On paper should be a great product but it isn't12/17/2020 2:41:16 PM

Pros: The look and feel speaks to a well made quality product, it was comfortable to wear short term but could see it becoming uncomfortable (tight fit) over a multi-hour time span. What audio you can hear does sound very good.

Cons: The cords are good quality construction but too short, I didn't get to test the mic but multiple reviews external to Newegg cite the mic as being an issue but if it works it works great. The deal killer is the volume; with the in-line volume, audio card, and game/video all maxed out it delivers less than half the volume of my last headset or any other I've had, in video games it was so quiet as to be useless. Their web site doesn't seem to have a product or technical support option that I could find but I did get a quick response when emailing the generic customer service email - they said the audio must be a product defect and to return it. Normally I wouldn't list price as a con, I see that all the time as if the purchaser got surprised by the price sometime later, however considering how useless they ultimately were versus how they looked on paper I'd have to say price is definitely a con here.

Overall Review: I can't recommend this product to anyone due to the most serious con of inadequate volume, the other cons are somewhat minor but being unable to hear adequately is a deal breaker.

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DOA12/18/2016 6:11:55 PM

Pros: None

Cons: DOA - never completes post or even starts as far as I can tell. Had it in and out 3 times, ruled out any other components.

Overall Review: Did not make a very Merry Christmas for my daughter. QC from mobo manufacturers across the board seems to be lacking; I've received more DOA mobos in the past 5 years than in the 15 years prior.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Timothy, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please trouble shoot the mainboard whether the issue is resolved. • Unplug the ATX power, remove all components from mainboard. • Remove the mainboard from chassis, place it on mainboard’s box. • Clear the CMOS. • Reseat the CPU and heatsink fan. • Test with single memory module. • Test with onboard video (required removing discrete VGA card). • Connect the monitor. • Plug the 24 + 8 or 4 pins ATX power. • Connect the chassis power switch to mainboard. • Turn on the power to check if its post. If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at http://www.ASRock.com/Support/tsd.asp We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email: http://www.ASRock.com/Support/tsd.asp
DOA8/3/2011 5:11:25 AM

Pros: None - DOA

Cons: DOA- power cord fit extremely loose on the female end on the monitor. When powered up the screen remained black even with contrast/brightness turned up all the way, found that by wiggling the plug at the monitor it would momentarily light up then go dead again. Female plug at monitor is loose, poor quality control.

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DOA Avoid this one9/16/2010 4:59:03 PM

Pros: On paper this board has everything my customer wanted for her new HTCP, read the specs.

Cons: DOA, in reading other reviews this mobo has serious dependability/quality issues which is a huge disappointment for me coming from Gigabyte.

Overall Review: Hopefully this is a fluke and not a trend for Gigabyte like another big name board maker whose name starts with A and ends with S.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your Gigabyte product. Please contact us at newegg-support@gigabyte-usa.com with the case number 60903 in the subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue ASAP. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you. Gigabyte VIP Support Team
Well configured8/3/2009 8:45:16 AM

Pros: This case is nicely configured with front panel (e-sata, USB, HD audio, firewire) on the top of the case. Tool-less hard drive installation is a snap, power supply located at the bottom of the case and use of cable stays makes for a clean interior. Case has tons of room, the 3 120mm fans are reasonably quiet and move plenty of air.

Cons: Case doesn't come with mobo standoffs or much in the way of hardware at all except for some extra screws mounted in the 5" bays. The 5" bays are tool-less but I had to remove the front panel to get the cover off, I have big hands but the tabs for the cover is still blocked by the 5" bay. The forward fan 3 pin is way too short to reach the motherboard, a 4 pin molex is included but being able to use the mobo for speed control would have been better.

Overall Review: Asus M4N78 Pro mobo, AMD X2 550, 4-gig Kingston Hyper-X DDR2 1066, Lite-On DVD burner, OCZ ModExtreme-Pro 500 watt PSU, Windows XP SP3

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