Get what you pay for.7/13/2021 11:47:14 AM

Pros: 16 awg sleeved mod cables. Who cares if you have to work them a bit to get the flex you desire. The fact that it doesnt choke out the PSU should be enough to buy these over cheaper, less reliable 18 and 20 awg sleeved cables.

Cons: Not enough color options.

Overall Review: Best sleeved cables hands down. Will continue to use these over Corsair, and will always pay more for quality. Just wish they had more color options.

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Best case for the price7/3/2021 1:34:41 AM

Pros: Spacious, solidly built, more than affordable, decent customer support.

Cons: LED Fans are not my go to...

Overall Review: Very good case, especially for budget or hobbyist builds. Recently used this case for an all asrock AMD hobbyist build featuring the AMD FX 9590 and Fatal1ty components. Case fits an ATX board with ease and spare room for extra fans and radiators. I wish that cougar would add some rubber grommets to this case to help prevent chaffing of wires. The PSU basement is a bit tight so I would recommend using a Semi Modular PSU at the very least. I have purchased and built around 15 of this particular case from various vendors and sellers. I am yet to be disappointed with anything about this case other than the cheap LED fans. The Fans themselves operate flawlessly and are moderately quiet. Its just the blue aura the fan emits that i do not like. I normally just replace them with some inexpensive rosewill or thermaltake LED Ring fans. Despite being one of the few case manufacturers that build mainly top end chassis and business chassis, I have found this to be one of the absolute best cases for Gaming Rigs due to the inexpensive price tag and the exceptional build quality that Cougar delivers in each and every case I have ever purchased from them.

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