disapointed3/28/2013 12:41:51 AM

Pros: worked, it is what is described

Cons: the cable is 1cm in diameter i bought this 07/2011 and today i went to pull the cable out of my tv and pins were pulled out of the hdmi socket, rendering my $40 cable completely useless. i rotate my tv in its stand every now and then and i guess i dislodged the bond between the rubber and metal of the socket

Overall Review: i gave two eggs and not one because it worked well when it did thank you my higher power that is is worshiped by a large percentage of the global population (apparently **d is an offensive work) i got a new video card that has hdmi out so i dont have to use a converter cable like this again

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High Performance for a Reasonable Price7/30/2011 1:18:37 PM

Pros: It only costs $185 for almost as much power as a Superclocked GTX 560Ti. Though it has an entire sector of the GPU turned off, and therefore fewer cores, it will still overclock to 910MHz on air cooling, with peak temps of 71C in my case (Cooler Master NV690), which makes up for the missing bits. Upgraded from a faithful 8600GTS when it finally died, and the jump in power is ridiculous. Folding @ Home runs at absurd speeds, and all my games run at max settings with no issues, except for Civilization V (see Other Thoughts).

Cons: When you first get the card, EVGA Precision can only alter the fan speed from 40% to 75%, which happens to be the speed at which it begins to make the most noise. An update from EVGA is required to allow fan speeds down to 30%, which is about as quiet as the Zalman heat sink fan from my 8600GTS. It's an easily fixed issue, though, so I'm not going to take any eggs off. It's just a little startling at first.

Overall Review: The card is pretty big compared to my old one, but it's not much bigger than my brother's XFX 9800GT, which I was using until this one came in. (His case is a micro BTX, so it's a reasonably-sized card.) The only truly significant size issue is the thickness of the card. It's dual-slot, with the heat sink arranged to blow the exhaust air out the back through a second PCI slot, so if you have a micro ATX board, or limited PCI slots, then it might be too big. A note: Civilization V will happily use the DirectX 11 on this card. However, there will still inevitably be a ton of lag due to poor optimization and the fact that no CPU is powerful or fast enough to deal with this game's greedy demands. In other words, blame the game, not the card, or the CPU. All in all, very pleased with the results so far. Would totally recommend this over the GTX 560Ti, since you're getting almost the same power for about $40 less.

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Unbelievably Quiet and Fast7/30/2011 12:49:58 PM

Pros: Fast and quiet and, at least in my case, it runs really cool. (no pun intended)

Cons: $0.50 per gig, not really a con when compared to an SSD but when you can get 2TB for like $80 it still hurts, but hey if you have the money, it's a great buy.

Overall Review: First Western Digital drive and I must say, I'm really impressed.

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