Love it9/17/2019 2:16:36 PM

Pros: Works and looks good. fills in all the not wanted gaps

Cons: 0

Overall Review: story is that i have 16 gigs, asked internet if i should buy these or 16 more gigs and get 32. /pcmasterrace said im a idiot if I buy these. so I ordered the same pair/model only to have corsair change manufactures (ver 5.32 on first 16gigs, ver 4.32 on the new ones) caused many of crashes, blue screens and regret. corsair said im on my own and was 0 help, so I returned those and bought what i wanted and everything works, 0 crashes and my computer is looking sexy as heck!!! if you only need 16 gigs and want to fill in all the holes in your mobo, buy these. dont let internet nerds bully you into wasting time and money!

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