Sketchy Shipping Updates, But They Came Through!3/22/2020 3:04:44 PM

Pros: Fast ac speeds. Easily adjustable external antenna. Quick instantaneous install in Win10 x64.

Cons: No real cons to the device.

Overall Review: I had a minor miscommunication with the shipper in that I ordered the item late at night (after midnight) and paid extra for 2-day shipping, as my wi-fi adapter just died. I contacted them on the second business day as I had no tracking info yet and never got any until the day it arrived, but it did arrive early on the third so I could not really complain. Overall very happy!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Brother Toner9/19/2019 6:37:00 PM

Pros: It worked

Cons: None

Overall Review: It worked...

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Slower than molasses9/17/2019 12:23:31 PM

Pros: Very small form factor.

Cons: Very slow performance in even the most basic of tasks. Even web browsers take 20-30 seconds to open, and programs like Office take even longer. It is a miserable experience to use this PC.

Overall Review: Got this PC for a conference room planning to just display power point and do skype meetings. It is running 4k, just barely. Every click takes 5-10 seconds to register and it gets slower and slower over time. I want to upgrade the processor and add more RAM and a basic graphics card, but that may just be a waste of time. The 1TB HDD that came with it isn't even initialized and is not recognized by Windoze out of the box....

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jeffrey, We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with the performance of your Acer Aspire desktop. This is not the experience we want our customers to have and we want to work with you to see how we can help improve this experience. If you are located in the US or Canada please fill out this form so that we can assist you: We appreciate you taking the time to write this review. Thank you Acer America
Super thin and light, yet powerful2/22/2019 12:26:21 PM

Pros: Received this as an EggXpert review item -was expecting a different laptop but this is what showed up. First time that has happened but I'm not complaining! 8th Gen i7 opens and runs programs and browser windows super fast, and crushes cinebench. Very thin and very light. The finger print reader built into the touch pad works very well and can be programmed for multiple fingers. The touch pad itself is very responsive and works as good as any Windoze laptop I have used. The 512GB SSD is perfect for lots of programs and basic storage and 8GB of RAM is the sweet spot for most computing. but If you need more, there is an empty 2.5" SATA drive bay as well as an empty RAM slot that will allow doubling the RAM. Also, very easy to take the back off and get to the innards. Backlit keyboard is very clear and works well with three levels of brightness and as well as off. The screen is beautiful and easily viewable within about a 60-degree arc so it is easy to share content with others without being cheek to cheek.

Cons: Graphics are a little slow for games, and graphics benchmarks are pretty sad. The keyboard is a little bit flexible compared to other laptops but it types well and has a good feel IMO. The lack of a dedicated number pad is the only thing that keeps this from being a great work computer, and the overall layout of the keys is somewhat cramped.

Overall Review: Even though this laptop lags in gaming benchmarks it is more than powerful enough to push HD content all day long and streams and plays digital HD media without any hiccups at all. I bought a lenovo gaming laptop (from Newegg) a few years ago that has an i5 and GTX 860m. That computer weighs 3 times as much, runs way slower, and is about 1/2" thicker and a good inch wider and taller. The one way that laptop still beats this unit is in games, but this ASUS is far superior as a daily driver. Also, the screen on the ASUS beats the TN screen that came with that supposed "gaming" lenovo. I actually did the research and learned how to replace a laptop screen just so I could upgrade that laptop to an IPS panel... It drove me nuts. Not intentionally bashing lenovo, but for the same money four years later I would choose this over that all day long. If you want to game, spend real money on a true gaming laptop from ASUS or MSI. They keyboard would have benefited from another row of keys to eliminate all of the FN presses but that would have jacked up the price and I am used to it after a couple of weeks already so I am very happy with that compromise.

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Eggcellent Cooler4/5/2018 8:32:08 PM

Pros: Serious overclocking cooler Great value compared to AIO water Versatile mounting options RGB control Unusually affordable upgrade for enthusiasts on a budget

Cons: Kind of big, but not that big...

Overall Review: This thing beats my Hyper 212 evo by more than 5 degrees c. It easily matches my Cooler Master AIO water cooler in overclocking performance. I am actually thinking about permanently retiring the h110 with this because the RGB is sweet and the cooling is within 1 degree c on a hard overclock. They made this one right.

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Fast an reliable9/12/2017 7:27:31 PM

Pros: Very fast internal transfers(150+ mbps,) HUGE capacity, reliable storage capacity.

Cons: Very little (if any) error correction.

Overall Review: I got many hours of solid video recording out of it before this review, and only had a few bad frames and luckily those were not critical to security or privacy. If you want to use this strictly for video recording it is a great solution. (Which is what it is branded as.) If you want to use it to store random other data, beware that it is designed as as a video recording drive and will likely drop random bits of data that corrupts files. Definitely do not use it to back up anything critical -especially install programs of heirloom photos. Otherwise, very solid drive for what it is.

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Solid as a Rock7/15/2017 4:29:34 PM

Pros: Extremely strong and non-flexible. Heavy gauge steel. TONS of hardware mounting options via standard-spaced slots. 4-screw mounting, spaced for 16" joists (USA standard) so it is NOT coming down if mounted correctly.

Cons: It is just a shelf. If you are looking for "fancy" go elsewhere.

Overall Review: This shelf, because of the extreme number of mounting slots combined with its thick gauge steel gives the best combination of stability and ventilation you could ask for. If you use four of the right screws and put them in the center of your wall joists, a 200-lb man could probably hang from this thing. It is that solid. It also has so much ventilation in the form of mounting slots that air flows freely and continuously through and around it. I will buy several of these for my home theater equipment closet as well as my wireless networking hardware (to put that up high on a wall inside a central closet.) Would highly recommend!

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Pretty, Fast, Reliable6/13/2017 12:44:09 PM

Pros: I have it installed on an Asus H170 Pro running large models in Agisoft Photoscan and it handles everything I throw at it. 8GB of DDR4 1800 crashed out on my larger models. It also handles extremely large AutoCAD and Microstation drawings with ease.

Cons: The corsair link software simply doesn't work to control the RAM LEDs in my H170 MB. :( Pretty pricey

Overall Review: It's a lot of memory and even without the software it breathes rainbow colors and looks very cool. It improved all of my benchmark scores noticeably.

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I wanted to like it4/10/2017 4:57:06 AM

Pros: Big screen, Light weight, very fast processor, good phone call clarity, easy and solid blue tooth sync. Runs games well.

Cons: Terrible Android skin. Clumsy, confusing app management. Clock app wants permission to manage phone calls, media, and something else to even work, and you can't remove the icon or uninstall the app if you say no! Can not access photos taken with the camera because permission not granted, but there is no way I've found to grant it... Battery drains to zero if the phone is left on and unattended for 2 days!

Overall Review: This phone appears slick and cool out of the box but actually using it is a complete disaster if you want to actually use it as a smart phone. It can take pictures but won't let you look at them (on the phone...) It will however let you transfer them when plugged into a PC. Very strange. Also, I left it in my briefcase over the weekend and the battery was completely dead on Monday morning. No apps were running that I knew of. The icons on the home screens can not be removed, and several of the built-in apps can't even be seen in the app manager. This phone completely removes all control from the user. You're better off buying a flip phone.

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Great Case for an old flagship4/1/2017 8:18:32 PM

Pros: Solid plastic outer shell with very soft silicone inner sleeve. Exaggerated corner bumpers absorb impact very well and there is enough raised silicone lip around the screen that even dropping it face first is not a problem for the screen. All buttons work well through the case. Price is right.

Cons: The thin strip of silicone at the bottom of the screen above the charging port is very flexible and stretchy and I fear it will be the first thing to break.

Overall Review: Inherited an iPhone 5S from the wife that works great and didn't want to buy a new expensive phone. Her case was pink. Enough said. ;)

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Superb Buds!4/1/2017 8:13:01 PM

Pros: Solid cable connections. Thicker cables than any other earbuds I've used. Super deep bass and very clear treble. LOUD. Great price for the value.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I had some cheap skull candy earbuds at my office for several years when one of the wires finally shorted. I cut it off and went mono since I listen to a lot of talk radio and news, but recent;y got tired of all that and went back to music and realized I needed stereo. Now. I brought in some el-cheap-o freebies from an airline flight and almost fell out of my chair laughing at the miserable sound quality. Enter PureBoom! These have incredible high and low range all the way down to serious bass. These are the best earbuds I've ever owned -and for the price impossible to beat! The wires are thick and do not tangle excessively like some of the tacky/sticky rubber cables on other earbuds. The phone control button is a nice feature too.

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Excellent Entertainment Value!2/20/2017 6:21:41 AM

Pros: USB, SD, CD, CD-G, DVD Audio, DVD Video, Bluetooth streaming support! Very loud and clear spaeker. (2) very good quality microphones included that can be used and recorded from simultaneously. Multi-colored flashing LEDs on speaker can be turned on and off. individual control of each mic's volume, reverb, recording. Built in LCD screen displays CD-G text as well as plaus back DVD movies! No need for a TV at all.

Cons: Main power/function knob has an oddly short click distance to the first setting that can easily be clicked past by accident. The D-Pad style playback controls are counter-intuitive and don't make a whole lot of sense until you practice with them, but they do work.

Overall Review: This is the best all-in-one karaoke/ portable entertainment unit you can buy for the money.

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VERY HOT Little Camera2/19/2017 8:34:55 AM

Pros: Easy setup on Android. Tiny footprint. Powerful magnetic base easily supports camera and cable in any position. Very good resolution and angle of view. Sensitive motion detection (see below.) Very little delay in signal from camera to smartphone (less than a second) and video is smooth. Flexible recording options -don't HAVE to use the cloud if you have a microSD card.

Cons: Short USB power chord. Motion detection is either all on or all off, and when on it is so sensitive it fires alerts every few seconds to the point that if you have any moving object like a tree that blows in the wind in the background you're bothered constantly by unnecessary notifications. PC support on Windows 10 is abysmal. I couldn't get the plugin to work with any of my browsers like others have mentioned. The worst thing about this camera is that it gets so hot it almost burns you to touch it. It's well over 150 degrees F. I unplugged it when i left the room for fear it would start a fire...

Overall Review: Seriously, either i got a defective unit or stay away from this camera at all costs. I've owned a lot of these IP cameras and none of them have ever heated up at all, much less been uncomfortable to handle like this one. I hope EZVIZ will contact me about this issue after seeing this review. If this heat is normal I do not recommend this camera.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Jeffery G, We’re sorry to hear you experienced technical issues with our device straight out of the box. While many of our customers are satisfied with the EZVIZ mini, we understand that you haven’t been so far. We care about the experience our customers have with our products and would love to help you set up and meet your security needs. Give the EZVIZ Tech Team a call at 1.855.MYEZVIZ (693.9849) or email us at We love to help! Best Regards, EZVIZ Tech Team
Decent for the Money but no Powerhouse - UPDATE12/30/2016 6:49:25 PM

Pros: -See Update Below- Writes from SSD over SATA3 on my MB at about 40 MBps. It did record full 1080p @ 60 fps in my Yuneeq Q500 drone just like several other cards, but it transferred the files to PC at around the 40 MBps.

Cons: This was nowhere near the claim of 85 MBps for PC transfers using USB 3.0. 7200 rpm HDD transfers were capped at 20MBps every time. Multiple drives @ 7200 and 5400 connected to the MB via SATA showed consistent slowdown based on the quality of the source drive. Not sure how they got the 85 MBps number but the card is very good as a capture media, and it's cheap as dirt.

Overall Review: System: MB: ASUS Z87 Pro CPU: Core i5 4670k @ 3.4 ghz (I know, didn't have time before review to OC to my chip's limit of 4.2) Mem: 8GB G-Skill Sniper @ 1866 SSD: Sandisk II Extreme SSD OS: Windows 10 Home Spare HDDs: 7200 Seagate Barracudas, 5400 WD NAS --UPDATE-- As of December 30, 2016 this card has completely stopped working. It is not recognized in my HTC One phone nor is it even acknowledged by my PC via multiple micro SD adapters. Neither device even recognizes that a card has been inserted. It is completely dead. The End.

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Solid Performance with Tons of Storage12/26/2016 9:27:05 PM

Pros: I get sustained sequential write speeds over 160 Mbps every time, and reads are easily as fast. It just keeps going after weeks of recording and I have no corrupted files or lost frames.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: This is a new standard for me as far as plug and play reliability and size -and the fact that they come in HUGE capacities makes these drives a go-to.

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Very Quiet, Great Pressure12/13/2016 1:05:58 PM

Pros: Pushes tons of air through my H110i. Outperforms the Corsair fans that came with it by about 4 degrees C. Extremely quiet even when pushed to over 75%. Lighter than the Corsair fans that came with H110i as well.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: This is a great upgrade for failing Corsair OEM fans.

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Great SP Fans11/26/2016 9:38:12 AM

Pros: These fans make a lot of positive pressure when used as intakes. The LEDs are versatile and bright even though they are not software controlled. The included controller can control a total of 6 fans. Plenty of wire length to route cleanly.

Cons: The hub and controller are required accessories that take up space and if you don't have a good place to hide them they could effect the aesthetics of your rig. The controller must be attached onto your case somewhere which can look tacky in an odd location. I have a Corsair C70 and was able to mount the hub inside the 5.25" bay area and mount the controller to the outside of the 5.25" cage inside the front panel, which closes fine with it there. I just snap open the front panel to change the LED color, pulse/blink style, and speed of lighting changes. Unfortunately it seems the fans only run at one speed.

Overall Review: The fans only run at one speed unless you daisy chain a separate controller for speed. That said, they make plenty of air pressure for my case and having three of them able to match the LEDs on my Gigabyte 1080 G1 in any color I choose.

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Great Replacement Batteries11/26/2016 8:03:37 AM

Pros: Pre-assembled and wired so it's easy to install. Seems to come almost fully charged. Is the exact same battery that came with the original UPS.

Cons: Twice the price of generic Chinese batteries I've bought for the same UPS, but those came les than half charged and had to be wired/assembled which opens the door for operator error.

Overall Review: I have found that most of my Cyber Power UPS units in the 700-1000 watt range last about 4-5 years and I haven't had the electronics fail in any of them, just the batteries. Much better track record that the APC units my office used to use that were dropping like flies after a couple of years. I will continue to buy Cyber Power UPS and replacement batteries until their quality changes for the worse.

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Only limited by the media you use10/25/2016 6:15:17 AM

Pros: Class 10 and faster cards work at full speed. USB 3.0 port works at full speed. Fits into a 5.25 (w/ adapter) or 3.5 drive bay. Cheap. Can use a USB 3.0-to-USB 2.0 adapter to plug this into a USB 2.0 port on your motherboard, but that kind of defeats the purpose...

Cons: Requires a motherboard USB 3 header so if your case uses one as well you need a motherboard with 2 USB 3 headers to get full speed.

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Super Fast9/6/2016 4:28:20 PM

Pros: Transfers at ~80 Mbps every time. Nice design with the retracting plug. Cool navy blue color...

Cons: cool navy blue color... (j/k it's a thumb drive and if you're more concerned about its looks then you should probably go to that web site named after a South American river and buy a cute piece of junk.) Can't upload the picture I took of it transferring.

Overall Review: would definitely recommend this drive!

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Ho1y Cow!8/19/2016 5:55:19 PM

Pros: Faster than my wired connection... Easy setup. Serious range. Deep feature set. Works great with separate NAS. Works great as a NAS hub just by plugging in a USB 3.0 drive!

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Netgear always comes through. This router is the fastest, most stable, and most versatile I have ever seen. I expected a lot from something with the name Nighthawk, but they over-delivered on this one! Between the easy user interface and the plug and play USB ports it's hard to choose the best feature. Security seems to be right up there too so there's that necessity covered. It makes the full broadband available everywhere on my admittedly small property. Walls? No problem. Brick walls? No problem. Four walls? No problem. File transfers were literally as fast (or faster?) than the wired port going into this router... {They wouldn't sabotage their own NIC just to improve their wi-fi scores, would they? Probably not...} It's pretty pricey but worth it if you want the best.

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Ultra-fast key recognition! Excecelant keyboard font!! USB 3.o passthrough. Awesome sleeved cables. Nice knurling on the space bar.5/22/2016 9:27:43 PM

Pros: Since the kyes register at near the top of the stroke errors do occur. CUE still stinks.

Cons: Touchy. Gray gamer keys are ugly. Doesn't spell check as I typpee...

Overall Review: Compared to the K70 RGB with Cherry REd, this keyboard is better in almost every way -except the keys, ironically. Especially in normal typing the rapid fire keys while feeilng great definitely allow for (and often cause) many typos... After placing two O-Rings on each key the feel an mis-types improved greatly. I'd recommend this keyboard for any gamer but for every day usage I'd go with any of the other K70 models since this one forces you to bu very precise when typing.

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Average at best5/19/2016 9:06:58 PM

Pros: Good video in bright light. The ability to record video and take photos. Good mounting options.

Cons: It drops signal after less than a minute even when in the next room. Needs to be re-linked with often to prevent constant interruptions in signal. Stores a thumbnail of the last known video frame and displays that convincingly as a current signal when it's not...

Overall Review: At first this camera appeared to present better imagery than the D-Link competitor I have reviewed and the ability to store video remotely on any device (like my phone) was compelling, but after using it for a few weeks I can't recommend it. The front panel on the base can be removed and then cover the screws you might use to mount it, but It's just not reliable. It will tell you it's taking a photo but if the signal has dropped all you'll get is a snapshot of the last good frame which could have been saved days or weeks ago. No thanks.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jeffrey, Thank you for taking the time to properly evaluate our product. We appreciate your time and dedicated efforts with thoroughly testing our NC220 and sorry to hear your results did not meet your current requirements. We intend to share your constructive comments with our internal development team in hope of possibly implementing some of the suggestions provided with future product releases. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products in the future, please feel free to contact our support team at the number and/or email provided for you below and an available technician will be happy to assist you. Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Team 866) 225-8139
Retro Rulz!4/30/2016 5:33:47 PM

Pros: Totally 90's aesthetic with a modern twist. Easy setup and update. Smart Wi-Fi is awesome! e-SATA port for NAS. Great range. No-slip rubber feet. (Amazing how many routers and modems get this wrong!) Simple and familiar user interface. Good security features for home use. Comes with a nice flat ethernet cable. Good ventilation / doesn't get hot. Wall mount options well thought out.

Cons: Short antennas, but they seem to Keep the signal strong all over my 2-story house. No eSATA cable. El-Lame-O picture quality in the included instruction manual that comes on a CD.

Overall Review: It's a great router, and even though it won't transfer humongous files as fast as my TP-Link Archer 2600 it still streams 4 devices in HD simultaneously. So there's that. ;) I'd buy it if that was what I wanted to do.

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Oerpriced3/29/2016 4:01:11 PM

Pros: It works as advertised. Easy setup. No real hassles.

Cons: It's just too slow and the range is too short to justify the price of $100.

Overall Review: No one gets the advertised speed out of wireless. That's a given, but this is a perfect example of over-selling a product. I got around 30-50 mbps on large file transfers. HD streaming was fine, but that's where the range really hurt this unit. At around 30 feet through one un-insulated interior wall the thing lost my-wi signal. I chose a different power outlet and was lucky to get it to see my network outside of my brick house. (Had to be within ten feet of the unit for it to reach through brick.) This thing stretches the definition of "range extender" much more than it actually extends your range. If you only need to get wi-fi 20 more feet beyond where it already goes, have lots of money, and don't care about speed, this unit is for you!

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