Very nice case6/3/2018 3:26:16 PM

Pros: Sexiest case there is for under 100$. Drives the chicks wild. Supplied fans are good looking, very effective, and quiet. Get the panzer S if you can it includes the 3 fans, or if you are not as concerned about air flow and like the look of tempered glass everywhere get the Panzer G. Everyone is raving about the new Fractel Meshify and I bought this just before that came out. I am not regretting it, I love the looks of this case. I saw it reviewed by Jay 2 cents Who is now really Jay 2K and I loved the case. It had its quirks during my initial build and I still miss my Blue ray player (I have it hooked up outside of the case with a SATA cable. I took the tempered glass of the right hand side of the case and it is resting on a couple of books). I got a cheap 5 meter RBG cable for $9 that I hooked up to the motherboard . I plan to pick up another one so I can run them along the top front and bottom of the metal case. The RGB's really cool eminating through the plastic vents that are ouside of the metal housing.

Cons: I still have not tried to get the safety sticker off the tinted glass I just flipped the glass so ite on the bottom. It took me weeks to realize there was a protective plastic coating on the inside of the tinted glass. That really is more of a pro than a con because it protectes the class. As others have said the case is tippy from side to side because the plastic base is narrow. The only time I had o pay attention to it was while I was building my system.

Overall Review: I think this is the best case out there for under 100$. The tempered Glass on the panzer G looks nice but will definately affect airflow. I have a cheap Cooler Master RGB water cooler with a 240mm radiator and my 8700K overclocked to over 5.1 GHZ with the Asus auto overclocking features. I have 7 fans hooked up to this system and the airflow is very good. I doubt I would be able to overclock this easily with the Panzer G. I have pics but I don't see any way to upload them If you are on the fence I assure you you will love it Hope this helped

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