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sounds good, mic is meh11/2/2020 6:16:29 PM

Pros: sound is good, comparable to headsets twice the price lightweight and earmuffs are fairly comfortable long cable, better than too short

Cons: mic arm is rubber and doesn't easily adjust

Overall Review: if you don't need volume and mic controls built into the cable or surround sound, this is a very good value for price! the mic is its weakest feature imo. the rubber arm bends left and right only and the mic volume is on the low side so expect to add signal boost in your sound settings. overall i'm satisfied with it and may buy again!

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sofar so good11/2/2020 5:35:58 PM

Pros: inexpensive yet reliable

Cons: slower than more expensive higher end drives

Overall Review: i needed an affordable ssd to get an older pc up and running again and this fit the bill nicely. i've bought lots of crucial memory which all worked flawlessly so i thought why not try their ssd? i'd rather have a stable and reliable drive than an overpriced speedy one that may die much faster, a trend i see more often than not.

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great replacement for stock cooler9/8/2020 12:12:37 PM

Pros: comparable in size and quality to stock intel heatsink and fan pins fit and locked with no trouble price is more than reasonable

Cons: does not play a tune on first power on XD

Overall Review: i have an old pc with a broken cooler causing it to overheat. first time replacing a cooler and it was surprisingly easy! heatsink already has thermal compound so be sure to clean the old compound off the cpu before installing. it was a small price to pay to get an old but still useful pc up and running. if i come across another lga775 needing a cooler i would certainly buy again!

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looks like a well made cable9/8/2020 11:24:54 AM

Pros: thicker insulation than most audio cables i've seen gold terminals help audio signal quality

Cons: not designed to be cut and spliced

Overall Review: bought this in the hopes to cut and splice it to a speaker with a damaged wire. unfortunately the wire inside this cable is not simply two separate power and ground wires. the ground wire is weaved around the center power wire. i tried to combine the weaved wires but they are so thin they started to break and fall off. still giving it 4/5 stars because it is made well and i'm sure it would work fine for its intended purpose.

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upgrading i5 3.5ghz to i7 4ghz is great!9/3/2020 6:52:44 PM

Pros: fast and handles multitasking excellently.

Cons: its a bit louder than the i5. makes sense, it runs hotter and needs more fanning. for a 6 year old cpu it's a bit pricey.

Overall Review: first time using i7 and i'm impressed. i certainly will use i7's in the future. it gives a nice speed boost across the board especially when multitasking.

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Excellent stand, no regrets!12/13/2019 1:52:20 PM

Pros: Very flexible with its ability to adjust height, tilt, rotation, even spin the whole monitor 270 degrees at the base! Also easy to change the tension so the monitor isn't too stiff when adjusting. Seems to be made well and built to last.

Cons: I ordered a refurbish so I was expecting something to be not quite right. Mine came with the plastic top cover loose and 3 small "fingers" to snap it in place broken off. Not a dealbreaker, the cover is in place and I only need to be careful whe moving it off the desk. If it wasn't for that, I'd have nothing to put here!

Overall Review: Really happy with the stand! The price was more than reasonable for the features and quality.

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keep coming back to this keyboard mouse combo11/24/2019 2:29:27 PM

Pros: standard layout with media keys, browser navigation keys and my favorite, the calculator key! long battery life, the longest i've experienced with wireless input devices. great range! uses one usb dongle for both devices.

Cons: function key between alt and ctrl not so functional for me, i'd rather have another windows key or the application key which is tucked in with the print screen key, a bit of an awkward reach. palm rest is not detachable. feels ok but i'd like the option to remove it.

Overall Review: i must've bought four of these by now because of the layout and generous amount of special keys. i took a star away because my latest purchase had a manufacturing defect: one of the media keys is shorter than the others and harder to press. wouldn't surprise me that after some use this key could become unpressable. one final thought, why can't someone make a keyboard that fills the space between the arrow keys and navigation (home, end, pageup, etc) keys? could easily fit 5 more useful keys!

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Sturdy case, poor hardware11/13/2017 2:54:26 PM

Pros: Sturdy construction with lots of room and three fairly quiet fans for a very reasonable price.

Cons: The included motherboard standoffs were half the length I was expecting. It seems they were so short that the video card wouldn't go into the PCI slot all the way. The card met the case's rear expansion slot frame before the card could fully connect to the motherboard and lock in. The only solution I could find was to buy "normal length" standoffs, which worked.

Overall Review: After my experience with poor standoffs and reading how some customers didn't get standoffs with theirs, I recommend having extras ready for this one. Rosewill, you made a solid budget case here, but please do something about the hardware standards!

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Great!11/13/2017 12:08:53 PM

Pros: High quality metals, threads, even the washers are made well!

Cons: Nope!

Overall Review: This was the perfect replacement for the shoddy hardware that came with a case. Definitely will consider buying again for the next build.

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