Enterprise grade with easy configuration. I installed the app for my android phone and had these setup in under 5 minutes while I paid little to no attention. Only a few lines to fill out, password to set, it took care of the rest. The instructions are on a card about the size of a door hanger, 3 steps, my great grandmother could set this up. Strong wifi signals, great throughput and the ability to set device prioritization is a nice feature for those who may have high usage networks. Wireless handoff, for example of what/how this is, you are watching a video on your phone and walking through the house, you leave the area where you had good signal strength and approach another VELOP access point, they will detect your signal change and "handoff" your connection to the new unit. This is supposed to be generally seamless in an ideal world, I've been able to continue streaming movies on my tablet uninterrupted while my connection jumps from one to the next. Parental controls to block specific devices right from your phone. Sleek modern design, doesn't get too hot, small footprint, good range and great reliability.

Cons: A bit on a pricey side but if you demand high quality reliable wireless...

Overall Review: The wireless linking capability or chaining is a technology that has been around for a bit but primarily seen only in enterprise equipment, which is also generally very expensive and complicated to configure. Not something most users could tackle with calling support. The ability to chain allows the system to be expanded without having to run more cables. More so able to do this without severe declines in performance or connection stability. As of lately I've been seeing a fair bit of enterprise grade wireless equipment from Linksys designed around the home or small business user, easy to setup, priced well, performs great. These are truly amazing units and I'm so glad they were designed. I always struggle to find a way to make wireless suggestions to people with large coverage areas or worse multiple buildings without inspecting the site and paying for enterprise equipment, then going out to install and configure it. I do this for a living and in some cases I'll continue to do it that way. But for the home or small business, this I feel can provide a great solution the user can self configure and purchase extras where more coverage is required. I couldn't find a specification for maximum wireless connection speed, my phone was able to connect at 433Mbps, faster exists but that's certainly plenty enough for the grand majority.

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Need to fill a wifi void?12/23/2016 1:44:27 PM

Pros: Very small size, installed in the lower connection the top has plenty of room for most power cables. It can be setup as a Wifi extender where the unit connects to the rest of your network via wireless and then redistributes it, in this case it requires no cable. It can also be setup as an access point where you can run a network cable to it and it will distribute wireless. Performance is great, very stable, doesn't get hot, has a solid feature set and is a breeze to setup. Great power savings features, you can give it on/off times along with turning off the led. Access control includes MAC filtering with allow and disallow options. For easy security it requests you to create a new login and password when initially configuring. The interface is clean and easy to navigate.

Cons: I had some issue with the unit not being connected after a few days of non use, simply power cycling the unit resolved this. I cannot determine if this is a fault of my router or the extender.

Overall Review: If you have a portion of your home your wifi doesn't quite reach you can buy one or more of these units and place them somewhere about half to three quarters between your wireless router and the problematic area. You can daisy chain them as well connecting back to the previous one, fill the garage, patio and more with wifi signals. After a few days of non use I've had the unit stop transferring data back to my router, the fix being to unplug it and plug it back in, wait a minute and things are working again. I want to note I haven't had any active use connection issues, it has handled a few good Netflix binges. The interface is a little slow, nothing out of the ordinary for most networking web interfaces.

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An exceptional component.11/17/2016 5:06:59 PM

Pros: The wifi capable of 2.6Gbp/s, two and a half times faster than your standard 1 gigabit nic included on most mainboards... A great and powerful included firmware loaded with more features than most would know what to do with, don't let this scare you away it's easy to setup. For advanced users DD-WRT and OPENWRT firmwares provide powerful configuration options, with this unit you can do a lot without running out of processing power. Wifi connectivity, I often have issues due to a high number of wireless clients that run high packet, high bandwidth applications. Most SMB and home routers cannot handle this kind of wireless stress and tend to lock up or drop connections. That is not an issue with this, I've had it fully saturated going to 7 clients for hours. Wifi strength, I find it beats out every piece non enterprise gear I've had here. I have 2 rooms particularly that never achieved good signal with any gear in non enterprise markets. With this unit I achieve solid performance in these rooms.

Cons: Size, price. Note: any this quality will be equally as large and it's worth the price because you'll keep it for years.

Overall Review: My cell phone can only connect at 1.3Gbp/s but data transfers are awesome compared to using usb. Even better because I used the included esata port to share a network drive my phone can stream music or movies from, vpn polishes off the system now it can be securely accessed while away from home without relying on third party cloud storage. Modern smart phones can do HDMI output, they make great HD network media players. With these wireless speeds your quality limitations are rather non existent. This unit is built of enterprise quality, everything about it reflects that. The great part that sets it ahead of others however is that this is easy to setup, you can by all means plug it in and go. Try that with xyz enterprise gear that doesn't even come with a manual. I want to get the time to play with the third party firmware options however there is likely no need. What a wonderful unit Linksys, a true master of its class.

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A nice, single unit for home users11/7/2016 1:37:58 PM

Pros: All in one unit, including 4 port switch, wireless n, and usb share port, small size compared to comcasts supplied unit. Guest wireless control is great for allowing visitors access while maintaining local security and quality of service. Intuitive easy to follow web interface with a great set of features for the home or small business user. Wired and single wireless client performance over the internet is directly in line with what is to be expected considering my line speed,125 megabit down, 15 megabit up. Great price with loaded features, it wont take long to make up the cost of renting your modem from your ISP.

Cons: This unit only has 2.4ghz wifi and only supports N speeds up to 300megabit/s, while this is plenty fast enough for most situations it has limitations in maximum network throughput however still exceeding most internet connections. Wireless isn't very strong, it seems to drop connections fairly easy compared to some other devices in the same installation. I've also had some issues when multiple (4+) wireless devices are transferring constant data, where one or more devices may get knocked off or stop responding for a few seconds at a time.

Overall Review: Future updates may fix some of the issues present. With maximum speeds of 343 down and 143 up this modem will not handle some of the faster service speeds of today. While it has replaced my cable modem supplied by my ISP I an not using the wireless function of the unit and instead relying on a separate access point. The internal wifi can be disabled if you prefer to use it this way as well. Most home users will likely not have a problem with the built in wifi, my issues come into play when streaming movies from my media server to multiple devices. The issues are unrelated to maximum wireless throughput and seemingly the units ability to handle the numerous users with high data transfer rates. Issues alike this are relatively common to non enterprise wireless equipment.

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They keep getting better and better9/22/2016 3:01:40 PM

Pros: After a few weeks of relatively hard use I've had not a single connection issue. Throughput is getting seriously good for powerline adapters, I was able to sustain around 80MB/s (MEGABYTE) = 640 megabit/s, of actual TCP file transfer speed, this is not too far below ideal gigabit networking which can barely squeeze about 120MB/s, and more often closer to 100MB/s. Consider these speeds were obtained while the devices were on different circuits meaning they had to pass through the fuse box, in my apartments 1970s wiring. Latency was ever so slightly higher, but nothing that would stop me from comfortably playing an online fps game. I tested one through a basic power strip, worked like a charm.

Cons: Not compatible with many other same brand units. They are a bit large, plan accordingly if outlet space is limited.

Overall Review: I've been astonished by the speed and reliability advances with network powerline adapters lately. These are at the point I'd consider using them in businesses where running cables isn't the easiest and more so to avoid using wireless. It wasn't long ago I considered wireless more reliable than powerline adapters, I'm not sure I feel the same way anymore. If you have a power line filter or line interactive ups these likely wont work well if at all behind them. Some devices can cause havoc with powerline adapters, if you are having issues it's best to unplug everything else on the associated circuits and then plug them back in one by one to narrow the cause down. Simply turning devices off is generally not enough as many modern devices are "soft off" meaning they are always live to some extent. While they wont work in every situation, they are getting way better, this being one of the best I've tested. If you have no ability or desire to run a network cable and have issues or prefer to avoid using wireless this could be your answer, they work well in a pinch with a rental or temporary living situation as well.

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Huge drive with epic performance8/15/2016 6:20:02 PM

Pros: This drive has massive amounts of storage, how do you fill such a drive? Entire Blu-ray collection? Backup your and all your friends computers? Hold windows images for every laptop made in the last few years? This drive is extremely fast, the fastest mechanical drive I've ever seen, running ATTO I'm seeing on low end 512byte around 50MB/s, get around 8KB files and above steadily nearing 250MB/s of read and write (General range of 230MB/s - 245MB/s)... That's silly and about half the speed of the fastest SATA3 SSDs. Fastest drive I've tested beyond this one is the 10k velociraptor but that only marks around 150MB/s. Silence... This drive is near dead silent, one of the quietist drives I've seen in a long time, especially at the performance mark. Open case, ear up next to the drive for reads/writes, not even a click, just a mild hum I can't tell if maybe the fans below it. Temperatures... It can run a bit warm but even uncooled (which I don't generally recommend with any drive for long term reliability reasons) the drive is running only warm to the touch, barely touching 40C in an 23c environment, again this is uncooled as the drive is sitting in my hot swap bay which is tightly enclosed with no airflow.

Cons: The reality of possibly needing to backup a 10TB drive, what do you back it up to? Another 10TB hard drive that's what... Now the time table of doing so the first time... Good thing it's fast! It... wont fit in a laptop?

Overall Review: It's not cheap, but it's fast, very very fast, quiet, runs cool (I'd be comfortable with it in a media center with limited cooling). Even considering the price, $/GB it's not bad and performance wise it easily tops most others in any class of mechanical drive. Buy 2 and put them in a raid 1, data is better secured, throughput is amazing, available storage is... Lulz. For lack of better words. I know what I'm going to be doing, that's stripping every other drive that is not an SSD out of my system and copying all the contents to this drive. If you need a large capacity drive or just want to limit your odds of drive failure with large arrays this really can't be beat... I'll be considering these to replace large raid arrays in business servers as the current drives come up for replacement.

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A great high power, high quality, small form factor power supply that is quiet to boot!6/20/2016 8:27:12 AM

Pros: Great power from a small form factor power supply, quiet, efficient, and runs cool. Fully modular unit with a 12" ATX 20/24 pin cable, 18" 4x Sata cable spaced about 4" each, 18" 4x 4pin molex cable spaced about 4" each, 2x 16" 6/8 pin PCI-E cables, 12" 4/8 pin CPU cable. These work well for small form factor builds as you don't have long cables to bunch up. One thing I like to test on modular power supplies is the voltage drop which can be caused by the extra pin connectors. These connectors fit snug but not so tight you feel you might break it. They are keyed and have different pin layouts so that you cannot accidentally plug it into the wrong plug or upside down. As for voltage variance, I measured it .01v +/- under load ( system is Intel i7-980x / GTX 970 ), this miniscule amount of voltage change is great! I didn't notice any severe drops at the point of load variance meaning the active pfc functions well and responds quickly. The Active PFC is part of what allows this unit to run efficiently which leads to cooler temps and quieter fan. The unit was near silent after stress testing cpu/gpu for a few hours. I would imagine the noise from it would easily be drowned out by case, cpu, and gpu fans in most SFF builds that would require this much power. Corsair warranty, 7 years of it! I've used hundreds of these units over the last 5+ years and have only had to replace a few, Corsair has always been great to deal with and more importantly provided a quick turn around!

Cons: Active PFC has a drawback and that is it can cause noise in sound cards. In my experience this is very rare and when it does occur it only occurs at very low volume. I did not have this issue using an old PCI Audigy 2 sound card. Cables maybe a bit short in some instance if you try to use this power supply in a standard ATX case, or if you have a larger SFF case and want really clean cable routing.

Overall Review: I find it hard to fault this unit, it does what so many others have not and without complaint. A bonus, if you happen to break the sata connectors Corsair readily has replacement cables available!

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Another good all in one water cooling system, with great fans5/8/2016 12:32:24 PM

Pros: A well performing all in one ready to install water cooling system. The radiator appears very standard in what you'd expect in such a kit. The lines are hard plastic alike seen on many older generation units, I don't feel this poses an issue. While the lines are a bit stiff it also helps avoid issues after installation, work them lightly and let them bend the way they want. The pre applied thermal paste is a silicone based, good enough and with a very long lifespan. The magic with this cooler is the fans, the build quality is amazing, decent pressure, rpm, very quiet, honestly the best fans I think I've seen that come included with an alike system. The Mounting system is simple, straight forward, and easy to ensure you get good balanced tension.

Cons: The pump seems to be a bit louder and slightly different pitch than my other units, slightly more audible. (It's worth noting that I had the fans unplugged for this) I'm not sure if I care for the clear line section, while it does look cool I have always held some concern about allowing the entrance of light. I do not know what the fill mixture contains, I doubt this will cause a problem.

Overall Review: It performs very well, competitive with other AIO coolers of the same size. The fans I feel are superior to most, however there are better fans to be had if you are looking to maximize your performance. This unit doesn't struggle in the least to keep my i7-5820k < 50c in a 20-22c environment, which I'm quite pleased with. While the unit came with a nifty 4 port fan splitter, that splitter does not have an auxiliary power input. I would not suggest running 4 fans off a single mainboard header, while your board maybe capable it's generally not recommended. This can of course be solved with a molex or sata power to 3/4 pin male fan power adapter, however you would not have mainboard fan speed control.

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Decent drive for a great price4/11/2016 6:35:24 AM

Pros: Much faster than a standard mechanical drive, some of the fastest mechanical drives ever tested will barely break 100MB/s of data transfer speed sustained, this SSD I tested Read/Write speeds in excess of 400MB/s (Intel ich10r , ATTO, Windows 7 Pro x64, 3.2ghz i3, 16gb ddr3). OCZ 3 year warranty, I've had to deal with OCZ a few times with warranties, I'm glad to say they have had one of the quickest turn around times I've experienced in the industry. It is only 7mm thick which allows it to be installed into all but the slimmest of ultrabooks.

Cons: TLC, this is the lowest price design of current SSD technology. These drives are generally a little slower and may not last quite as long as their more expensive counterparts, MLC and better yet SLC. While the drive is fairly thin at only 7mm, it's not thin enough for a good number of ultrabooks which some of now use 5mm drives, if you have one of these units I suggest you remove the drive to check for space.

Overall Review: This can be a great drive for many, but there maybe better choices depending one what your use is. Price point it's one of the best drives available in my research and experience, it outperforms most drives in its class. However, there is some downside to the class, I probably wouldn't recommend this for use in a server or high performance high data access workstation or gaming system. This is primarily due to latency increases as demands increase. This all being said this is the primary drive the laptop I carry with me the most. It's hugely faster than the hybrid HDD/SSD drive that was in the machine previously. Comparing to another laptop of mine which has about the same hardware, however a faster SSD there is no difference in perceived performance. (2.6ghz i7 / 8gb ddr3, Win10 Pro x64) These machines being primarily used for web browsing, watching videos, and general tasking. Another use for this drive would be in a USB 3.0 / eSATA enclosure as they make fantastic external hard drives with ultrafast write/read times. If you are a person who needs to carry data around or take backups offsite, this drive could be a serious time saver. If you do install this in a PC for general use I do suggest that you run more memory than you would otherwise need, this will help eliminate virtual memory paging (small data writes to the drive). I've found that in most users on modern Windows 7 and newer 64bit operating systems 8GB is generally enough to achieve minimal reliance on virtual memory. 16GB will almost always stop them all together, as tested long term on gaming and workstation-3d-cad use systems. This is based on your usage so take considerations, this is also not required but will extend the lifespan of your drive. A good step up from the previous Trion 100 series!

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Great mainboard, easy quick bios, lots of features and high quality parts3/3/2016 11:40:29 AM

Pros: Greatly compatible AM3+ socket, this also works with AM3 chips so it works as a great crossover / upgrade board. High quality components, KillerNic E2200 which is a model down from their E2400 however a great NIC bundled with software that may provide benefits for some users. The separated Audio section helps keep sound clean, matched with quality what appear to be nichicon gold capacitors (I can't quite read the label) however I have seen these capacitors on other gigabyte boards and they are well respected among audiophiles. Boards LED lighting is nice and not too harsh, it's adjustable on/off, fade or "to the beat" for some extra customization. The bios is quick to respond and easy to navigate, overclocking is made simple. M2 port for the fastest SSDs available, there are a number with performance over 2x that of a standard SATA3 SSD. One of the coolest features on this board is the replaceable OP amp, while not a feature that would be taken advantage of by most, some owners may appreciate. Also the adjustable gain boost, an amazing tool to help those who run high end headphones without separate headphone amplifiers, I tested with my 50ohm HD555s and found the output very acceptable. The header pin quick connector actually latches the header connectors into it, which is great in alleviating front panel connectors falling out during transportation of a built system. Lastly we come to the dual bios, this is my favorite feature because it's all too often when overclocking that you need to reset your bios and while not very often corruption of the bios during updating, this is a protection level.

Cons: I find it hard to come up with complaints about this board, however one thing I noticed was the lack of fan outputs, 3 plus the main CPU fan connection, granted this should suffice for most users.

Overall Review: SLI/Crossfire capable, solid chipset, good easy to work with bios, all built with quality components, drivers seem to function well and problem free in Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 x64. This board is exceptionally well placed for an AMD fan/user/owner looking for anything from a new build to an upgrade of their former AM3 system. Don't let the name "gaming" take too much hold, while it maybe the intended consumer scope it would double as a solid board for a general home/office or professional workstation system.

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Great small well featured network camera1/12/2016 7:51:33 AM

Pros: The camera seems to work fairly decently in low light situations, well in decent light. It comes with a power supply that has about a 5-6ft cable, along with a 5-6ft extension power cable. The IR system works fairly well, I was a bit surprised and I sell professional surveillance equipment. The camera is wireless and wired compatible, the included network cable however is very short, I suspect however that most will go with wireless configuration. The stand is solid and heavy enough to support the camera well in any position on the desk. It comes with a sticky tape pad that can be attached, the base has holes for concealed screw mounting as well. The app works well however I was unable to even view the camera until the firmware was updated, done very easily after registering the app on my phone. You can view it locally on the network or over the internet, it uses fairly low bandwidth which is nice for rural users with slow internet speeds and viewing on 3G cell phone connections. The motion detection and alerting is probably the best "security" part of this camera.

Cons: As far as surveillance security is concerned the camera is not great, the resolution is simply low so determining features of a person for later description unless very close to the camera isn't very helpful. As I pointed out above the best security feature in the motion detection and alerting.

Overall Review: This is a great camera for someone who wants to watch people they know in their home or business. The low resolution provides great ability to operate over slow networks and remote viewing made simple. It would make a great baby cam, pet cam, nanny cam, or say a house left unattended. One of the best places I think you could mount this for general security/surveillance use would be directly next to the entrances of your home/office/work, this helps provide personal features information by using a controlled area to force a good camera angle and distance. You could easily support a few of these cameras on 1megabit of upload bandwidth, all actively streaming.

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Another great ROG board!12/1/2015 12:59:58 PM

Pros: Asus ROG, anything else need to be said? Overclocks like crazy, no problem pushing my new i7-6700 to 4.6ghz, hit 4.8ghz but temps got too high when stressing. Your cooling system or cpu will likely be your limiting factor here. Comes with cable and device label stickers, which are nice for making sure things get plugged back in at the right ports, nice when you use numerous hard drives even more so when using RAID. CPU installation tool, it took me a minute to figure this little piece out but upon doing so makes a nice and simple way to install your CPU while limiting risk of bending socket pins. It can be left on the CPU even when the latch is locked down so it can be used for easy removal as well. Solid Japanese capacitors everywhere but the audio circuit where you get audiophile grade Nichon gold capacitors. Lots of fan connectors well placed for standard case fan locations. Bios functions quickly and smoothly, not very normal with modern UEFI. Included software is slick, allowing you to view temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, along with controlling most of these from your operating system.

Cons: Bios can be a bit tricky to navigate for novices. There are some issues between some of the included Asus software and various PC games as with the majority of higher end Asus boards, the most common issues are with Asus Probe. Not many on board USB ports, however enough for most peoples use.

Overall Review: I've found the Asus ROG boards to be some of the very best available, bleeding edge. However with that do expect some issues that are also seen with bleeding edge, however nothing debilitating by all means. While the system is capable of automatically overclocking and overclocking via software within Windows, I generally recommend avoiding that as it makes corrupting your OS installation easier. I've had auto overclocking cause a system to overheat due to prolonged heat soak. I've also had them be unstable causing issues something minutes to hours into gaming. I recommend learning to overclock and doing so manually and properly testing. A great board with a nice accessory pack, good warranty and many features. While aimed at enthusiasts it makes a great component to any high performance system.

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They are getting better!11/4/2015 5:43:37 PM

Pros: You don't have to lose a plug, good thing because they are pretty large. Throughput is fairly solid (network transfers using Intel gigabit nics ran nearly as fast as through my cisco switch), latency is acceptable for most. They came packed with a few Cat5E cables, they measure about 6 feet. I've been using this set between my main switch and a remote desktop which is on another circuit. While this setup is not recommended the units have worked and performed well. I'm yet to have to cycle the power on them or have a game connection drop. The system on the far end is heavily used for gaming and pulls a lot of media from a network server.

Cons: Latency maybe noticeable to a hardcore skilled gamer, and can add issues to latency vulnerable network data. They are very large and can get fairly warm, I'd suggest leaving some breathing room.

Overall Review: The units performed great, the fastest network transfer speeds of I've ever experienced from a power line adapter. It's an apartment with low quality old wiring, the data is going between circuits through the fuse box. In my testing on the same circuit additional latency was about 40ms, through the fuse box into another circuit the additional latency was 60-150ms. --- This seems average. The latency difference in either situation is generally not enough to cause any upset, especially for web browsing, email, even streaming media. It also should not pose an issue for casual gamers, or some game types which are not latency sensitive. These have replaced a previous set of power line adapters, the network throughput is awesome, backups are now a breeze. Surge protectors, UPS, and power conditioners can interrupt the data, do not plug these into these items.

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Good board, basic features9/21/2015 12:20:10 PM

Pros: Seemingly solid board, overclocked my i5 well enough to come to the limit of my cooling capacity @ 4ghz on a H50 water cooling system. DDR4 is so very fast, M2 sata port that I only wish I had a drive to take advantage of. High quality audiophile grade capacitors in audio section, also high quality capacitors used elsewhere. Many UEFI boards I've worked with have left me fairly depressed with the bios user interface. This board unlike most others I've used has a fluid working, clean, and crisp bios. Required settings were easily found, for once clicking and moving between windows did not feel clunky and slow. Lots of USB 3 ports, dual USB3 headers, sata express (for when the drives are available). Bundled apps are always a welcomed bonus, in this case especially if you like having your devices networked. Realtek ALC1150 audio is very high quality for an on board solution, one of the best. Intel gigabit network! It's really hard to beat the quality and performance of Intel network cards. Once in the bios I had some basic configuration changes to make, beyond overclocking mostly fan tuning. This board offers exceptional fan speed tuning that should work well with almost any fan, it can be a bit confusing to a novice but with a little guess and check anyone should be able to fine tune their fan speeds.

Cons: USB ports would not function for none keyboard/mouse (human interface devices) on initial boot before drivers were installed on Windows 7, this caused problems as I left the drivers disc at home, not even a USB wireless device would detect. This isn't a problem with Windows 10, so have a disc ready if you are installing 7.

Overall Review: This is a great cleanup from the last generation boards, especially in the bios which is similar however feels better tuned. On initial boot I had to check the bios for fan speed settings as my water pump was placed on the CPU_OPT port which works fine however defaulted to a normal fan speed setting, if you use water cooling make sure that your fan port is set to FULL speed. While in a multi video card situation not all ports are driven at max speed, this generally is not a performance limiter as the ports are wildly faster than most cards require. If you are looking for a mainboard with good quality components through and through, this board should feed your need.

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Premium, FAST ssd8/21/2015 10:34:28 AM

Pros: New controller, very fast, the price! Kingston HyperX SSD's have been one of my favorites, they offer premium build quality, top tier speeds, a great warranty, and awesome support. This is faster than my HyperX 3K 240GB, looks just as good, manufacturing and packaging is equal. Write performance is amazing, read performance is nearly equally as good. I've seen consistent performance within 5% of maximum speed specification which I'd consider very good. Makes Windows 10 boot in a matter of seconds on my non fast boot capable laptop. Comes with a license for Acronis to image your current drive, making the move to the new SSD simple and straight forward.

Cons: CPU usage is higher with an SSD, granted this is only during software load times which is essentially instant with a fast cpu and gobs of memory. As with any SSD it's important to leave some free space, I generally strive for 50% but that's probably a slight bit overkill, I'd however suggest trying to maintain at least 30% free space. This is done to help keep performance up, and lifespan to a maximum.

Overall Review: I highly recommend 8GB+ with an SSD to avoid too much swapping which will degrade it quicker, some will recommend disabling the page file, I've found that to cause issues with some software. Remember that only Windows 7 and newer supports TRIM functions, while not required it's a great technology if you can take advantage of it. Kingston has a toolkit available however it appears it is not at least yet compatible with this SSD. It is used to flash firmware and diagnostics. I do hope that this will be available in the future.

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