Beautiful Case, Poor Quality Control3/3/2019 12:06:51 AM

Pros: -TONS of space and convenient features make it look like an easy assembly process. -Thicker glass and sturdier construction that other tempered glass cases I've seen.

Cons: -After getting the case out of the box and opened up to begin assembly, realized one of the thumb screws holding the front glass in place had sheared off and was bouncing around inside the box. -Further inspection of the interior of the case showed some areas where screws holding the front fans in place had been tightened too much and it was tweaking the rubber/foam pads at the corners.

Overall Review: -Still within Newegg's return policy window, so sending case back for RMA. Anxious to see if the next one arrives in better condition. -Not something to dock points for, but I do wish the glass panel behind the motherboard was about 75% darker. It would make it much better for hiding the cable clutter I'll surely have after getting all these fans in place (cable management isn't my strong suit).

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Jonathan, Sorry to hear about the issues that was present in your case. If you do encounter further issues regarding the case, you can contact us for part replacement if you do not want to undergo the full case replacement through Newegg (i.e., scratched panels, screws, etc.). We do hope you enjoy the case when it arrives, and again, if you require assistance, contact us through the link below! Regards, Thermaltake USA Customer Support