Good Monitor5/31/2020 7:29:52 PM

Pros: - Good picture - Good colors - Good Brightness - Has a waranty

Cons: - There is noticable ghosting but only with dark blacks/greys. Ghosting wouldnt be nearly as bad if there wasn't a slight purple trailing to it. - No information on how fast the pixles can change from black to white.

Overall Review: There is not a whole lot of information on this monitor online. I decided to take the gamble knowing that it could easily be one of those VA panels with horrible ghosting. While it is noticeable with purple trailing it really is not the worst as far as VA monitors go. And given that IPS also can have ghosting it is a good deal for the brightness, 2k and 165Hz. I found that the ghosting didnt really affect my play in shooters such as Battlefield. I would recomend this monitor to anyone but the people that cannot stand any ghosting at all. I would also say to look at the Dell S2719DGF because the reviews say it has a really good color range for a TN panle and since its TN it will not really have any ghosting issues. Disclaimer- So far I have only used this monitor for Xbox one games and it is totally possible that once i hook it up to my pc I will be able to fiddle with the settings and tame the ghosting and purple trailing some what. If I can I will change to a 5 star review. Right now it is very close to a 5 anyways.

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