Failed after a month and a half.9/30/2019 7:59:50 PM

Pros: Lots of storage at a reasonable price.

Cons: Failed after a month and a half taking my xbox downloads with it, oof lol.

Overall Review: Western Digital has never failed me until now. Extremely disappointing. This kind of unreliability in their hardware is as bad as C-Gate.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Anonymous, We are sorry to hear that the WD Blue PC Hard Drive is not working on your computer and thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. If the drive is not detected on your computer after connecting it on the SATA port then it could be caused due to various causes, it includes bad SATA port or SATA cable may have gone bad. We suggest you connect the drive on a different SATA port or using a different SATA cable to isolate the issue. If the drive still does not detect on the computer then please refer to the link provided below for solutions to troubleshoot the issue. "Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive": The best practice is to run Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows when a drive is behaving abnormally. You can refer to the below mentioned link and follow the instructions to test the device using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows. "Testing a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows": If the test is inconclusive then you can replace the drive by creating a replacement with Western Digital. To know the steps to create an RMA, you can refer to the link mentioned below. "How to Get an RMA to Replace a Defective Product, Obtain a Power Supply, or USB Cable for a WD Product": We would like to follow up with you to help discover the root cause of your drive’s failure. We suggest you contact our Support team by phone or email from the link given below with reference to this review for assistance. We'd be happy to help. Need Help? Please contact us at: Phone: Email:
Ryzen Launch Sadness with janky Asus hardware.7/13/2019 12:38:42 PM

Pros: - Nice aesthetics, clean layout, easy to build in. - Lots of ports for SATA and chassis fans. - Neat rgb effects. - Clean bios options to tweak settings, everything explained well.

Cons: - Wifi 6 dead. - USB ports dead. - M.2 drives (Gen3 and PCIE Gen 4) could not copy files for prolonged periods of time. Gen3 NVME would fail after 40GB. Gen4 NVME would instantly fail after a few seconds. When the file copying failed the system would slow down into a slide show before ultimately shutting down. Did I get a bad unit with a dead soutbridge (where the baby fan is located)?

Overall Review: If the board arrived functional this would have been my dream build. When it did work the 3900x benchmark numbers were fantastic. Things just fell apart a few hours into usage as I proceeded to experience hardware failure on different components. No matter how many times I'd try re-installing drivers or switching out components this launch day 3900x build was a failure, lol. Newegg agent kindly issued a refund. Will try a different brand of mobo from a competitor and hope my next build goes better.

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Received an open box and previously used component10/30/2018 4:56:17 PM

Pros: Dual system option for Evolv X case would be perfect for a two-in-one streaming build.

Cons: Received a used item that had been used by another buyer. Retail packaging was sliced up with razor blades, and then repackaged using shipping tape.

Overall Review: Receiving used items sold as new is a problem I never expected to have with a newegg purchase. Returned the item for a refund. Newegg customer support was very apologetic for this incident and quick to resolve the issue.

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Motherboard keeps popping out10/30/2018 4:50:56 PM

Pros: Lots of space. Clean design. Room for powerful components.

Cons: Motherboard kept popping out. There's something wonky going on with the stand off's and using the supplied screws would not secure it in place. Returned it for a refund. For the price I expected better quality control from this anticipated case.

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7 months late to the party unless you're a Tech Tuber7/2/2018 7:35:18 AM

Pros: Three face plates to match whichever Define R6 you purchased. Finally USB C functionality for those who need it or want it. Mostly easy installation (watch the Fractal youtube if you need help).

Cons: Install was mostly easy, as was guiding the new USB C through the case to the motherboard connector. Instructions were very vague with just airplane style drawings - the youtube video Fractal made kind of helped. At no point did any of the instructions indicate you had to route the newer USB C cable through the system, that could be explained better. My main gripe with the product is the long delay in reaching market. When you launch a product do not tease accessories that only Tech Youtuber's will get to enjoy and then make the end customer wondering when the heck they'll be able to get it too (6 month wait for the Flex VRC-25 and then 7 months for the Connect D1). Other case manufacturers are including USB C in their products, why didn't the Define R6 come with it by default too.

Overall Review: Define R6 is a great case for my needs. I just wish Fractal didn't pull the extended bait and switch when sending their products out to reviewers who touted the accessories that took half a year to be delivered.

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Manufacturer Response:
We do apologize for the long wait on these accessories. We also appreciate your feedback on the manual, and we'll take a closer look to see if there's anything we can do to further clarify on the install process. As for Tech YouTubers getting early samples, I'd just like to point out that those were nonfunctional prototypes intended purely to demonstrate how these accessories would look in the case. If we'd had finished, fully functional units on hand when the Define R6 launched, there's no way we'd have given them all away just to make R6 owners sweat it out all this time. Again, sorry the wait was so much longer than expected, but know that if there's anything we could have done to make them available any sooner without sacrifice to the quality of the finished product, we'd have done it without hesitation. Best, Fractal Design North America
A highly functional case of beauty.3/9/2018 10:27:38 AM

Pros: - Fantastic design, appearance, and ease of install. - The pull out rack for SSD installs makes it easy to expand storage, plus if you ever decide to change cooling options on the CPU you can do that with the exposed backside of the motherboard. - Enough space for clean cable management. - High airflow keeps my components supercool without a need for watercooling.

Cons: - Pulling out the mesh front to install fans required watching Dmitri on hardware canucks to figure out how to do it without taking the whole front panel off. But I still needed to take the front panel off to get two 140mm fans inside as the left side of the black plastic panel obstructed the screw holes. - The lower psu shroud area can get cramped with the 3.5 drive cage in the way. - Black tint is really dark but I'm growing to love the void of darkness. - Wish there was a fan hub like in the Define R6. - No USB C option, would have been nice.

Overall Review: Case is only a little bit smaller than the original Meshify C by a few mm, which has the same limits for top radiator/front radiator cooling options, but oddly seems small in person when compared to Fractal's Define R6. Thermally this is so much better than the Enthoo Evolv mATX Tempered Glass case my system used to be in (gpu now at mid 60's vs mid 70's)

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Overpriced case lacking in core features.2/24/2018 1:56:51 PM

Pros: - Tempered glass mounting sets a new standard. - Reversible front panel door orientation. - Plenty of storage options.

Cons: - Where's the USB-C port on the front panel? An optional accessory that isn't for sale. - Where's the vertical gpu kit? EVGA includes this free in their DG77 case. An optional accessory that isn't for sale. - SSD mounting in the rear of the case is a pain to install vs the Meshify C rack. - Included fans were so loud despite this being a silence orientated case (like my previous Define R5). Had to replace them with ugly Noctua's for the time being.

Overall Review: This is an expensive case to buy, not including the expensive shipping cost when ordering from newegg. Once delivered the regret started settling in. I paid so much money for a case lacking in core features that should be standard, as they are in cases from the competition. It's like Fractal were so impressed with their Tempered Glass implementation they thought that was good enough to call this a new revision to the Define series and just call it a day. Still waiting on that one case that will get it right.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Roy, Sorry it's been such a long wait on those accessories, but rest assured we're working hard to make them available as soon as possible. Standard as some new features may seem, not all PCIE and USB Type-C created equal, and we felt it important to include the latest tech and best materials and manufacturing processes available to make sure these parts meet the same standards of durability and performance as the case itself. Speaking of which, the included Dynamic X2 fans should be among the quietest out there, so it concerns me to hear that yours are making such noise as to warrant replacement with another model. If your fans are making an unusual amount of noise, we'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to help troubleshoot and optimize your configuration, and/or replace any fans that are not operating as they should. Please don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience via and we'll be happy to assist however we can. Best, Fractal Design North America
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Fractal Design Support
Black screen crashes and 100% Fan Usage9/2/2016 9:29:24 AM

Pros: None.

Cons: EVGA have indicated this card has a hardware problem resulting in games showing a black screen, followed by fans ramped up to 100%, and a total system hard lock. This card could have been amazing but it just won't work. Even experienced the same thing in MS Word and was horrified I'd lose all the progress in a project I was authoring. Other stuff: The rgb lighting on the side lost brightness after the first few days, looks like a cheap roadside motel sign. The shroud is kind of ugly and getting the plastic wrap off it was a pain. Supposedly EVGA customer service is awesome but try your luck with a different brand. Two of these cards failed, not going to bother trying them any more a third time. Newegg customer service came through for me.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I am sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with your EVGA GTX 1080 graphics card. I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. If you haven't already done so, then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: so that we can assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support