Awesome Value, Runs Gret!1/30/2016 5:21:29 PM

Pros: - Large 13 inch screen still looks good 6 years later! - Late 2010 model, runs El Capitan no problem! Did a fresh install, helped save disk space too. - Runs most programs reasonably well. - Checking your email and light photoshop work are easy peasy! - Runs Linux and Windows 10 without a problem, does need Refind bootloader to make that easy.

Cons: - Corners of the screen were dented lightly, otherwise the machine is in very good shape. (Cosmetically and physically) - Battery life is around 2 hours, kind of expected for a device this old. - Don't even think about serious gaming. Like, just don't. The discreet GPU can't handle much and the CPU is also showing it's age.

Overall Review: Overall it's pretty easy to bring this machine into the modern age with Windows 10 and Mac OS X El Capitan, it runs light programs no problem and does 1080p video all day. Ultimately, I think it's a really solid value. If you're expecting a new machine that can run AAA games at 60 fps then you're barking up the wrong tree. These are USED and SIX YEARS OLD. Set your expectations right and you'll be happy with one of these.

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Excellent Keyboard and Mouse1/27/2016 2:13:52 PM

Pros: - Small and light, similar dimensions as my Samsung Galaxy S4. - Touchpad is more than good enough for what's needed. - Plug and play, works on any device I plug it into.

Cons: - Came with the wrong USB cable!

Overall Review: Keyboard overall is good for what it needs to be. My only complaint is the keyboard came with a Micro USB A connector, one for like smartphones while the keyboard actually need a Mini A USB connector (The larger one). I had one laying around so it's not a huge deal, but if you're not a nerd like me you might want to pick one up:

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Bendy What?9/5/2013 8:00:55 PM

Pros: - Works as advertised - More than strong enough - Comes with mounting screws

Cons: - Can't be used to jack my car up

Overall Review: Read the reviews with everyone complaining about the strength...this thing is MORE than strong enough for it's purpose. No, you can't set the space shuttle on it. It's meant to hold less than half a pound of electronics inside a protected computer case. The plastic isn't brittle and everything works as advertised. If you are THAT scared about everything inside your case having the ability to block hits from Thor's hammer then buy a metal one. For everyone else, this one is perfect.

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Works Great8/11/2013 7:36:49 PM

Pros: - Works as advertised. - Allows you to charge batteries without the phone. - Works on high capacity batteries and the low capacity ones that come with the phone. - Compact, simple, easy to use.

Cons: - Doesn't clean my dishes.

Overall Review: I can't be tethered to a wall 10 hours a day if I forget to charge my phone. This little magical device allows me to keep a spare battery charging at all times. If my phone is dead, I just swap the battery and run out the door. Coupled with a spare battery, having this is like having a fully charged phone ready to go at any time.

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Works Great8/11/2013 7:32:17 PM

Pros: - Works as advertised, direct replacement for the battery in the phone except it's way larger. - The included back cover snaps in no problem. - The back cover is a gloss black and quite a bit more sturdy than the original cover. - Extended battery life considerably, the phone has a usable battery life now.

Cons: - The phone's weight and thickness doubled. You should be expecting this for the extended battery life... - The back cover being gloss black means it loves to hang onto fingerprints. I'd like it if they had a matte black option.

Overall Review: I got the battery, swapped it out with the original one, and I've been using it ever since without a problem. Nice and simple, the way I like it. Highly recommended if you need more battery life.

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Works Great7/17/2013 7:02:58 PM

Pros: Purchased this ram for a Lenovo Yoga 13. No problems at all, install was a snap and the system runs quite a bit faster now with the new ram.

Cons: It doesn't sweep my floors?

Overall Review: Corsair is a solid company with solid products. Highly recommended.

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A+ Media Player3/4/2010 10:51:31 PM

Pros: This little player is just a gem when it comes to playing music. -Excellent Playback Quality -About the size of 2 USB thumb drives and weighs NOTHING -Plug and play into Windows Media Player/Windows 7 -Intuitive user interface. If your familiar with Ipods you'll use this guy no problem. -Supports MANY different formats. -Shows up like a USB drive in windows. -Just works! My girlfriend had an iPod shuffle and was tired of iTunes and Apple's limited proprietary media format, getting freeware music onto an iPod is a real headache. This MP3 player happily plays along anything you copy to it.

Cons: If I have ANY complaint about this device, it's the fact that it reads MP3 TAGS, not filenames, for organizing. This is a real problem if you have the same band tagged slightly differently, for example: It will pick up Three Doors Down and 3 Doors Down as 2 different bands! The logic is obvious, but if you intent to use this device with any kind of efficiency you should download a good tagging application like Media Monkey and make sure all your music is tagged properly.

Overall Review: If your a frustrated iPod user this is the device for you. It doesn't overload the user with useless pages of options or unnecessary "functions", it just works. And in a world where even cigarette lighters are starting to include bluetooth, I can appreciate a device that is only as complicated as it needs to be.

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Most Bang for said buck12/16/2009 6:13:04 PM

Pros: This laptop is simply amazing for the price. It smokes any laptop on the market in the $1500 range with room to spare! The keyboard is SUPERB, feels like a fullsize keyboard (And I have LARGE hands). The built in webcam is excellent quality along with the beautiful screen and solid construction, this is one heck of a buy. The face recognition software is crazy simple to use, alot of thought went into the user interface of alot of the built in Lenovo software, none of it is filled with useless check boxes and confusing text, all very straight forward simple wizards. Out of the box here are the Windows 7 Experience Indexes: Processor: 6.9 Memory: 7.3 Graphics: 6.4 Gaming Graphics: 6.4 Primary HD: 5.8 TOTAL: 5.8

Cons: It doesn't take over the world for you. (...yet) IF this machine is to have a weakness, it's the HDD, but the "loss"(if you must call it that) is hardly noticeable, all of my 3D apps like Google Sketchup run great and Adobe Premiere CS4 doesn't choke the least bit on HD footage rendering, once again, this laptop woops.

Overall Review: I have gone through all the functions this laptop has, and from the sound card to the video, you will not find a weakness. Even though the i7 is said to eat battery like its a fat kid with a full cookie jar, Lenovo has managed to keep a solid 3 hour battery life and a full power saving feature set. If you are thinking of getting this laptop, stop thinking and GET IT.

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Nice Case4/26/2009 5:47:21 PM

Pros: Very well built, solid case. While a majority of the construction is rivets, its got screws where you really need them. The tool-less installation is the first I've seen where you actually don't need any tools. Normally the case will come with rails to mount on the sides of your HDD's/CDROM's, but this one everything just fell in and held solid. The front case looks VERY sharp and has no slop anywhere, overall very happy with this case. Additionally it runs VERY cool (temp wise) and isn't a fan monster making wind tunnel sounds.

Cons: The glow on the front bottom of the case is non-existent. Remember that YOU MUST PURCHASE A BLUE LED FAN FOR THE FRONT OF YOUR CASE. If you don't your HDD's won't get cool air running over them. The case is sized for a 120mm fan on the front for the HDD's, kind of a pain, they should include advertised glows haha. Additionally, the case's fan speed controller uses a set of molex female/male connectors to offer fan speed control. So if you intended to use the front speed control for the CPU fan, for instance, probably isn't going to work well. One last note, I had one less copper motherboard screw set than I needed. Another words, my ASROCK X58 Deluxe has 9 or so screw holes to mount with and I only had 8 sets of screws/copper setters to work with. Seems like they should include that kinda stuff for a case at this price range.

Overall Review: When you remove the front cover you'll notice the front face wires running through two holes, one on the right side and one on the left side. If you let the ones on the left side stay there they are a big eye sore through the window, a massive bundle of wires running messily through your case. Instead, remove all the wires from the hole on the left side(the side with the window) and re-route them through the right side so you can hide them all. Makes the case look VERY clean.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Decent game...4/26/2009 5:33:54 PM

Pros: -It was free! -Graphics are absolutely beautiful

Cons: See other thoughts

Overall Review: This is a decent game, in no way would I call it a simulator, though. Very arcade style flying, all of your airplanes act like they are flying on rails, for instance, you CANNOT stall. If you are hopeing for a realistic flight sim, this isn't it. While the visuals are stunning, the game play isn't entertaining enough to keep me happy with this game for more than an hour. But hey, it's free!

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Excellent Case3/11/2009 3:38:37 PM

Pros: 1) HDD's are raised off the case in all directions, also they are installed sideways so you've got better access to the back and they don't interfere with long video cards, they are held in by 4 screws and rubber O-rings. 2) Cooling is A grade, find a 120mm and 80mmx15mm on newegg and get them if you get this case. The hard drives are actually held in with at least a 1cm of space between them if you install multiple HD's, so no heat problem there. 3) Metal tool-less install system is ingenious, works great. 4) PSU is on bottom with ventilation holes pointing down and out of the case, keeping the PSU heat outside and not inside, also contributing to a very, very cool(as in temp) case. 5) Aesthetics are very pleasing, the construction is also very solid with no points that would be called "flimsy", even when both covers are removed.

Cons: When I turn my computer on the local weather service issues a tornado warning. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Overall Review: I purchased this case for my i7 setup and I'm very, very happy with it. It has alot of features you would see on a more high-end case without the hit to your wallet. All of the fans in the case have a molex(standard hard drive) connector for power. A few of the important fans also include a connector for the mainboard, note that every fan has alteast a molex. When you buy this case, you can count on a heavy, solid, sweet looking machine next to your monitor.

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Excellent Ram3/3/2009 8:56:31 AM

Pros: Excellent RAM for a good price. While I did give the product 5 eggs, I am not totally happy with it. I purchased 2 sticks of this RAM and one of them worked for about 10 seconds before causing a blue screen. RMA, here I come

Cons: Other than the dead stick, I have no gripes, the other stick has worked flawlessly for several weeks now.

Overall Review: My luck is often very poor with these things, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. :D

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Acceptable....almost3/3/2009 8:53:45 AM

Pros: I recieved 2 of these in the mail, both of them worked flawlessly for about 2 months.

Cons: Here is where it gets hairy, with the first one the "locking" tab broke off. In the locked position. So it reads awsome but I can't write anything to it now. Keep in mind it did this after I removed it from my camera, not like I was playing football with the SD Card. The second one just stopped working. No read, no write, and I've tried it in several different devices including a Pocket PC, 2 digital cameras, and 3 different card readers, all show a negative. Dead SD card....

Overall Review: Honestly, I would not make this purchase again. There are plenty of other SD cards on the market here that would probably be just as good(probably better!) for nearly the same price.

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