What the Bezel?4/17/2021 9:14:16 AM

Pros: This picture is fantastic for 2K resolutions and I'm really happy with the ease of use for the OSD to set up the monitor's options. The refresh rate definitely delivers consistently across games like Baldur's Gate 3 and Sea of Thieves. The mounting still allows me plenty of desk space as well

Cons: The advertising images and the real product images provided by other reviewers revealed that there's a big disconnect on the bezel edges for this product. I bought it with the assumption that the display would reach to the edge of the screen, but a quick search through other reviews with images here reveals that is not the case. It's really disappointing and I spent several hours tweaking menus and installing/reinstalling drivers to see what the problem is. If I am misunderstanding this or haven't hit up the right tech support articles, feedback is appreciated!

Overall Review: I recommend this for the reasonable pricing for performance. I'm in the minority where I don't see much to boast in 4K images, finding 2K to still be comparable with budget in mind. Please be aware of the bezels when you purchase this. If you are fine with this design, then this product is for you!

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